Hearings on military posture and H.R. 2970 (H.R. 3519) ... before the Committee on Armed Services, House of Representatives, Ninety-seventh Congress, first session, Часть 4

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Стр. 26 - Includes all effort directed toward projects which have moved Into the development of hardware for experimental or operational test. It Is characterized by line item projects and program control is exercised on a project basis. A further descriptive characteristic lies In the design of such items being directed toward hardware for test or experimentation as opposed to items designed and engineered for eventual service use.
Стр. 244 - Thank you, Mr. Chairman. The CHAIRMAN. Mr. McDonald? Mr. MCDONALD. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
Стр. 149 - Medal with 13 oak leaf clusters, Air Force Commendation Medal with one oak leaf cluster, Purple Heart, Air Force Outstanding Unit Award Ribbon with "V...
Стр. 189 - The main objective of our collective security system must be the maintenance of an overall military balance with the Soviet Union no less favorable than the one that now exists.
Стр. 863 - NMCS is comprised of the National Military Command Center (NMCC), the Alternate National Military Command Center (ANMCC), and the National Emergency Airborne Command Post (NEACP).
Стр. 365 - ... third lifetimes and new operational problems could emerge, making continued support of these programs important. Continuation of an aggressive CIP will enhance Air Force operational readiness, maintain 'required performance, and insure acceptable cost of ownership. Next Generation Trainer (NGT) . We need to replace or modify the T-37 aircraft in order to maintain our ability to conduct the primary phase of Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT). The T-37, designed in the early 1950s, will reach the...
Стр. 721 - ... of funding needed to bring facilities to an attractive level is large, universities do have equipment budgets which could be used on a (not necessarily equal) matching basis to attract outside capital funds. This would require internal reallocation from the more established disciplines. B. Courses of Action by Industry There can be more effective coupling between universities and industry through the flow of money, equipment, ideas, joint research and joint appointments. Government policy in...
Стр. 529 - ... than one minute and saturate an area with fragments and explosives. These submunitions are devastating against "soft" air defense sites, artillery positions, and troops in the open at ranges in excess 30 km. Over three 8-inch artillery battalions firing simultaneously would be required to deploy an equivalent number of submunitions as deployed by one launcher load of 12 rockets.
Стр. 721 - In addition, there must be recognition of the nature of research in the systems area, including the experimental aspects and the amount of time and energy needed to carry out such research. A problem often stated by junior faculty is that theoretical computer scientists can produce papers much faster and have an unfair advantage in the tenure race. If better hardware and software facilities were available, some of this experimental cost in time and energy could be reduced, but the quality of performance...
Стр. 862 - ... engineering of the Worldwide Military Command and Control System (WWMCCS) which supports the National Command Authorities and top level military commanders, (2) System engineering support to the National Military Command System (NMCS), ADP support to the entire WWMCCS community, and the system engineering and technical support of the Minimum Essential Emergency Communications Network (MEECN) which provides highly reliable connectivity to nuclear capable forces, and (3) System Engineering of the...

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