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your Aesh, and I will give you an brought to God, than all the wealth heart of flesh. And I will put my that all of you possess. That is my spirit within you, and cause you to first object; and let it be yours, my walk in my statutes, and ye shall keep dear brethren. For consider, if you my judgments and do them. And ye do not experience this change-if you shall dwell in the land that I gave to

are not cleansed from your guilt-if your fathers; and ye shall be my you are not cleansed from your idols, people, and I will be your God.” Not is it possible that you should be happy one condition here—nothing like it. in another world ? Do you think you All that God requires is, I will be en- can enjoy heaven if you go there with quired of to do these things—that you a heart of stone, instead of a heart of shall go to him and pray to him, but flesh ? Do you think you can ever be there is no condition whatever. It is happy if you do not have these great all I will-I will-I will. Is there and precious promises ? I must charge any one of you who has a reluctant every one of you in the name of the heart when God says I will lead you Great High God that in the day of into all these benefits ? Will you be judgment you shall surely hear again saying no, I do not desire them, I would respecting what you are hearing now, rather be without them? Methinks I and you shall give an account of it to heard one there, and another there, God. Dear brethren, do not let me saying to every one of these words, use such language as that I am speakI will, I will, O my God, I answer ing on these great and precious proamen, amen, amen, let it be unto me mises. I would invite you and eneven as thou wilt.” Dear brethren, is treat you with floods of tears, that you not this reasonable? Will you pro open your hearts now to receive your voke Almighty God to say in the last God and all his gracious communicaday as our blessed Saviour said unto tions. Do, dear brethren, lift up your the Jews, “How often would I have hearts to God; for the voice of man is gathered you together eyen as a hen nothing, it is only as it is accompanied gathereth herchickens under her wings, by the Spirit of God, that it can do the and you would not." Dear brethren, least good whatever; lift up your dear brethren, let it not be so this even- heart to God, “ O my God, let this ing, but let every heart respond to word be quick and powerful—let it be what I have said and cry unto God, sharper than a two edged sword-let amen, amen.

it search my heart—let it work all the Now in order to improve this sub- good pleasure of thy goodness there;" ject, there are two things that I would and, dear brethren, we shall experience urge. I would say, first of all, lay hold of what, perhaps, we never experienced these promises yourselves, and then I before, the mighty workings of God's would say endeavour to promote the power, such as raised Christ himself acceptance of them among the Jews. from the dead. This I say is my first

I say first of all, lay hold of these argument. I would not for the world promises yourselves. My dear brethren, come to preach about the conversion do I stand up here in order to preach of others without seeking first of all for the Jews ? I preach for yourselves. the conversion and salvation of your I must give an account to God, and souls; and I cannot but hope that you must give an account to God of before you go to bed this night, you what you hear to-night. My first will think again of these words, object is the salvation of your souls, “Then will I sprinkle clean water upon and I would rather have one soul you, and ye shall be clean : from all your filthiness, and from all your idols | Jews with all our additional light in will I cleanse you,” and so on, I will, the very same kind of contempt, that I will, I will. I cannot but hope that they held the Gentiles. But how did many of you this night shall say, 0, the Apostles act? Did they say, we my God, I have never yet said, Amen have nothing to do with these poor with sincerity of heart to these great wretched Gentiles ! On the contrary, and precious promises, but now I say, they dedicated themselves, their lives Amen, Amen, Amen—and I will add, and all, to the salvation of the Gentile Amen too.

world. “Yea, and if I be offered upon Now then let me endeavour to pro- the sacrifice," says the Apostle," and mote the reception of these promises service of your faith, I joy and rejoice among the Jews. I must say it is a with you all.” Now then I say, we shame and a scandal to the Christian ought in like manner to pity the Jews. world that they have thought so little We should seek their welfare and not sit of the Jews; that although God has down in despair. The Apostles of themspoken in such terms as these, they selves could not convert more than we have never thought or wished that could convert the Jews. They used the they may receive these things. On means and God gave the blessing; let the contrary, when a Society arose for us use the means and God will give us the purpose of endeavouring to call the blessing too. If we do but pray the attention of the Jews to their own for them in secret, if we do but read writings, nothing but contempt was the Scriptures more particularly, seepoured upon them; and even at this ing what God says respecting them, day how many Christians are there how his whole heart and soul are not who slight it altogether; and even

upon them, I speak quite advisedly, those who retain it are cold and luke- I will turn to the passage in Jeremiah warm in it. But what is the reason for fear I should speak too strongly. of this ? Christians are ready to say “I will cleanse them from all their this is God's work and we cannot in iniquity whereby they have sinned terfere in it, and we cannot do it. I against me; and I will pardon all their do not call you to interfere about their iniquities whereby they have sinned, restoration to their own land, you may and whereby they have transgressed leave that to God,—but what I want against me. And it shall be to me a is, the conversion of their souls, and name of joy, a praise and an honour in that you are to interfere. What before all the nations of the earth which did the Apostles do? They were Jews, shall hear of all the good that I do and we were what they called Gentile unto them.” dogs; and yet we have held the poor

( To be continued.)

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There God declares own honour you beyond any other people in Britain. and happiness to depend upon them, What has God Almighty done for you? and shall we be indifferent? O, bre- What has God Almighty been doing thren, humble yourselves before God for you? What evidence have you of for having taken so little interest in it; the benefit arising from the exertions and read the Scriptures, and when you of ministers for promoting the welfare read them, particularly the prophecies, of the soul, and the welfare of manread them in a simple way, and see kind ? I feel it indelicate to touch upon what God speaks on this subject. it. There is no people upon the face In another passage he says, “And of the earth that can judge better than I will make an everlasting covenant you of the benefit of a soul impressed with them, that I will not turn with a duty to God, and exerting itself away from them, to do them good : for the salvation of man. There is no but I will put my fear in their hearts people more capable of entering into a that they shall not depart from me. calculation on it better than you are. Yea, I will rejoice over them to do Shall I leave the matter with you them good, and I will plant them in I say? No; I leave the matter with this land assuredly, with my whole God, and I pray that the blessing of heart and with my whole soul.” Almighty God may come upon you, Shall God Almighty speak such words and that every day, and every week, as these, and engage with his whole you may have richer evidence of the heart and his whole soul in this great blessing of the Gospel, sweeter exwork, and we be indifferent?

perience of it in your own souls, and My dear brethren, we are ready in a greater sense of its power to cleanse order to account for this our own in- from sin, to transform the heart, to sancdifference to say this is to no purpose. tify the life, and to bring you into No purpose ! why you had in the me- communion with God, so “ that you tropolis of late twelve Jews baptized, may be his people, and he your God.” and since that time seven more. Who Dear brethren, I shall add no more, if can tell if Christians do but rise to you do but receive that good which their duty, who can tell what a bless. God Almighty has sent to you, I have ing God may pour out upon them ! no doubt you will interest yourselves And I do call upon you (if I speak the in sending to the Jews that which truth of God I must say it) I call upon God has prepared for them,



A Sermon



Luke, xvi. 2.—“Give an account of thy stewardship, for thou mayest be no longer


To us

I need not inform this congregation | riches of his goodness which call forth that the words which I have this day the warm returns and the acceptable selected for my text form a very in-service of love to God-those talents teresting portion of one of the beauti- of health and strength committed to ful and edifying parables of Jesus our trust, and for which we must ere Christ, which appear in the volume of long render an account. To us has God's holy word, as heavenly lumi- the glorious work and plan of redempnaries to guide mankind through the tion—the offering of the Son of God mazes of ignorance and of doubt to the for the salvation of souls—appeared in knowledge of Gospel truth, and the all the splendour of divine love, the glorious and soul-reviving prospects of embracing or not embracing of which eternity. Seasonable and salutary as will seal our everlasting destiny at the were these parables which our Lord approaching day of judgment. delivered sometimes to the proud and the word of God has shone—the invi. haughty and high-minded Pharisee, tations of mercy been sent—the saand sometimes to the careless and craments and ordinances of grace mersceptical Sadducee, there is not one cifully vouchsafed, and time for makwhich conveys to us more useful, yeting our peace with God, and for workawful, instruction than that of the un-ing out our eternal salvation granted, for just steward. In this parable it is the all of which the hour is speedily ap. merciful and manifest design and in- proaching when we must render an tention of the great Redeemer of souls account. to excite and arouse a negligent and Now, although all and each of us sleeping world to a sense of their alarm- are in a great measure identified with ing danger from the all-powerful mo- the character of the steward described tive and consideration of a judgment in the text, yet of some much more to come :--to point out to mankind than of others will be the account rethe responsibility of their situation, quired of the responsibility attached and their dependance upon God as ac- to them, and the appropriation of the countable creatures, and to persuade talents committed to their care : "for them to “fee from the wrath to come,” of him to whom much is given, much —from the ruin of their immortal souls. will be required.” When I think of

We, my hearers, are all stewards. the position in which the minister and Man, in every situation of life, no ambassador of Christ is placed—he matter how circumstanced-no matter who stands mid-way between God where born-man is a responsible and his people he who enters the agent. We all have received, and are sanctuary and ministers by the altar daily receiving, from the great author of his God-he who is entrusted with of our existence, those blessings which the office of that priesthood of which render that existence dear to us—those Christ is the great High Priest, and who exhorts and pleads and intercedes we give an "account of our stewardfor immortal souls at the throne of ship,” every wilful disregard of the divine grace :—when I reflect on the mercies of God—every violation of his momentous importance of his god-like sabbaths and ordinances—the means charge, and think of the possibility of of grace despised—his promises and his endangering the salvation of his threatenings reviled shall then be own soul, I turn to the awful misgiv- brought to light. And if there be one ings of the Apostle Paul, and think in this assembly, who has treated "the with alarm, "that after he has preached blood of the covenant as an unholy to others he himself may be a cast thing, and trampled under foot the Son away.

of God”-that Saviour will be no SaBlessed, too, my hearers, as you all are viour to him—that blood will sink him this day, with the glorious privilege of deeper in eternal condemnation. drawing near to Christ ;-blessed with There is a solemn and an affecting a revelation that speaks of heaven and warning suggested to us all in the of heavenly things, and that points latter part of my text—"thou mayest to the glories of immortality ;-assem- be no longer steward." Whatever bled as you are this moment, within are the blessings and the privileges we the walls of God's temple, and per- now enjoy—and however we may immitted, nay, solicited, to pour out prove or despise the mercies of God, your supplications to the great God of the time is coming when they must all heaven and earth for divine aid and have an end. In whatever situation spiritual assistance, and, moreover, we may be placed, whether as Minispromised that aid and that assistance, ters of the Gospel of Christ, or as hearif your petitions are directed to God ers of the word of God, the Almighty through the all-prevailing atonement will shortly say to us all individually, of Christ, is there one amongst you as the rich man in the parable said to that can say—that dare to say, that his steward, “give an account of thy for all these things he is not account. stewardship, for thou mayest be no able to God? “When God so loved the longer steward.” When the exulting world that he gave his only begotten tyrant of the tomb, that has slain Son, that whosoever believeth on him his thousands and tens of thousands, should not perish but have everlasting shall have dragged us in his iron grasp life ;"—when the Son of God descend to the grave, the stewardship of every ed from his father's throne, and left one of us will be over for ever. The the glory and splendour of heaven- grave cultivates no talent-improves when his love for sinful man was so no virtue-reforms no vice-yet how great, and when nothing but his own often, even in this world, do we see blood could atone for man's trans- the talents committed to our fellowgression, that he veiled himself in hu- creatures suddenly withdrawn from man form, and lived in the world mi- them. We have seen reason, the best serable and afflicted, and died upon of natural gifts from God to man, the cross, "the just for the unjust,” quitting in a moment its accustomed and that “we might be reconciled residence and consigning its victim to unto God,” is there one amongst you a life of idiotic simplicity and childish that can say he is deserving of such indifference, or leaving him a maniac unbounded love? Oh! my hearers, dancing in his chains. We have seen the account betwixt God and man is that health, in which so many exultimmeasurably great! At that day, which has promised to its possessors when our probation being ended, and many years of happiness and of plea

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