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costed her, and, by his observations | they afford to the doctrine before us. and predictions, convinced her that he Amos, ix. 2, 3.—“ Though they dig had been present in all her afflictions, into hell, thence shall mine hand and was acquainted with all her cir- take them ; though they climb up to cumstances. The astonished and grate- heaven, thence will I bring them down; ful outcast gives vent in the text to and though they hide themselves in the the emotions so natural upon such a | top of Carmel, I will search and take discovery—“Thou, God, seest me.” them out from thence, and though

How awful are the words of Elihu, they be hid from my sight in the Job, xxxiv. 21, “ His eyes are upon bottom of the sea, thence will I comthe ways of man, and he seeth all his mand the serpent, and he shall bite goings; there is no darkness nor sha. them.” dow of death where the workers of Oh, striking and fearful representainiquity may hide themselves.” Totion of an attribute from which the the same effect the wise man speaks remotest caverns of ocean can afford in the 15th chapter of Proverbs and concealment. The next is the 8th verse, “The eyes of the Lord are well known passage in the 139th in every place beholding the evil and Psalm, first and following verses :the good.” They not only run to and “Oh Lord, thou hast searched me fro throughout the earth, a form of and known me; thou knowest my expression which might lead us to down sitting and my up rising ; thou imagine that God beholds things suc- understandest my thought afar off ; cessively by looking first at one thing, thou compassest my path and art ac. and then at another, but they are in quainted with all my ways. For there every place at the same time. Nor is is not a word in my tongue ; but lo, this attention confined to the ways oh Lord, thou knowest it altogether; of man, by which phrase we com- thou hast beset me behind and before, monly understand man's outward con- and hast laid thine hand upon me. duct. God looks immediately into Whither shall I go from thy spirit, the heart of man and sees the inward whither shall I flee from thy presence. state of the soul. See the 15th If I ascend up into heaven, thou art chapter of the book of Proverbs and there ; if I make my bed in hell, Ilth verse,

“ Hell and destruction are behold thou art there; if I take the before the Lord, how much more the wings of the morning and dwell in hearts of men.” Neither do the the uttermost parts of the sea, even Scriptures represent him as a mere there shall thy hand lead me, and thy spectator, but as a witness and judge right hand shall hold me. who scrutinizes the thoughts and ac- surely the darkness shall cover me, tions with all their circumstances, and even the night shall be light about makes a just and righteous estimation of him; yea, the darkness hideth not them. I know and I am witness, saith from thee, but the night shineth as the Lord. The Lord is a God of know- the day; the darkness and the light ledge, and by him actions are weighed. are both alike to thee. For thou hast “ All the actions of a man are right in possessed my reins, thou hast covered hisown eyes, but the Lord weigheth the me in my mother's womb. I will spirits.” Two other passages shall praise thee, for I am fearfully and close our series of proofs from Scrip- wonderfully made. My substance was ture, remarkable as well for the beauty not hid from thee when I was made in and grandeur of the conceptions they secret, and curiously wrought in the contain, as for the clear testimony lowest parts of the earth : thine eyes

If I say,

did see my substance being yet im- must remain ignorant in many matperfect, and in thy book all my mem- ters, whether those laws were violated bers were written, when as yet there or not. was none of them.” Such language The spirituality of the law itself is a needs no comment, nor can any ad- clear proof that the knowledge of the ditional passages augment its force. lawgiver must extend to the thoughts But we add, that not only do the of the heart, and that the character of Scriptures teach the omniscience and mankind, as it respects the most inomnipresence of God, but they even ward recesses of the bosom, must lie represent it as absurd to suppose the open to the Divine inspection quite as contrary.

much so as the most public actions of The Scriptures declare that God is human life. And further, which comthe Governor of the material and pletes this part of the evidence, we moral world; consequently, as it is find God actually judging men's hearts, necessary that the Creator and Go- and rewarding or punishing them ac.. vernor of the Universe should be in all cording to their secret dispositions. places of his dominion at the same Thus it is written of Amaziah (2 Chron. moment, in order that he may sustain xxv. 2.), “ He did that which was and guide the whole, so it is absolutely right in the sight of the Lord, but he necessary that he should have a per- did it not with a perfect heart. Davia fect knowledge of every thing, without is applauded for his good intention to which omnipotence and omnipresence build a house for the Lord, although were useless.

not permitted to execute his purpose. The Scriptures declare that God is “Thou didst well,” said God to him, the moral governor but the judge of all

"inasmuch as it was with thee in men; they represent him as having thine heart.” And Abijah, the son of given laws of the most spiritual cha- Jeroboam, is said to have obtained racter—that is to say, relating to the exemption from a violent death, and spirits of men in the most compre

to have procured the rites of sepulture hensive manner. They reach to every

for this express reason,

“ Because in part of our conduct, and not only di- him there was found some good thing rect the outward life, but give also towards the Lord God of Israel.” law to the most retired thought and

Thus have I endeavoured to establish inward affection. Thus we are told, your faith in the doctrine of the Divine Proverbs, xxiv. 9, “ That the thought omniscience. of foolishness is sin.”

It is possible that some one may ask, The tenth commandment also for. | why bestow so much time and labour bids us to covet, thus giving life to all in demonstrating a point which no one the former precepts, and teaching us, as

Let this be my our Saviour afterwards explained in apology. I cannot recollect the time the sermon on the Mount, that they when I seriously questioned the truth include the inward disposition as well of this doctrine ; but, oh! I can well as outward action; in short, the first remember the time and times when it conception of lust in the soul, as well has had no more effect upon my feel. as the birth of the sinful deed. But ings and practice than if I had been now it is impossible to suppose that sure it was false. And if your belief God, whose wisdom is perfect, would be of the same kind, as whose belief give laws to his creatures with the has not been, then be assured you have most awful penalties attached to the heard no more than is needful: nay, transgression of them, if, after all, he if an infinitely greater teacher, namely, the Holy Spirit, do not preach the whole progress of the mind, its plots same subject over to your hearts, your and contrivances, till the wicked deed present knowledge will only heighten be done to behold the heart full of enyour guilt, and the fewer your doubts mity without one relenting thought, to the greater will be your condemna- spare a creature determined to affront tion. If your hearts do not feel the him, when, by one word, he could constant presence of God, your ver- disarm him of all his power and renbal acknowledgments and speculative der him completely miserable, are belief, shall only render your case qualities of God's long suffering, which worse than that of infidels. Satan, place it out of the reach of human the grand enemy of your souls, can comprehension. God is not a man; spare this tribute to God which you his compassions fail not, therefore we pay. So long as your faith resides in are not consumed. Oh, let his patience the understanding and dwells in the and long suffering bring us to repenttongue, he will not endeavour to dis- ance; let us never more provoke his possess you of it: and if what you love or weary

is inclined to doubt.


mercy. bave this night heard sink no deeper, Secondly. Let the subject of the DiI shall readily confess that indeed you vine omniscience be a prevailing moknow and have heard too much. tive with us to honesty and sincerity. We

I shall close the subject with AN are the seed of the serpent, and dissimuAPPLICATION OF ITS SEVERAL USES.- lation and artifice seem to be our naFirst, Let us take occasion, from the sub-tural procedure. But the way to attain ject, to adore, with humble gratitude, to a godly simplicity and sincerity, and the long suffering, patience, and tender to banish all dissimulation from our compassion of our God. Is He the imme- hearts, is to set the Lord always bediate witness of our sins, not of those fore us, and to act under the influence which are committed merely in a day, of the great truth in the text, “Thou, a week, a month, a year, but in our God, seest me.” He who can thus whole lives? Does He see the first realize the Divine presence, cannot, dark thought of lust or rage, and does dare not be a hypocrite. He knows he look on still and spare us till it be that his triumphing shall be short, and fully formed and executed ? How in- that his joy is only for a moment. comprehensible, then, must be His pa- Man he may deceive, whose eyes can tience. We find it no easy matter en- contemplate no further than the outtirely to forgive our fellow men even side; but he cannot deceive God, whose when they are penitent; we find it eyes are in every place, who knoweth sometimes almost more than we can the hearts and searcheth the reins of do to suppress our resentment, though the children of men. Oh, to what the injury has been committed at a purpose shall we labour to attain the great distance of time, and the offend- notice and applause of our dying fel. ing brother was perhaps the first to low-creatures, to be exposed to the coninform us. How great is the Divine for- tempt and abhorrence of an Infinite bearance? It would be gracious in God Being on whom we depend for life, to forgive the transgressions of his crea- health, and all things here, and for tures, though he had not seen them happiness for ever. Especially, too, done, and knew nothing about them till / when we consider that the mask, ere he had heard them from ourselves in long, will be taken away, and our real confessions and petitions for mercy; character will be exposed to the view but to bear with us till lust hatb con- of an assembled world in that day when ceived and brought forth—to see the the hidden works of darkness shall be brought to light, and every one shall a man carry the marks of his iniquity, answer according to what he hath and thus emblazoningit to the eyes of all. done, whether it be good or bad. Hast thou never heard how the dumb

Again, from the subject of the Divine earth that hath drunk in the blood of omnipresence, let every sinner remem- the slain, or hath supported the steps ber that God is present at the com- of the thief, hath carried upon her mission of all his crimes. When faithful countenance the print of his thoughts of rebellion, profanity, and foot, and hath yielded her silent but uningratitude, arise in the soul-when erring testimony to the guilty? Hast thoughts of pride, and malice, and thou never heard how the faithful dog cruelty, deform it-when thoughts of hath fled upon the murderer or the intemperance, lust, and lewdness, de- thief, or by his piercing cry and agobase it, then God is in the polluted nizing look, hath testified to the deed guilty mind, searching its secret cham- of sin? These are but parts of the bers, and is laying open to the full system. These are but specimens of sunshine all the hiding-places of ini- the Divine conduct. Be sure thy sin quity. When the sinners who are in will find thee out. The winds will this house rise up in rebellion against proclaim it, the waters shall refuse to their Maker-when you murmur against carry thee. Thou shalt be thine his government, lay your sins to his own accuser; the secret long retained, charge, impeach his justice, mercy, and thy lips burning to declare it, shall, truth-when you, from impure intents on some unguarded day, tell all, or and fraudulent designs, proceed to acts thy horror-struck conscience shall of cruelty and violence and lewdness make thee tell it in thy sleep. Oh, -when you devise false doctrines and think not to escape, heaven and earth systems in order to lead yourselves are witness, angels saw thee, the Spifurther astray-when you oppose the rit of God saw thee, the Son of God truth of God, revile his Son, grieve saw thee, the God of infinite truth and his Spirit, profane the sabbath- justice saw thee. when, finally, you pollute and ensnare Further, the doctrine of the Divine others as well as yourselves, then, omniscience affords abundant cause of though you do this in the shades of joy to the godly. My dear hearers, solitude, or wrap around you the cur- ye who repent and believe the Gospel, tains of the night, God is present, omniscience is the attribute of your seeing, hearing, and recording all Father and your friend. His eyes are your words, thoughts, and actions. continually upon you for good. He is And I tell thee more, oh sinner of perfectly acquainted with your wants, every class, this one quality of thy and he knows all things that are reJudge, his omniscience and omnipre-quired for their supply. This qualifies sence, are engaged to make his decla- him to be the object of your trust and ration good, that “ thy sins shall find confidence. On him you may safely thee out.” Hast thou not seen this depend. Do not suppose your affairs come to pass, and read of it a thousand too mean, or even the meanest of them times ? Hast thou forgot how Cain, to be beneath his notice. His eyes are that did the first murder, buried in in every place. With God nothing is the ground the pale and bleeding form great, nothing is little. He has, I of Abel his brother, but that a voice quote the words of Dr. Paley, polished of vengeance cried out aloud, from amid the joint of the wing of a Ay as if he the bloody sod, and entered into the ears had had nothing else to do. Not a of the All-seeing? Hast thou never seen hair of thy head but it is numbered, not a sparrow falls to the ground | forsaken you, that still you are not without his notice. But the omniscience alone, for the Father is with you. In of God is also consoling on other seasons of sickness and bereavement, accounts. What a stay and support when you have lost parents or chil. did it yield to St. Peter when he dren, or are forsaken by any or by all ; said to Jesus, Lord, thou know- when the world begins to seem a deest all things, thou knowest that I sert and life a burden, God is then at love thee; I confess, indeed, the base- hand, thy Father, and thy ever-faithful ness and treachery of my conduct. It friend. Thy Lord will be to thee is true I forsook thee, impiously de- better than sons and daughters. He nied thee, but wert thou not the all- will pour balm and wine into thy diswise God as well as compassionate tressed spirit, and enable thee to say, Saviour, thy reiterated question would Why art thou cast down, oh my strike me dumb and drive me from thy soul ? and why art thou disquieted presence, for how could I pretend to within me? Hope thou in God, for I love thee after such perfidy and base- shall yet praise him who is the health ness. But this is my refuge; thou of my countenance and my God." who knowest all things, knowest that when those around you become hosI love thee.” Such may still be the tile to your character, when you are consolation of the sincere Christian. hated, persecuted, despised, when you

As perfection is not the attainment look through the world in vain for of the present life, even the children comfort, remember that God has been of God are too often carried away with present to behold all thy sufferings, the force of temptation, insomuch that and will effectually guard from any had they to do with a man like them- fatal evil. You may be persecuted, selves, they might well despair of being but you will not be forsaken ; you able ever to convince him of their love.

may be cast down, but you will not be But He seeth thee; He understandeth destroyed. Your afflictions, though thy thought afar off, you may truly they seem heavy, are but for a mosay with the Psalmist, “ All my de- ment, and work out for you a far more sire is before thee, and my groaning is exceeding and an eternal weight of not from thee.”

glory. Think not, further, that your services When you are under a decay of are too inconsiderable; to obtain his piety, God is at hand to renew you; regard, the two mites which you when you are tempted and even backhave contributed to God, and the cup slide, he can and will restore your soul. of cold water you gave to a disciple, in Though depressed under the hidings of the name of a disciple, were neither God's countenance, and smitten by unknown or forgotten. From his his rod, remember, that though your constant, kind, and merciful regard, heavenly Father hath smitten you for oh my prayerful penitent hearers, no your sins, yet his covenant will not situations, no circumstances will ever be taken away, nor will he forget his exclude you even for a moment. mercy. The walls of Zion are continu. However lowly and solitary, however ally before him; he has graven thee even forgotten by mankind your course of in the palms of his hands; and that allife may be, yourself, your interests, though a woman may forget hersucking your wants and woes are tenderly, as child so as to have no compassion on well as continually, regarded by God. the fruit of her womb, yet the Redeemer Yours is the consolation of the Lord will not forget his people, but will Jesus, that when all the world have keep thee and all his in the hollow of

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