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BEING An Account of the most Remarkable

and Tremendous Earthquakes that have happened in divers Parts of the World, from the Creation to this Time; As they are recorded by Sacred and Common Authors ; And particularly those lately in

Naples, Smyrna, Jamaica and Sicily. With a Description of the famous

burning Mount, Ætna, in that Ifland And the Relation of the several dreadful Conflagrations and Fiery Irruptions there

of for many Ages. Likewise the Natural and Material

Causes of Earthquakes, with the usual
Signs and Prognosticks of their Approach;
And the Consequences and Effects that
have followed several of them.

By R. B.

L.ONDON: Printed for A. Betterworth in Paternoster.

Row; and 7. Hodges on Lordow-Brid,




HE several dreadful Earthquakes that have

that bave happened in divers parts of the World within a few Years past, and among

others that in the Ifland of Jamaica, and another in England, wherein the People of this Nation is particularly concerned, seem to call aloud for Repentance and Reformation of the borrid Enormities that are boldly committed amongst 115 ; for the Almighty executes his Judgments upon Mankind that the People of the Earth might learn Righteousness Therefore the colle&ting and publishing the terrible Relations of Earthquakes, needs no Apology, and may I hope be influential upon the Minds of Men, who appear affe&ted with

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