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this information. The Center publishes quarterly the Consumer Information Catalog, which is free to the public and lists more than 200 free or low-cost Federal consumer interest publications. Topics include health, food, nutrition, money management, employment, Federal benefits, the environment, and education. The Catalog is widely distributed through congressional offices, Federal facilities, educators, State and local governmental consumer offices, and private nonprofit organizations. For a free copy of the Catalog, write to Consumer Information Catalog, Pueblo, CO 81009. Phone, 719-948–4000. Bulk copies are free to nonprofit organizations.

For help in accessing CIC information electronically, send e-mail to cic.info@pueblo.gsa.gov. Put the words "SEND INFO" in the body of the message. Contracts Individuals seeking to do business with the General Services Administration may obtain detailed information from the Business Service Centers listed in the preceding text. Inquiries concerning programs to assist small business should be directed to one of the Business Service Centers. Employment Inquiries and applications should be directed to the Personnel Operations Division (CPS), Office of Personnel, General Services Administration, Washington, DC 20405. Schools interested in the recruitment program should contact the Personnel Operations Division (CPS), Office of Personnel, Washington, DC 20405 (phone, 202-501-0370), and/or the appropriate regional office listed above. Fraud and Waste Contact the Inspector General's Office at (800-424–5210 (toll free) or 202-501-1780 (in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area)). Freedom of Information and Privacy Act Requests Inquiries concerning policies pertaining to Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act matters should be addressed to the General Services Administration (CAIR), Attn: GSA FOIA or Privacy Act Officer, Room 7102, Washington, DC 20405. Phone, 202– 501-2691. TDD callers may use the

Federal Information Relay Service
(phone, 202–708–9300; fax, 202-501-
2727). FOIA or Privacy Act requests
concerning GSA regions should be
directed to the FOIA or Privacy Act
officers for the particular region (see
listing in the preceding text).
Public and News Media Inquiries The
Office of Public Affairs is responsible for
the coordination of responses to
inquiries from both the general public
and news media, as well as for
maintaining an information network with
agency employees with regard to items
of interest to the Federal worker. The
Office, through its Office of Media
Relations, issues news releases. Its Office
of Communications is responsible for
printing the GSA Update, a weekly
bulletin of noteworthy items designed to
keep agency employees apprised of
pertinent issues, and GSA Today, a
quarterly employee magazine.
Publications Many publications are
available at moderate prices through the
bookstores of the Government Printing
Office or from customer supply centers.
Others may be obtained free or at
production cost from a Business Service
Center or a Federal Information Center.
(See pages 585 and 588, respectively.)
The telephone numbers and addresses of
the Federal Information Centers and of
the Government Printing Office
bookstores are listed in local telephone
directories. If a publication is not
distributed by any of the centers or
stores, inquiries should be directed to
the originating agency's service or office.
The addresses for inquiries are:

Public Buildings Service (P), General Services
Administration, Washington, DC 20405
Federal Supply Service (F), General Services
Administration, Washington, DC 20406
Office of Finance (BC), General Services
Administration, Washington, DC 20405
Information Technology Service (K), General
Services Administration, Washington, DC 20405

Those who would like a brief index of publications or who are not certain of the service or office of origin should write to the Director of Publications, Office of Communications (XS), General Services Administration, Washington, DC 20405. Phone, 202-501-1235.

Small Business Activities Inquiries concerning programs to assist small businesses should be directed to one of the Small Business Centers listed in the preceding text.

Speakers Inquiries and requests for
speakers should be directed to the Office
of Public Affairs (X), General Services
Administration, Washington, DC 20405
(phone, 202-501-0705); or contact the
nearest regional office.

For further information concerning the General Services Administration, contact the Office of Public Affairs (X), General Services Administration, Washington, DC 20405. Phone, 202-501-0705.

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The Inter-American Foundation is an independent Federal agency that supports social and economic development in Latin America and the Caribbean. It makes grants primarily to private, indigenous organizations that carry out self-help projects benefiting poor people.

The Inter-American Foundation was the remainder from the Social Progress created by Congress in 1969 (22 U.S.C. Trust Fund of the Inter-American 290f) to support the self-help efforts of Development Bank. poor people in Latin America and the

The Foundation is governed by a nineCaribbean. The Foundation was

member Board of Directors appointed by established because of congressional the President with the advice and concern that traditional programs of consent of the Senate. By law, six development assistance were not

members of the Board are from private reaching poor people. Instead of working organizations and three are from the through governments, the Foundation Government. responds directly to the initiatives of the The Foundation has made 3,932 poor by supporting local and private grants, totaling nearly $432 million organizations. Approximately 65 percent through fiscal year 1995 in 36 countries of the Foundation's funds are derived of Latin America and the Caribbean. from congressional appropriations and Most grants are made to private,

grassroots organizations, including community associations and small urban enterprises, or to larger organizations that work with local groups and provide them with credit

, technical assistance, training, and marketing services. A small

number of grants each year are made to centers in Latin America and the Caribbean for research on the problems of poor people and grassroots development.

For further information, contact the Office of the President, Inter-American Foundation, 901 North Stuart Street, Arlington, VA 22203. Phone, 703-841-3810.

1120 Vermont Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20419
Phone, 202-653-7124


BENJAMIN L. ERDREICH Chief Counsel to the Chairman

STEVEN L. KATZ Counsel to the Chairman

WILLIAM B. WILEY Legal Specialist to the Chairman

DENISE L. MILLER Chief of Staff


BETH S. SLAVET Chief Counsel

ELLA B. CHATTERSEE Counsels to the Vice Chair



VICTOR CABRAL Executive Assistant


Office of the Chairman:
Chief Administrative Law Judge

Director, Office of Appeals Counsel

STEPHEN E. ALPERN Director, Office of Regional Operations

Director, Financial and Administrative

Director, Information Resources

Director, Human Resources Management MARSHA SCIALDO BOYD
Director, Office of Policy and Evaluation EVANGELINE W. SWIFT
Clerk of the Board

General Counsel

Legislative Counsel

Director, Office of Equal Employment

JANICE E. FRITTS Opportunity (For the Merit Systems Protection Board statement of organization, see the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 5, Part 1200)

The Merit Systems Protection Board protects the integrity of Federal merit systems and the rights of Federal employees working in the systems. In overseeing the personnel practices of the Federal Government, the Board conducts special studies of the merit systems, hears and decides charges of wrongdoing and employee appeals of adverse agency actions, and orders corrective and disciplinary actions when appropriate.

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The Merit Systems Protection Board is a Board has the authority to enforce its successor agency to the United States decisions and to order corrective and Civil Service Commission, established by disciplinary actions. An employee or act of January 16, 1883 (22 Stat. 403). applicant for employment involved in an Reorganization Plan No. 2 of 1978 (5

appealable action that also involves an U.S.C. app.), effective January 1, 1979,

allegation of discrimination may ask the pursuant to Executive Order 12107 of

Equal Employment Opportunity December 28, 1978, redesignated part of

Commission to review a Board decision. the Commission as the Merit Systems

Final decisions and orders of the Board Protection Board. The Board's duties and

can be appealed to the U.S. Court of authority are specified in 5 U.S.C. 1201

Appeals for the Federal Circuit. 1206.

The Board reviews regulations issued Activities

by the Office of Personnel Management The Board has responsibility for hearing

and has the authority to require agencies and adjudicating appeals by Federal

to cease compliance with any regulation employees of adverse personnel actions,

that could constitute a prohibited such as removals, suspensions, and

personnel practice. It also conducts demotions. It also resolves cases

special studies of the civil service and involving reemployment rights, the

other executive branch merit systems denial of periodic step increases in pay, and reports to the President and the actions against administrative law

Congress on whether the Federal work judges, and charges of prohibited

force is being adequately protected personnel practices, including charges in against political abuses and prohibited connection with whistleblowing. The personnel practices.

Regional Offices Merit Systems Protection Board





Atanta, GA
Central Regional Office
Northeastern Regional

Washington Regional

Western Regional Office

401 W. Peachtree St. NW., 30308

Thomas J. Lanphear 404-730-2751 31st Fl., 230 S. Dearborn St., Chicago, IL 60604 Martin W. Baumgaertner 312-353-2923 Am. 501, 2d & Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia, PA Lonnie L. Crawford, Jr. 215-597-9960

Suite 1109, 5203 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA P.J. Winzer

4th Fl., 250 Montgomery St., San Francisco, CA Denis Marachi

415-705-2935 94104.

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For further information, contact the Merit Systems Protection Board, 1120 Vermont Avenue NW.,
Washington, DC 20419. Phone, 202-653–7124. TDD, 202-653-8896.

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