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excellence in aeropropulsion, space Sources of Information power, and microgravity science and

Contracts and Small Business Activities technology. The Center also conducts research in critical disciplines of

Inquiries regarding contracting for small

business opportunities with the materials, structures, internal fluid

Administration should be directed to the mechanics instrumentation, and controls

Associate Administrator for Small and and electronics. All of these efforts are

Disadvantaged Business Utilization, supported by unique research and

NASA Headquarters, 300 E Street SW., development facilities.

Washington, DC 20546. Phone, 202– George C. Marshall Space Flight Center 358–2088. The Center, which is located in

Employment Direct all inquiries to the Huntsville, AL, manages, develops, and Personnel Director of the nearest NASA tests the external tank, solid rocket Center or, for the Washington, DC, booster, and main engines, which are metropolitan area, to the Chief, major portions of the space shuttle Headquarters Personnel Branch, NASA project; oversees the development of the Headquarters, Washington, DC 20546. Spacelab; and conducts research in Phone, 202–358–1562. structural systems, materials science

Publications, Speakers, Films, and engineering, electronics, guidance,

Exhibit Services Several publications navigation, and control.

concerning these services can be John C. Stennis Space Center The

obtained by contacting the Public Affairs

Officer of the nearest NASA Center. Center, which is located in Bay St. Louis,

Publications include NASA Directory of MS, plans and manages research and

Services for the Public, NASA Film List, development activities in the field of

and NASA Educational Publications List. space and terrestrial applications; space

The Headquarters telephone directory flight; and research in oceanography,

and certain publications and picture sets meteorology, and environmental

are available for sale from the sciences.

Superintendent of Documents,

Government Printing Office, Government-Owned/Contractor

Washington, DC 20402. Telephone Operated Facility

directories for NASA Centers are Jet Propulsion Laboratory The

available only from the Centers. Laboratory, which is operated under

Publications and documents not contract by the California Institute of

available for sale from the Technology in Pasadena, CA, develops

Superintendent of Documents or the

National Technical Information Service spacecraft and space sensors and conducts mission operations and ground- (Springfield, VA 22151) may be obtained

from the NASA Center's Information based research in support of solar system

Center in accordance with the exploration, Earth science and

Administration regulation concerning applications, Earth and ocean dynamics,

freedom of information (14 CFR, part space physics and astronomy, and life

1206). science and information systems

Reading Room NASA Headquarters technology. It is also responsible for the Information Center, Room 1H23, 300 E operation of the Deep Space Network in

Street SW., Washington, DC 20546. support of NASA projects.

Phone, 202--358–1000.

For further information, contact the Headquarters Information Center, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Washington, DC 20546. Phone, 202-358–1000.

700 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20408
Phone, 202-501-5400

Archivist of the United States

JOHN W. CARLIN Deputy Archivist of the United States

Executive Director, National Historical

Publications and Records Commission
Assistant Archivist for Federal Records Centers DAVID F. PETERSON
Assistant Archivist for Public Programs

Director of the Federal Register

Assistant Archivist for Special and Regional RAYMOND A. MOSLEY

Assistant Archivist for Presidential Libraries LEWIS J. BELLARDO, Acting
Assistant Archivist for Records Administration JAMES W. MOORE
Assistant Archivist for the National Archives MICHAEL J. KURTZ
Assistant Archivist for Policy and Information L. REYNOLDS CAHOON

Resources Management Services
Assistant Archivist for Administrative Services ADRIENNE C. THOMAS
General Counsel

Inspector General

KELLY A. SISARIO Director, Information Security Oversight Office STEVEN GARFINKEL (For the National Archives and Records Administration statement of organization, see the Federal Register of June 25, 1985, 50 FR 26278)

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) ensures, for citizens and Federal officials, ready access to essential evidence that documents the rights of American citizens, the actions of Federal officials, and the national experience. It establishes policies and procedures for managing U.S. Government records and assists Federal agencies in documenting their activities, administering records management programs, scheduling records, and retiring noncurrent records to Federal records centers. The National Archives and Records Administration accessions, arranges, describes, preserves, and provides access to the essential documentation of the three branches of Government; manages the Presidential Libraries system; and publishes the laws, regulations, and Presidential and other public documents. It also assists the Information Security Oversight Office in its management of Federal classification and declassification policies, and the National Historical Publications and Records Commission in its grant program for State and local records and edited publications of the papers of prominent Americans.

as the National Archives and Records Service by section 104 of the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949 (63 Stat. 381).

The National Archives and Records
Administration was established by act of
October 19, 1984 (44 U.S.C. 2101 et
seq.), effective April 1, 1985, as an
independent agency in the executive
branch of the Government. It is the
successor agency to the National
Archives Establishment, which was
created by act of June 19, 1934 (48 Stat.
1122) and subsequently incorporated
into the General Services Administration

Archival Program The National
Archives and Records Administration
maintains the historically valuable
records of the U.S. Government dating

[blocks in formation]

from the Revolutionary War era to the records are available on microfilm. Most recent past; arranges and preserves of the historically valuable records in the records and prepares finding aids to custody of NARA are maintained in the facilitate their use; makes records

Washington, DC, area. Records that are available for use in research rooms in all primarily of regional or local interest are, of its facilities; answers written and oral

however, maintained in 13 regional requests for information contained in its

archives, the locations of which are holdings; and, for a fee, provides copies

listed below. of records. In addition, many important

Regional Archives National Archives and Records Administration

[blocks in formation]

Anchorage, AK (654 W. 3d Ave., 99501)
New York, NY (201 Varick St., 10014)
Chicago, IL (7358 S. Pulaski Rd., 60629)
Denver, CO (Denver Federal Ctr., 80225)
East Point, GA (1557 St. Joseph Ave., 30344)
Fort Worth, TX (501 W. Felix St., 76115)
Kansas City, MO (2312 E. Bannister Rd., 64131)
Laguna Niguel, CA (24000 Avila Rd., 92677)
Philadelphia, PA (Rm. 1350, 900 Market St., 19107)
Pittsfield, MA (100 Dan Fox Dr., 01201)
San Bruno, CA (1000 Commodore Dr., 94066)
Seattle, WA (6125 Sand Point Way NE., 98115)
Waltham, MA (380 Trapelo Rd., 02154)

[blocks in formation]

For further information concerning records in the custody of NARA, contact the User Services Branch. Phone, 202-501-5400.

Presidential Libraries Through the

The records of each President since Presidential libraries, which are located Herbert Hoover are administered by at sites selected by the Presidents and NARA. While such records were once built with private funds, NARA preserves considered personal papers, all and makes available the records and

Presidential records created on or after personal papers of a particular President's administration. In addition to

January 20, 1981, are declared by law to providing reference services on

be owned and controlled by the United Presidential documents, each library

States and are required to be transferred prepares documentary and descriptive

to NARA at the end of the publications and operates a museum to

administration, pursuant to the exhibit documents, historic objects, and Presidential Records Act of 1978 (44 other memorabilia of interest to the U.S.C. 2201 et seq.). public.

Presidential Libraries National Archives and Records Administration





Herbert Hoover Library

West Branch, IA 52358
Franklin D. Roosevelt Library Hyde Park, NY 12538
Harry S. Truman Library

Independence, MO 64050
Dwight D. Eisenhower Library Abilene, KS 67410
John F. Kennedy Library

Boston, MA 02125
Lyndon B. Johnson Library

Austin, TX 78705 Gerald R. Ford Library

Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Gerald R. Ford Museum

Grand Rapids, MI 49504
Nixon Presidential Materials Staff College Park, MD 20740-6001
Jimmy Carter Library

Atlanta, GA 30307
Ronald Reagan Library

Simi Valley, CA 93065 Bush Presidential Materials Project College Station, TX 77840

Timothy G. Walch

319 643–5301 Verne W. Newton

914-229-8114 Larry J. Hackman

816-833-1400 Daniel D. Holt

913–263–4751 Bradley S. Gerratt

617-929_4545 Harry J. Middleton

512-916-5137 Richard Norton Smith 313-741-2218 Richard Norton Smith 616-451-9263 Karl Weissenbach, Acting 301-713-6950 Donald B. Schewe

404 331-3942 Mark A. Hunt

805-522-8444 David Alsobrook, Acting ... 409–260–9554

For further information, contact the Office of Presidential Libraries. Phone, 202-501-5700.

Federal Records Centers Federal

dispose of records of transitory value and agencies retire certain noncurrent transfer to the Office of the National records to low-cost storage in Federal Archives those that have enduring value. Records Centers in accordance with The centers also offer technical established disposition schedules. The assistance workshops and advice on file centers provide reference services, maintenance, storage, records disposition including loan or return of records to the

practices, and vital records. agency of origin; prepare authenticated

Reimbursable microfilming services are reproductions of documents, and furnish

available from most centers. information from records. The centers

Federal Records Centers National Archives and Records Administration

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For further information, contact the Office of Federal Records Centers. Phone, 301-713_7200.

Records Administration To ensure proper documentation of the organization, policies, and activities of the Government, NARA develops standards and guidelines for the management and disposition of recorded information. It appraises Federal records and approves records disposition schedules. It also monitors archival records not in NARA custody, inspects agency records and records management practices, develops records management training programs, and provides guidance and assistance on proper records management. For further information, contact the Office of Records Administration. Phone, 301-713-7100. Laws, Regulations, and Presidential Documents The agency prepares and publishes a wide variety of public documents. Upon issuance, acts of Congress are published immediately in slip law (pamphlet) form and then cumulated and published for each session of Congress in the United States Statutes at Large.

Each Federal workday, the Federal Register publishes (in both paper and electronic format) current Presidential proclamations and Executive orders, Federal agency regulations having general applicability and legal effect, proposed agency rules, and documents required by statute to be published. All Federal regulations in force are codified annually in the Code of Federal Regulations.

Presidential speeches, news conferences, messages, and other materials released by the White House Office of the Press Secretary are published each week in the Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents and annually in the Public Papers of the Presidents.

The United States Government Manual, published annually, serves as the official handbook of the Federal Government, providing extensive information on agencies of the legislative, judicial, and executive branches.

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