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Cairns BR 1725 ม. ADVERTISEMENT. A3 1816

The Publishers have, through the kindness of some friends who have favoured them with the use of materials selected by the Rev. Mr Emerson of Beverly, been enabled to lay before the Public the following Memoir of Miss FANNY WOODBURY. It contains a series of interesting letters, many of which appears to have passed between her and Miss HARRIET ATWOOD, who was educated together with her at Bradford Academy :a seminary which has been honoured of God as the instrument of bringing not a few of its Members to the knowledge of the truth. The correspondence of these two young persons furnishes a pleasing specimen of the spirit which prevailed in it.

The Publishers flatter themselves, that this little volume will be found an acceptable present to the young; and that it is at the same time calculated to be useful to all who shall be pleased to give it a serious perusal.

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Letter from Miss Atwood to Miss Woodbury, 62

Journal, from 4th March to 27th May 1810,


Letter to Miss H. W. of Winchendon, June 1810,


Journal, from 80th June 1810, to 11th April 1811, 70

Letter from Miss Atwood to Miss Woodbury, 76

Journal, 24th June 1811,


Letter to Miss Atwood, 7th July 1811,


Letter from Miss Atwood to Miss Woodbury, a short

while before her sailing for the East Indies, 82

Letter to Miss B. B. of Wenham, July 1811, 84

Letter to Miss S. K. of Wenham, July 1811,


Journal, from August to September 12, 1811,


Letter to Miss S. W. of Winchenilon,


Letter to Miss H. H. of Beverly, October 1811, 94

Journal, from 20th March to 28th April 1812, 98

Letter to Miss A. C. H. of Bradford, 6th June 1812, 100

Journal, from 14th to 27th June 1812,


Extract from a Letter to Miss N. K. of Newburyport, 106

Letter to Miss N. J. of Beverly, 6th July 1812, 108

Journal, from 12th to 23d July 1812,


Letter to Miss N. J. of Beverly, 29th July 1812, . 112

Journal, from 7th to 9th August 1812,


Letter to her Sisters, 14th August 1812,


Letter to Miss E. S. of Beverly, 6th September 1812, 120

Journal, October 1812,


Letter to Mrs H. P. of Bradford,


Letter to Miss C. G. of Bradford,

· 127

Journal, from December 1812, to 1st January 1813, 132

Letter to Miss H. P. of Bradford, 12th Jan, 1813, . 133

Letter to Miss M. G. of Boston, 1st February 1813, 136

Letter to Miss N. J. of Beverly, 2d February 1813, 138

Note to Miss E. S. of Beverly, 4th February 1813, 141

Letter to Miss B. K. and R. K. of Beverly, 142

Extract of a Letter to Miss N. J. of Beverly, 145

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