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made of the feed of David according to the Heth,

4. And € * declared (Gr. determined] to be the Son of God with power, according to the spirit of holiness, by the resurrection from the dead: 5. By whom we have received h grace and apostleship, * for obedience to the faith (Or, to the obedience of Faith] among * all riations for his name : 6. Among whom are ye also the called of Jesus Christ. To all that be in Rome, beloved of God, 'called to be faints :




+ Gal 4.4.


d f Mar 1. 6. f Luk. Cor. 15. 10. By the Grace of God I 1.32. f Tim. 2. 8.

See on

am what I am : and his Grace AEts 2. 30.

which was bestowed upon me, was

See on Joh. 1." nor in vain; but I laboured more 14.

s abundantly than they all: , yet noe 4. Acts 2. 22. Jesus of

I, but the Grace of God which was Nazareth, a, Man approved of God with me. Gal. 1. 15. But when it among you, by Miracles, and won pleased God, who separated me ders, and signs, which God did by from my Mothers Womb, and calhim in the midst of you, as ye your so led me by his Græce. Gal. 2. 9. felves also know,

When James, Cephas, and John, 8 + Acts 13. 32, 33: We who seemed to be Pillars, perceivdeclare unto you glad Tidings, ed the Grace that was given unto how that the Promise which was me, they gave to me and Barnabas made unto the Fathers, God hath's the right Hands of Fellowship i fulfilled the fame unto us their that we should go unto the Heathen, Children, in that he hath raised up and they unto the Circumcision. Jelus again ; as it is alfo written + Eph. 3. 7,8. Whereof I was made in the second Pfalm, Thou art my a Minilter, according to the Gift Son, this Day have I begotten thee.20 of the Grace of God given unto

Heb 9. 14. How much more me, by the effectuat Working of shall the Blood of Christ, who his power. Unto me, who am through the eternal Spirit, offered less than the least of all Saints, is himself without Spot to God, this Grace given, that I should purge your Conscience from dead 25 preach among the Gentiles the Works to serve the living God. unsearchable Riches of Christ. 1 Pet. 3. 18. Christ being put to

i See on Acts 6.

7. death in the Flesh, but quickned by See on Acts

9. the Spirit.

7. t 1. Cor. 1.

To 5. + Rom.


I fay 30them that are fanétified in Chrift through the Grace given unto me, to Jesus, called to be Saints - Phil. every Man that is among you, noc 3. 14. I press toward the Mark, for to think of himself more highly the Prize of the high-calling of God than he ought to think.- t Rom. in Christ Jesus. f 1 Thef. 4. 7. 15. 15. Brethren, I have written 35 God hath not called us unto Unthe more boldy unto you, in some cleanness, but unto' Holiness. fort, putting you in Mind, because Thel. 1. u. We pray always for of the Grace that is given to me of you,

that our God would count God. 1 Cor. 3. 10. According to you worthy of chis Calling.–2Tim. the Grace of God which is given 49 1. 9. Who hatla faved us, and cal. unto me, as a wife Master-builder, Id us with a boly Calling. Heb. I have laid the Foundation.. to







1 2.


Aa 3


* Grace to you, and · Peace ofroni God our Father, and the Lord Jelus Chrift. 8. First, I P thank my God, through

Jelus 3, 1. Wherefore, holy Brethren, rejoicing. Pfal. 116. 17. I will of partakers of the heavenly-Calling: - fer to thee the Sacrifice of Thanks

m In the following Places are giving, and will call upon the the same Salutation, expressed al. Name of the Lord. Ifa. 63. 7. I most in the fame Words: Cor. 1. s will mention the loving kindnesses of 3. 2 Cor. 1. 2. + Gal. 1. 3. Eph. the Lord, and the Praises of the 1. 2. Philip. 1. 2. Col. 1. 2. 1 Thef. Lord, according co, all that the 1.1. 2 Thef.1.2. I Tim.1.2.2 Tim.1.2. Lord hath bestowed on us.: 1 Cor. Tic.1.4.t1 Pet.1.2.-Grace unto you 1. 4. I thank my God always on and peace be multiplied. + 2 Pet. 10 your behalf.- Eph. 1.16 [I Paul] 1. 2. Grace and Peace be multiplied cease not to give thanks for you, unto you, through the Know- making mention of you in my ledge of God, and of Jesus our Prayers. Phil. 1.3,4. I thank my Lord. 2 Joh. ver.3. Grace be with God upon every remembrance of you, Mercy and Peace from God 15 you, Always in every Prayer of the Father, and from the Lord Je- mine for you all, making request fus Christ, the Son of the Father. with joy. Phil. 4. 6. Be cireful Jude ver. 2. Mercy unto you; and for nothing: but in every thing Peace and Love be multiplied. by Prayer and Supplication with

Luk. 10. 5. Into what- 20 Thanksgiving, let your Requests be foever. House ye enter, first say, made known unto God. Col. 1. 3. Peace be to this House. Joh. 14. We give thanks to God and the Fa. 27. Peace I leave with you, my

ther of our Lord Jesus Christ, prayPeace I give unto you. Joh. 20. ing always for you. Col. 3. 17. 19. The first Day of the Week, 25 Whatsoever ye do in word or deed,

came Jesus, and stood in the do all in the Name of the Lord midit, and faith unto them, Peace Jesus, giving thanks to God and be unco ycų.

the Father by him.

1 Thef. 1. Per. 5. 10. The God of all 2. We give thanks to God always Grace, who hath called us un

zo for you all, making mention of to his eternal Glory by Christ Je

you in our Prayers. 1 Thes. 5.18. fus,

In every thing give thanks.-8. P Lev. 7. 12. If he offer Thef. 1. 3. We are bound to thank it for a Tbanksgiving, then he shall God always for you, Brethren, asic offer with the Sacrifice of Thanks- is meet, because that your Faith giving, unleavened Cakes mingled" groweth exceedingly, and the Cha. with Oil. Psal. 34. J. I will rity of every one of you all tobless the Lord at all times, his Praise wards each other aboundeth. Ihall continually be in my Mouth. Thes. 2. 13. We are bound to Pfal. 5:14, 33, Offer unto God 40 give thanks alway to God for you, Thanksgiving. -Whoso offereth me Brethren, beloved of the Lord. Praise, glorifieth me. - Pfal. 69. 2 Tim. 1.3. I thank God, -that 30, 31. I will Praise the Name of without ceasing I have rememGod with a Song, and will magni. brance of thee in my Prayers, Night fe him with Thanksgiving. This 45 and Day. This 45 and Day: Philem.

4. also shall please the Lord better Ithank my God, making mention than a Bullock which hath horns of chee always in my Prayers. and hoofs. Pfal. 107. 22. Let them a Eph. 4. 20. Giving Thanks Sacrifice the Sacrifices of Thanksgiv always for

always for all crings ing, and declare his Wirks with so






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Jesus Christ for you all, that your ' faith is spoken of throughout the whole world. 9. For God is my witness, whom I u serve * with my lpirit [Or, in my spirit] in the go.

* fpel of lis Son, that * without ceasing I make mention of you always in my prayers. 10. Making request (if by any means now at length I might have a prosperous journey by the will of God) to come unto you. 11. For I long to see you, that I may d impart unto you some fpiritual gift, to

the God and the Father, in the Name of charge in the fight of God, who quick, our Lord Jesus Christ. Heb. 13. 15. neth all things, and before Christ JeBy him (Fesus) therefore, let us cf. sus,

fus,- 2 Tim. 2. 14.' -Charging fer the Sacrifice of Praise to God them before the Lord, that they strive continually.

2. 5. Ye s not about words to no profit. offer up spiritual Sacrifices ac- 2 Tim. 4. 1. I charge thee before ceprable to God by Jesus Christ. God, and the Lord Jesus Christ

..! Pet 4. 11. -That God in all things u + 2 Tim. 1. 3. I thank God, may te glorified through Jesus whom I serve from my forea Christ.

10 fathers. Phil. 3. 3. We are che Rom. 16. 19. Your Obedi. Circumcifion, which worship God ence is come abroad unto all in the Spirit. - Joh. 4. 23. The Men- of 1 Thef. 1. 8.--In every

Hour cometh, and now is, when Place your Faith to Godward is the true Worshippers Thall worship Spread abroad

Is the Father in Spirit, and in truth.

IS 9. $ Job 16. 19. Behold, my 1 Sam. 12. 23.

God for witness is in Heaven, and my re- bid that I should sin against the cord is on high. * Rom. 9.1. I Lord in ceasing to pray for you. Tay the Truth in Chrift, I lie not, 1 Mac. 12. 11. We therefore at all my Conscience also bearing me 20 times without ceasing, both in ouo witness in the holy Ghost.

2 Cor.

Feasts and other convenient Days, 1. 23. I call God for a Record upon do remember you in the Sacrifices

2. Cor. 11. 31. The we offer, and in our Prayers. God and Father of our Lord Jesus ¢ Thei. 3. 10. Night and Day Christ, which is blessed for ever-25 praying exceedingly that we might more, knoweth that I lie not. Gal. 1ee your Face. See on Ver. 8. 1.20. Now of the things which I

+ Rom. 19. 23, 32. I write unto you, behold, before God, Having a great desire these many I lie not. Phil 1. 8. God is my re- Years to come unto you. That I cord how greatly I long after you 3? may come unto you with joy by the all. i Ther. 2. 10. Ye are Wit. Will of God, and may with you be nesses, and God also, how holily,and refreshed. justly, and unblameably, we beha- ::: Jam. 4.6. See on A&ts 18.

4 ved our selves.I charge you by the Lord, that this 35 d Rom. 15. Epiftle be read unto all the holy : am sure that when I come unto brethren. ti Thef, 2.5. Neither you, I Mall come in the fulness of at any time used we flattering the Blessing of the Gospel of Christ. Words, God is witness. Tim. Eph 4. 12, 13. For the perfecting of $. 21. I charge thee before God and 40 the saints, for the work of the Mi. the Lord Jesus Christ, and the elect niftry, for the edifying of the Body Angels, that thou observe there of Chrift: Till we all come in things.- i Tim. 6. 13. I give thee


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the end you may be established; 12. That is, that I may be comforted together * with you [Or, in you], · by thy mutual faith both of you and me. 13. Now I would not have you ignorant, brethren, that oftentimes I purposed to come unto you (but was f let hitherto) that I might have some fruit among you also, even as among other Gentiles. 14. Iam debter both to the Greeks, and to the bar

. barians, both to the wise, and to the unwise. 15. So, as much as in me is, I am ready to preach the gospel to you that are at Rome also. 16. For I am not hashamed of the gospel of Chrift: for it is the power of God unto salvation, to every one that believeth, to the Jew k first, and alfo to the Greek. 17. For therein is the righteousness of A4

God the unity of the Faith, and of the great Congregation : lo, I have knowledge of the Son of God, unto not refrained my Lips, O Lord, a perfe&t Man, unto the measure of thou knowest. I have not hid thy the Stature of the Fulness of Christ. righteousness within my Heart, I i Thef. 3. 2. (We) fent Timotheus s have declared thy Faithfulness, and

to establish and comfort you con. thy Salvation: I have not concealed cerning your Faith.

thy loving-kindness and thy truth 2 Cor. 4. 13. We have from the great Congregation. See ing the same Spirit of Faith.

on Mat. 10.33. * Tit. 1.4. To 'Titus mine own 10 i t 1 Cor. s. 18, 21. The Son after the common Faith. + 2 Preaching of the Cross is to Pet. 1, 1. -To them that have them that perish, foolishness : buc obtained like precious Faith with unto us which are saved, it is the

Power of God. It pleased God 13. f + See Acts 16. 7. -15 by the foolishness of Preaching to They affayed to go into Bythinia: Save them that believe. t 1 Cor. but the spirit suffered them not. 15. 2. By which (Gospel] also ye Rom: 15. 22: I have been much are saved.-- 2 Cor. 10.4, 5. (The

. 4,5 Bindred from coming to you.

Weapons of our Warfare are not Thef. 2. 18. We would have come 20 carnal, but mighty through God, unto you (even I Paul) once and a- to the pulling down of strong holds) gain ; but Satan hindred us

Cafting down imaginations, and eve14 Acts 9. 15.

. He is

ry high thing that exalteth it self aa chosen Vessel unto me, to bear gainst the Knowledge of God,bringmy Name before the Gentiles and 2 sing into Captivity every thought to Kings, and the Children of Israel, the obedience of Chrift. 1 Cor. 1. 22. The Jews require a

Rom. 2. 9. † Aets 3. Sign, and the Greeks seek after Wil. 26. t Afts !3. 46. See on Mat. dum. + 1 Cor. 9. 16. -Neceffity

10.6. leid upon me; yea, wo is unto me 30 17.

+ Rom 3.

21, 22. if I preach not the Gospel. 2 Cor. The Righteousness of God without 11. 28.- That which cometh up- the Law is manifested, being witon me daily, the Care of all the nessed by the Law. and the ProChurches.

phets; even the Righteousness of 16. h + Psal. 40. 9, I 35 God, which is by Faith of Jesus Christ have preached Righteousness in the

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ROMANS I. God (1) revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, Them just Thall live by faith. 18.

18. For the wrath

of unto all, and upon al them that be- God by Faith. lieve, Rom. 4. 3,13. What faith inot Hab.

4. Behold, the Scripture? Abraham believed his Soul which is lifted up; God, and it was counted to him is not upright in him ; but the for Righteousness. For the Promise 5 Just shall live by his Faith. Joh. 3. that he should be the Heir of the 36. He that believeth on the Son World, was not to Abraham, or to hath everlasting Life: and he nis Seed through the Law, but That believeth not the Son, shall not ; through the righteousness of Faith. See Life, but the Wrath of God aRom. 8. 3. What the Law could 10 bideth on him. t Gal. 3. 11. Thac not do, in that it was weak through no Man is justified by the Law in the Flesh, God sending his own Son, the fight of God, it is evident : for, in che Likeness of sinful Flesh, and The Just shall live by Faith. † Heb. for Sin, (or, by a Sacrifice for sin), 10.38. Now the Just shall live by condemned Sin in the Fleth. Rom.7's Faith: but if any Man'draw backs 10.3 They being ignorant of Gods my Soul shall have no pleasure in, rigbreoufness, and going about to e- him. Heb. 11.7. By Faith, Noah. ftablish their own Righteousness, being warned of God of things not have not submitted themselves un- seen as yet, moved with fear, preto the Righteousness of God. 2 Cor. 20 pared an Ark tø the saving of his 9.21. He hath made him to be House; by the which he con. Sin for us, who knew no Sin ; that demned the World, and became we might be made the Rightcousness Heir of the Righteousness which is of God in him. Gal. 2. 16. Know. by Faith. ing that a Man is not justified by the

.: Eph. S. 6.

Ben Works of the Law, but by the faith cause of these things, cometh the of Jesus Christ, even we have be- Wrath of God upon the Children lieved in Jesus Chrift; that we of Disobedience. Repeated Col. 3: might be justified by the Faith of 6. Eph. 2. 2.- The Spirit that Christ, and not by the Works of


now workech in the Children of the Law: for by the Works of the Disobedience. Rev. 22. IS. Without Law shall no Flejh be justified. Phil. are Dogs, and Sorcerers, and whore. 3.9 -Not having mine own Righ- mongers, and Murderers, and Idola. teousness, which is of the Law, but ters,and whosoever loveth and mathat which is through the Faith of 35 keth a lie. Christ, the Righteousness which is of

(1) By the Right consness of God, both here and elsewhere in the Epistles of St. Paul, seems to be meant, God's Methoa of justifying, or pardoning the past Sins both of Jews and Gentiles;+ (that is, the whole World) through Faith in the Merits and Blood of Christ, which was fhed for the Remission of Sins. This Method is revealed from Faith to Faith. The Meaning is, This Method, which was wholly unknown to the Gentiles, and tut obícurely made known to the 7ms, is revealed in the Gospel to be by Faith, and this in order to beget Faith in Men, or to persuade them to believe in Chrift, it being the only way whereby chose to whom the Gospel is preached, could obrain. Salvation. Nor can any take End couragement from hence to lives wickedly ; fur Faith in Christ includes The receiving him as a Prophet to teach, as a Pright to make Acone:nent,



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