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EDWARD, as the title-page specifies, is the production of the author of OURIKA, a work most deservedly popular in France and in England. Although the circumstance is not announced in the title of Ourika or that of Edward, it is perfectly understood that the Duchess of DURAS is the author of both novels. The acknowledged merit of the former of these works, and the assurance of some literary friends abroad, that the latter was also a general favorite in Paris, have led to the present translation.

July, 1826.



I was going to Baltimore, to rejoin my regiment there, which constituted part of the French troops employed in the American war; and, to avoid the tediousness of a convoy, I embarked in an armed merchant-man. There were on board this vessel three passengers besides myself: one of them was a young man, whose appearance interested me exceedingly. His person was tall and remarkably handsome, his manners simple, and his countenance full of intelligence; his paleness, and the melancholy with which his conversation and deportment were deeply impressed, excited both interest and curiosity, But far from


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