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Boldness of Christ's servants in
ing his truth, cxxvii. 411.
Bounty in God, cxlii. 50.
-In men, cxliii. 50.

Body of Christ formed by the Holy Christ, his exaltation, iv. 127.
Ghost, iii. 163.
-His titles, i. 128.
Bodies of mankind will be changed by-His works, i. 135.
Christ, iii. 135.
-His worship, i. 139.
speak--His perfections, i. 140.
-His benefits, i. 144.
Against sin, xvii. 150.
-His benefits, cause of joy, xcv. 205.
-Cause of praise, ccxvi. 250.
Church of God, prayers for it.
clxxxviii. 238.

Bread, daily, to be prayed for, clxxxiii.

-God to be praised for it, ccxxiii. 252.
Brethren, the duties of christians
such, xli. 87.

Broken heart, xl. 271.
Brother, Christ so called, xlii. 88.
Builder, God is so to his church,

Burial of Christ, xxxviii. 120.

as-God's power toward it, lxxiii. 18.
Clean heart, xxxix. 271.
Cleanse, God doth cleanse his people,
XXV. 80.


Calamities on wicked parents and chil-
dren, xxxviii. 388.
-On the children of the wicked, lxxxii.

lxxix.-Duty to cleanse ourselves, xxv. 80.
Clouds, wind and rain created, vii. viii.


Calling of God's people, xv. 75.
-Is of grace, cxxiv. 45.

Is holy, xcvii. 32.

-Persons called of God to offices, xvi.

-Who are not so, xxxiii. 82.
Charity, v. vi. 335.

Childless, promises to them, xc. 389.
Children, their duties toward parents,
xci. 300.

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Compare, nothing to God, x. 4.

Care of God for his people, cause of Compassion ascribed to God, cviii. 41.
-To whom exercised, cix. 41.
jov, c. 207.
-Instances thereof, cx. 41.

Cause of praise, ccxx. 251.

Care of Christ fo his people, xviii. 152. Compassion ascribed to Christ, cxi.
Cast off, who are so, xxxv. 83.


-Dutiful, blessed, xcii. 390,
-Undutiful, cursed, xciii. 390.
Children desired, lxxvii. 387.
-Promised, lxxvi. 386.
-God's care of them, lxxix. 388.
-Duties toward them, lxvi. 384.
-Of God, how made so, xxxvi. 84.
-Their duties and marks, xxxix. 86.

Their blessings, xxxviii. 85.
Children of the devil, lxxxviii. 292.
-What the wicked are children of,
xl. 87.

Chosen of God, see election, xii.
72.-xiii 74-xir: 75.

-His incarnation, iii. 113.
-His miracies, 112 to 126..
-His glory, i. 126.

Christ, prophecies concerning him,


112 to 122.

Comfort to believers, xxix. 188.
-Is the gift of God, cxii. 209.
-Giving it to one another, Ixiji. 256.
Coming to God through Christ, cxlii.


Coming to Christ, exlii, 226.
Commands of God are right, lxxxiii.

Commands of God are faithful, xc. 30.
Communications, evil, forbidden, cxcii.

Compassion in men, xlv. 350.
-God excites it toward his people,
cviii. 41.

Conceit, being wise therein, xiv. 367.
Confessing Christ, xi. 179.
Confession of sin, xxxii 471.

-To be made in prayer, clxx. 232.
Confidence of the righteous in God,
CXXX. 222.

Confidence of the wicked, sinful,
cxxxii. 221.


Conscience, good, xlviii 375.
-How attained, xlix. 276.
-Evil conscience, lii. 276.
-Natural, its force, 1. 276.
-Weak, not to be wounded, li. 276.
Consideration, xii. 467.

Contention, xx. 340.

Contentious, fools are so, xx. 368.
Contentment, xxvii. 372.
Contrite heart, xl. 271.

Correcting children, lxxii 385.
Corruption of sin, xcv. 294.
Covenant of God, holy, xcvii. 32.

Covenant blessings, cxlvi. 53.
Covenants with the heathen inhabitants

Delight in God, cxiv. 211.
Defilement of sin, xcviii. 295.
of Canaan forbidden to the Jews, In Christ, cxvi. 211.
cxl. 316.

Covenants with them punished,


Covetousness in general, cc. 451.
-In magistrates, ciii. 396.
-In ministers, cxxxiv. 417.
Counsels of God, iv. 70.
-Are faithful, xc. 30.
Counsel, God giveth it to his people,

li. 94.

-The wicked are deprived of it, lii.


cxli.||—From enemies, Ixvii. 102.
Deliverance from sickness, lxvi. 102.
-From sins, lxxii. 105.

-The duty of giving and receiving it,
xlix. 352.

-Rejecting evil counsel, the wisdom
thereof, I. 353.

Creation of all things, i. 57..
-The wisdom of God in it, lv. 14.
-The power of God in it, lxxi. 17.
-Done by Christ, i. 135.
-The Spirit's work in it, i. 162.

-Cause of joy to angels, cix. 208.
Creator, God is so to his people, lxxvi.-Their knowledge, xxxv. 67.

-Their enmity, xxxiii. 66.


Creatures, christians are new ones,

lxxvii. 109.

Creatures in the sea and land made,
ix. 58.

Crucifixion of Christ, xxix. 118.
Cruelty, xlvi. 351.

Cures, miraculous ones performed by
Christ, li. 123.

Cursing, the sin thereof, cxciv. 448.


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-To whom promised, Ixix. 104.
-Of God's church, cause of joy, cvii.


Deliverer, Christ so called, lxviii.103.
Denying God, ii. 176.
-v. 147.

Departing from God, cxl. 228.
Denying Christ, xxvi. 118.-xii. 179.
Desiring God, lxxxiv. 204.
Descent of Christ, iv. 113.
Despising ministers of Christ, cxlii.
Despising Christ, xv. 116.



Despising one another, xxxi. 345.
Destruction of the wicked, ccxlii. 259.
Determinations of God, vii. 71.
Devils, their sin and punishment, xxx,


Diligence and industry, vi. 362,
Direction from God, İvi. 95.
-Promised to believers, xxvii. 187.
Discontentment, xxviii. 372.
Disobedience to God, lxviii. 284.
Dishonouring God, ccxxxii. 256.
him,-To Christ, lxxii. 286.

-They were cast out by Christ, lii.

-They were overcome by Christ,
xxxviii 67.

-How to be overcome by Christians,
xxxix. 68.

-Works, and children of the devil,
lxxxviii. 292.


-To parents, xciii. 390.
-To magistrates, cxiv. 399.
Disputes about religion, cxciii. 448.
-To ministers, cxliv. 423.
Diviners, clxiii. 324.
Divorce, lviii. 382.
Divisions, xxxiv. 346.
Dominion of God, i. 69.
Doxologies, or glory ascribed to God
in worship, ccxxxix. 257.
Drawing near to God, cxli. 226.
Dreadfulness of God, clviii. 56.
Drunkenness, iii. iv. 361.

-In magistrates, iv. 396.
-In ministers, cxxxv. 418.
Duties accompanying faith xiv. 181.
-Toward God and Christ, i. 176. &c.

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Holiness of angels, xix. 16.
Holiness in men, God honoured by
it, cclxxxviii. 255.
-Directions for attaining it, xxiv.

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-Due to Christ, ccxxxi. 256.
-Due to magistrates, cxi. 393.
-Due to parents, xcí. 390.
-Due to one another, xxx, 344.
Hope in God and Christ, cxxi. 212-
-Through grace, cxxxiv. 48.
-Promises to it, xcii. 205.

Hope of the wicked perisheth, cxxii.

Hospitality, clxiii. 434.
House of God, holy, xcvii. 32.
Humbled saints, their expressions,
x1.975 375

Humility toward God, xxxiv. 372.
-Toward men, xxxv. 372.
Humility of ministers, cxxiv. 410.
-Examples of it, xxxviii. 375.
Humility in prayer, cixx. 233.
-Promises to it, xxxvi. 374. See
pride, xli. 377.

Husbands, their duties, Ixiv. 383..
Hypocrisy, xxx. 269.
Marks of it, xxxi. 269.
Hypocrites known to God, xlvii. 13.
Their prayer not accepted, cciv.

[blocks in formation]

-His miracles, xlix. 122.
-His Glory, i. 126.

-His exaltation, iv. 127.
-His titles, i. 128. vii. 133.
-His works, i. 135.
-His worship, i. 139.
-His perfections, i. 140.
-His benefits, i. 144.
Ignorance of God, vii. 178.
Images forbidden, 318, 320.
-With threatenings, xlvii. 318.

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