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Images are no representations of Uses of the doctrine of it, v. 481.
God, 320.
Judgments of God are right, lxxxiii.

-Have been inflicted by angels,
xxiv. 63.
-Threatened, occasioned fasting,
clx. 231.

Just, promises to them, cxiii. 297.
Justice of God, lxxxiv. 28.
—Of Christ, ix. 143.

Immortality of God, xxi. 5.
Impenitent known to God, xlvi. 13.
See xv. 467.

Importunity in prayer, clxxiii. 237.
Incarnation of Christ, iii. 113.
Inchanters, clviii. 323.
Inconsideration, xiv. 167.
Incorruptible God, xxii. 5.
Indignation ascribed to God, cli. 55.
Industry, vi. 362.

Influences of God's Spirit,162 to 171.
-In prayer, 232.

-In praise, ccxi. 246.
Ingratitude, lxx. 359.
Inheritance of Christians, viii. 484.
Iniquity forbidden, cxxxiii. 311.
-Threats against the workers of it,

Iniquity is not in God, lxxxv. 29.
Injustice not in God, lxxxv. 28.
Instruction from God, lv. 95

-From ministers, cxxxviii. 421.
-Not receiving it from ministers,
cxlii. 423.

-Giving and receiving it, li. 353.
-Refusing it, lii. 354.

Fools refuse it, xv. 367.

Instruction to be given to children,

lxix. 384.

Integrity, xx. 267.
Intemperance in meat and drink, ii.
360. See drunkenness, 361.
-In magistrates, iv. 396.

-In ministers, cxxxv. 418.
Intercession of Christ, vii. 147.

Intreaties that prayer may be heard,


Intruders into the ministerial office,

cxviii. 403.

Invisible God, xv. 4.
Joy in God, lxxxvi. 204.

-Through Christ, lxxxvii. 205.
In God promised, xciv. 205.
Joy and comfort promised to believ-
ers, xxix. 188.

Joy in heaven, xii. 486.

Judge of the world, God, iii. 70----
ii. 480.

Judge at the last day, Christ, iv. 135.
Judging one another forbidden, lxvi.


Judgment, future, i. 480.
-The time of it, iv. 481.
-The persons to be judged, iii 481.
-Employment of Angels at it, xxvii.

Of magistrates, xcvii. 393.
Justification from God, xvii. 78.
-Not by works of the law, xviii. 78.
-Is of grace cxxv. 46.

-Is free, and by grace through
Christ, xix. 78.

-Is by Christ, xii. 148,
-Is promised to faith in God, xx.

-Is promised to faith in Christ, xxi.



[blocks in formation]

-God knoweth his people, xli. 11.
-He knoweth the wicked, xliv. 13.
-Sins against this attribute of God,
liii. 14.

Knowledge, Chris♥s, i. 140.

[blocks in formation]

Likeness, none of God, xi. 4.
Living God, xii. 4.

Loathed of God, who, cxv. 56.
Loathing of self, because of sin,
xxx. 471.

Loftiness in man, xlviii. 379.
Longing for God, lxxxv. 204.
Long-suffering of God, exiv. 42.

-Of men, see lxvi. 357, 358.
Looking to God, xliv. 193.
Lord, Christ so called, v. 130.
Love, God's to Christ, lxxviii. 203.
-God's love to believers, in Christ,
xxiii. 187.

-God's love to his people, cause of
joy, c. 207.

Love to God, Ixvi. 201.----xxi. 487.
-How produced, lxxi. 202.
-How evidenced, ixxiv. 202.
-Prayer to be made with it, clxvii.

Love, Christ's to his church, xviii. 203.

-The church's love to Christ, lxxix.

-Love to Christ, how enforced,
lxxv. lxxvi. lxxvii. 202.

-How evidenced, lxxxi. 203.
Love to mankind, i. 333.

-To ministers of Christ,cxxxix.422.
Lusts of the flesh, xci. 293.

Lukewarmness, see want of zeal
xvi. 265.

Lying, clxxiv. 440.


Magicians, clvii, 323.
Magistrates, 393 to 400.
-Their qualifications, xcviii. 394.
-Their duties, xcvii. 393.
-Their sins, cii. 396.
-Their concern with religion, 394.
-Good ones promised, x. 395.
-Evil ones threatened to be given as
a punishment, cvi. 397.
-Evil ones enemies to religion, 397.
-Enemies to civil interest, cv. 397.
Magnifying ones self, lii. 379.
Majesty of God, xxix. 7.
Malice, xiv. 394.

Man, his creation, xii. 60.
-His condition after his creation,
xiv. 60.

-His fall into sin, xv. 61.
Mansions in heaven, x. 485.
Marks and evidences of faith,xiv. 181.
Marriage, lvii. 381.

-Into religious families, lxxiii. 385.
-With heathens, forbidden, Izi.382.
Masters, their duties, xcv. 391.
Means of conversion, x. 466.
-Of faith, xviii. xix. 184.
-Of godliness, iii. 260.

-Of perfection, xxvii. 268.
—Of salvation, xlvii. 92
Meat and drink, temperance there-
in, i. 360.

Mediator, Christ, vi. 145.
Meditation upon God and his word,
xlix. 194.

Meek, they rejoice in God, lxxxix,


Meek, promises to them, xxx 372
Mercy of God, c. 35.
-Promised, ci. 36.

-To whom promised, cii. 37.
-Prayed for, ciii. 37.
-Acknowledged, civ. 38.
-Cause of joy, ci. 207.
-Cause of praise, ccxv. 249.
-Cause of thanks, cv. 39.
Mercy in men, xliii. 349.
Might, ascribed to God, lix. 15.
Mind of man influenced by God's
Spirit, ii. 162.

Mind of Christ, was influenced by it,
iv. 163.

Ministerial abilities, of grace given,

cxxxi. 47.

[blocks in formation]


Oath, the nature and duty thereof,
clxxv. 225.

Obedience to God, lix. to lxvii. 279.
-xv. 486.


Name of God is holy, xcvii. 32.
Name of Christ, prayer to be made
in it, clxiv. 232.

New creatures, christians, lxxvii.

-Their duty as such, lxxviii. 110.
North and south created, vi. 58.

-Must accompany prayer, clxix.233.
--Thanks for it, ccxix. 251.
Obedience to Christ, Ixix. 285.
-Is an evidence of love to him, lxxxi.

Obedience to parents, xci. 390.
-To magistrates, 399.
-To ministers, cxxxviii. 421.
Oblation of Christ, vii. 164.
Observers of times, clx. 323.
Offences forbidden, xxxv 346.
Offices of Christ, as prophet, 152.
-Priest, 154.
--King, 157.

One with the Father, Christ, vi. 133.
Operations of the Spirit, 126 to 171.
Oppression forbidden, clviii. 432.
-Deliverance from it, lxvii. 102.
Oppressors,threats against them,432.
Oppressed, promises to them, 433.
Oracle of God, holy, xcvii. 33.
Ordination of God, viii. 71.
Overcome, promises to such, xl: 68
-lxxi. 286.-xxv. 488.


Pain, freedom from it in heaven, xiii.

Palsy cured by Christ, liii. 124.
Pardon of sin, cvi. 39.
-Promised to faith, xxvi. 187.
-To repentance, xv. 265.
-Is of grace, cxxvi. 46.

-Prayed for, cvii. 40.
Parents, their duties, lxvi. 384.
-Duties toward them, xci. 390.
-A fool's conduct towards them,
xvii. 368.

-Wicked parents cursed, lxxxii.

-Godly parents blessed, lxxxi. 388
Partiality forbidden, cii. 396.
Patience toward God, xxv. 370.
-Towards men, xxvi, 371.
Patience in God, see compassion, 41.
Peace with God, xxvii. 343.
-Thro' Christ, x. 148.

-Promised to believers, xxviii. 187.
-Promised to the church of God,
xxviii. 343.


[blocks in formation]

Power of God, lviii. 15.
-In creation, Ixxi. 17.
-In government, Ixxii. 18.
-Toward his church, Ixxiii. 18.
-Toward the righteous, lxxiv. 19.
-In spiritual blessings, lxxv. 19.
-Against the wicked, lxxvi. 19.

-Sins and duties respecting God's
power, lxxvii. 21.

Power of Christ, iii. 141.
-Toward his church, iv. 142.
--Against his enemies, v. 142.
-Committed to the Apostles, cxvi.

-Persons, whose prayer shall be
heard, 232.


-Access to God in it promised, 188.
-Through grace, cxxxv. 48.
-In the name of Christ, 232.

With assistance of the Spirit, 232.
-With duties toward God and man,
-Public, 235.

-Private, clxxv. 235.
-Intercessory, for whom, 238.
-Ofparents for children, lxviii. 384.
-Subjects for governors, cx, 398.
-Governors for subjects, xcix. 394.
-People for ministers, cxl. 422.
-Ministers for people, cxxxi. 414.
-For what we ought to pray, 237.
Prayerless persons, ccxxxvii. 243.
Preacher, Christ one, xii. 115.
Preaching, its good effects, cxx. 407.
Precepts of God, righteous, 28.
-Holy, 33.


Praise due to God, and required,

ccvi. 246.

-Subjects of it, 249 to 253.

-Divine influence therein, ccxi. 246.
-Must be frequent, ccix. 246.
-Must be sincere, ccix. 246.
-God is honoured by it, ccxxvii. 255.
-Is glorified by it, ccxxxv. 256.
Praise offered by the righteous, ac-
ceptable, 449.

-By the wicked is unacceptable, 246.
Prayer, the Lord's, a good model,
clxxx. 237.

-Promises that it shall be heard,390.


Predestination, xi. 72.

Presence of God, every where, xxv, 6.
-With his people, xxix. 81.

-This, a cause of joy, xcix. 206.
Presence of Christ with his people,



Present with Christ, xi. 485.
Preserver, God is so, lxxv. 108.
Precious, Christ is so, xxx. 188.
Price, Christ is, 147.
Pride against God, xli. 377.
-Against men, xlii. 377.
-Spiritual pride, xliii. 377.
Priest, Christ so called, 154.
Prince, Christ so called, 157.
Procession of the Holy Ghost, xv. 171.
Promises of God holy, xcvii. 32.
Profaning the name of God, 324.
Prophecy concerning Christ, 112.
Phrophet, Christ, xi. 115.-xxii. xxiii.
xxiv. 152.

Prophets directed by the Spirit, ii.


Were holy, xcvii. 33.

-Delivered from enemies, lxx. 104.
Prophets, false ones, 324.
Propitiation, Christ, xxxiii. 156.
Prosperity and adversity in God's
hand, 16.

-From God, cause of joy, cx. 208.
Proud described, xli. 377.

They are known to God, xlv. 13.
-Threats and prayers against them,
378, 381.

Provide for Children, lxvi. 384.
Providence towards kings, 398.

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Punishments, God righteous in in-
flicting them, lxxx. 28.

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-Promised, xi. 466.

-Cause and means, God, vii. 465.
Christ, viii. 466.
-God's law, ix. 466.
-The ministry, x. 466.
Reproach, 445.

-Cast on Christ, xvii. 116.
Reprove one another, 355.
Resignation to God, cxxvii. 217.
Resolution to obey God, Ixii. 280.
Restitution, 432.

Resurrection of Christ foretold, 120.
-Evidences of it, xli. 120.
-How effected, xliii. 121.-viii. 164.
Resurrection of the dead, x. 478.
-By Christ, ix. 147.

Returning to God, 462, 464.

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Revelations of God's will by angels,


Revenge, xlviii. 352.
Revilings, 447.

Revolting from God, 301.
Rewards, God righteous therein, 28.
-According to works, 286.
-Dispensed by Christ, v. 136.
To the righteous, vi. 136.
Rich, their duties, 434.
-Their sins, 454.

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Means of it, xlv. 92.
-Prayed for, xliv. 90.
Sanctification, 79.
-Through faith, 188.0
Sanctifying God, 259.
-Through and by Christ, 149.
-The Spirit's work therein, 167.
Satan's influences on the hearts of the
wicked, 275.
Satisfy, God doth, 210.
Saviour, God, 88.
-Christ, 144.


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