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with the inhabitants of Ca-

naan forbidden to the Jews.

Making covenants and inter-
marriages with transgres-
sors of this commandment
Page 316
142 Strange gods to be put away.
143, Transgressors of this com-
mandment among the peo-
ple of Israel, & the enticers
thereto, to be put to death.
Threatenings against strange

Strange gods are vanity.
Page 317
Enquiring concerning future
events of those who by na-
ture are no gods forbidden.
Page 318

First Commandment.

136 Idolatry, or the worship of
strange god's forbidden.

137 Threatenings against idolaters

138 Judgments inflicted upon



Page 314 157 Magicians.

139 God's judgments upon parti-158 Inchanters.

cular trangressors of this 159 Soothsayers.

160 Observers of times.


140 Covenants and intermarriages 161 Witches.

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5 Charity with other graces en- 33 Fightings, quarrels.
Page 335 34 Divisions forbidden.


6 Approved examples of charity 35 Offences forbidden. Page 346

36 Threats against offenders.

Doing good to others. Pa. 347

and other graces.

7 Hatred toward mankind,threat- 37

enings against it. Page 336 38 Doing evil.
8 Duty of the righteous toward 39

those that hate them.


9 Prayers and complaints to God
against the hatred of the wick-41



15 Malice in the wicked.

16 Anger forbidden. Page 339
17 Instances of the anger of the
righteous against sin.

25 Peace prayed for as a desirable 61 Gentleness.

gift of God.

Page 342
26 Peace the gift of God, promis-
es and instances thereof.

27 Peace with God is the blessed;
reward of the righteous man.

28 Peace promised to the church

of God.

Page 343||

29 Unity.

60 Honouring one another.

Poge 344!


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