Proposed Amendments to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Act, 1983: Hearings Before the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Its Subcommittees on International Security and Scientific Affairs and on International Economic Policy and Trade of the House of Representatives, Ninety-eighth Congress, First Session, on H.R. 1417 and H.R. 3058, September 20; October 20, 26; November 1, 1983, Том 4,Выпуски 88-983

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Стр. 238 - The preparation for and management of United States participation in international negotiations in the arms control and disarmament field...
Стр. 245 - The Agency shall seek to accelerate and enlarge the contribution of atomic energy to peace, health, and prosperity throughout the world. It shall ensure, so far as it is able, that assistance provided by it or at its request or under its supervision or control is not used in such a way as to further any military purpose.
Стр. 164 - Section 311 is amended by adding at the end 12 thereof the following new subsection: 13 "(s) The Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund shall be available 14 to carry out subsections (c), (d), (i), and (1).
Стр. 358 - States and only to the extent necessary — (A) to restrict the export of goods and technology which would make a significant contribution to the military potential of any other country or combination of countries which would prove detrimental to the national security of the United States...
Стр. 276 - Disagreement with the Attorney General's decision on Chadha's deportation — that is, Congress' decision to deport Chadha — no less than Congress' original choice to delegate to the Attorney General the authority to make that decision, involves determinations of policy that Congress can implement in only one way; bicameral passage followed by presentment to the President. Congress must abide by its delegation of authority until that delegation is legislatively altered or revoked.
Стр. 238 - He also functions as the principal adviser to the Secretary of State, the National Security Council, and the President on arms control and disarmament matters and, under the direction of the Secretary, has primary responsibility within the Government for such matters.
Стр. 48 - He said he would discuss with other world lenders "the need for urgent movement on this and other measures against nuclear proliferation." Such strong public statements by the President are essential to US non-proliferation efforts. Unfortunately, there was no apparent follow-through on this commitment at the Williamsburg economic summit a month later. The indications are that the President did not raise it once it became clear that France in particular would resist any commitment to fullscope safeguards...
Стр. 372 - The administration will also not inhibit or set back civil reprocessing and breeder reactor development abroad in nations with advanced nuclear power programs where it does not constitute a proliferation risk.
Стр. 237 - The formulation and implementation of United States arms control and disarmament policy in a manner which will promote the national security can best be insured by a central organization charged by statute with primary responsibility for this field.
Стр. 238 - States arms control and disarmament policy, and can assess the effect of these recommendations upon our foreign policies, our national security policies, and our economy. This organization must have the capacity to provide the essential scientific, economic, political, military, psychological, and technological information upon which realistic arms control and disarmament policy must be based.

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