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whatever they have said or done is a fatal Contagion. What a dismal thing it would be for whole Christendom, if the like fol- , lowing Argument were good I. The Apostles were but the meanest Part of the Peor ple, quite destitute of Credit and Learning :) therefore the Doctrine, to the preaching and maintaining of which they have facrificed their very Lives, is a fatal Contagion. What would St. Paul fay, if he were to come an gain into this World, he who pretended to demonstrate to the Corinthians the Excel lency and Divinity of the Gospel, from the great success it then met with notwithstanding the weakness of the Instruments God then made use of to publish it. You seen said he to them, your calling, Brethren, how that not many wife Men after the Flesh, not many mighty, not many noble are called. But God has chosen the foolish things of the World to confound the wise

, &c. That no Flefh should glory in his Presence. And in another places We have that precious Treasure in eartben: Vessels, Thatı ile excellency of this Atrength should be from God, not from us. But now it is quite the rever fe : For a Man must needs be of the Royal Blood; a Pope or a Cardinal, a Doctor of Sorbonne, or at least a Jefuit ; otherwise nothing good or true can proceed from an ignoble mouth, or one that is not versed in Logick. vd Loola al

But what would then our good Father say, if we should produce him a vaft Catalogue of noted Popes and Cardinals of Bi


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Thops and Doctors, and even of Jesuits, who have made themselves very commenda ble, though their Names and Families were Atill more abject and despicable than those of Le Clerc and Pavanes ? But this is not our method of judging of things. Great Men are always to be respected, let their Birth of Station be ever so mean and Scoundrels and Fools are always despicable, though their Rank or Extraction were ever fo Emi nent and Noble. But, in short, no Birth or Dignity, no Learning br Erudition can alter the nature of things, and make that which is true be falfe, or that which is false be true, I srit lo esad'a w sa

The acknowledgment made afterwards by Father Daniel, gives me a very great Satisfa&tion, which would have been far greater fill, had he drawn the Consequenees naturally rising therefrom. He faith, that the fatal Contagion, that had its Source from those despicable Names, he has already mentioned, by degrees overspread all Parts of the Kingdom. How! Opinions afferted by obscure and illiterate People, who in maintaining them could expećt no thing but the utmot Misery; erowned with the most cruel Tortures; these Opinions; I fay, ape embraced both by the Learned and the Ignorant, by Princes and Princeslega of the Blood; by the Nobility and the Ple beians ; by Bithops and Abbots " whol ceive them as well as the meanest People, and perhle in the fame in spite of all ohit

cles ?


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cles ? Ah! had Jesuitisin met with fo good a Success, and in so fort a time in China, Japan, Siam and their other Missions, the Jesuits, I dare say, had infallibly cried out, o wondrous and canonized the Missiona ties, that had any fhare in those great Suce celles, had their Names been even twenty Clerc and Pavanes. of buy is toolfi

But why did not Father Daniel refleet a little on the Cause of all these Succefles. Evidence and Convictiona o People at that time were taught and convinced from the Word of God, that the fupreme Being has under the severest Paiņs forbidden us ever to pay any religious Worship, to Creatures even the most excellentThey were then let into the hidden Pipes, through which with great dexterity they had leda Vinet Branch to the eyes of ia Crucifix, i proof an Image of the Virgin Mary, through which it dropped in the time of its overflowing. or the rising of the fap, an Humour that had the resemblance of Tears. The Altars were then, uncovered in their View, sthat they might see in the Cavities of them, the Chaffing-Dithes that were filled with a quick Fire of Coals; that, when any, dead child vaş

to be baptized, it might seem to move lo soon as the heat, had penetrated the Nervés. down, they were opened, and Objects very et ne Shrines, were then taken

they found

different from what they had expe&ted to see were produced before their Eyes; for in Ktead of the Relicks of a Saint, therein old rusty pieces of Iron, or fome Horse or Afdbone, or the Relicks of fon

fome other Brate. The Holy Scriptures were laid open to themhzo that they might read the fourteenth famous Chapter of the firft Epistle of St. Paul to the Corinthians, wherein the celebrating Divine Service in an unknown Tongue is evidently forbidden. By such, and the like Demonstrations, it was that they were commonly taught and instructed. How could they have

e relifted the force of fuch an Evidence, for every body is not of ajeluidical Temper. to 610 19 BUT I Wronged Father Daniel when I faid, that he did not reflect bn 'all' these Cablestof the Success of the Reformation, The Acknowledgment he makes us in his Pages 648, and 649, Thews the contrary, and convieces me that he was, when he pleased, capable of fome Sincerity and Can. dour. For after having made very great Complaints Hagainst Cảlvin's Institutions, through which Book he says, Calvin had dotie many great Mischiefs

, and which was backed with a Croud of other. Writings wherein the inoft Hotfid Descriptions of the Churck of Rome were made, &c. he adds, that what'gave' the greatest Credit and Authority to thefe dangerous Books was, that the Clergy had occafioned and even authóV157 2Bodo bre bonggo 91971 1901



rized them by their Ignorance and Corrupi tion, which were extreme at that time..

I own myself infinitely obliged to Fan ther Daniel for so fincere an Acknowledgment. Give me leave, my Lord, not to ftop in fo fair a way, but to follow him, fince he is disposed to drop some few words of Truth on that Subject. The Lutherans, continues he, had already urged for a long while, and laid much frefs on all thefe pretences, which the People were very apo to give credit to. As to the Destrines, nothing formed to be more plausible, then what the Innovators proposed to us, viz. to take the Scripture for the folea

= fulThey were never weary of challenging us to sew them in the Gospel, Purgatory, the Worship of Images and Relicks, the Ma naftick Vors, the Celibacy of the Clergy, the feveral Hierarchical Onders, and other the like that are well-grounded on Tradition : (Not so well-grounded neither, except on the Tradition of the last Centuries, for things were not so in the beginning.). But which it is very difficult (he should have said impoflible, and we would have agreed) to dentonftrate with the same Evidence from the Scripture alone. Even very few in France, were capable of diving rightly into these Matters, and to prove Tradition on all these Points, fort want of having already examined them fufficiently = (But now that they have been fo deeply searched, has any body had yet the fkill to establish them on the Tradition


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