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I don't think that in matters fa important as: those that were then in agitation, any. Author can be allowed to give a loose to bis Wit and Iman gination, for tous one runs the risque of making an Autbor say a great many things be perhaps never dreamt of , and in my bumble Opinion an. Author can never be too fcrupuloufly a Slave to bis Original, in those occasions. Every bonest Man muft then sacrifice Elegance to Exactness. It is better to be too stiff than too loose. What I now say is to be understood only of fuck Occurrences, when a Writer is to translate into another Language the Words of a Man that muft ferve for a Rule, to determine what bis trui Sentiments have been on fucb or such really material Points : But I pretend not to extend ibis Maxim to all forts of Subjeāts ; mucb lefs, to make it serve for an Excufe of my Style, for wbich I very kncerely beg the Indulgence of my Reader. I know, that I falll be understood by ell, but I am no less certain, that those alone wbo, in a Narration, prefer things and exaktness to meer words, will be able to read my Book with Satisfaction.

Experience coill make me more cautions with rea gard to this in the next Volume ; and since the gyas of three Perfons employed, were not suficient to fender this work more perfect, I fall take new measures hereafter, in order to meet with a better, Succefs,

I fall receive with all imaginable regard the good Advices, which I hope judicious People will be so kind to procure me on this forft Volume ; and if tbey know any thing on the second, that they can ibink might be of some concern to the Publick, and ibat could not be found in M. De Tbou, De Beze, D'Avila, De Castelnau, D'Aubigné, Monluc, Mezeray, or any other printed Histories or Memoirs, and they be so kind to communicate it to me, I fall publickly few my Gratitude to them. : N.B. As I was forced to shorten the third Book, p. not to swell this Volume, I was also obliged to 3. change the Articles of it from the LXIXth to *; tbe End, which are to be read in the follow F Peter Flower Esq;


ing Order.

LXIX. Despence's Observations on Beze's Reply,

LXX. The Result of these Conferences. LXXI. (Some general Considerations on them. LXXII.

M. De Beze's Life and Chara&ter. LXXIII. The Spaniards take offence at the bolding of the Conferences. LXXIV. Arthur Didier's Treason and Punishment. ' LXXV. Tanquerel's Offence and

Condemnation, LXXVI. The Council of Trent ! restored. LXXVII, The Pope's. Intrigues ta

binder a National Council in France. LXXVIII, The King of Spain amuses the King of Navarr. LXXIX. Asembly of the Notables resolved upon, LXXX. The Cardinal of Lorrain and the Duke of Guise leave the Court. LXXXI. Tumults at

Dijon, and several other places. LXXXII. The Gi Queen's Inquest about the Reformed's strength,

LXXXIII. The Notables assembled at St. Germain. : LXXXIV. The Chancellor's Speecb. LXXXV. Ediet of January, LXXXVI. Some general Confideration's upon the State of the Reformed in France,


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The Rt. Hon. Lord
IS Grace the Lord Carteret.

Archbishop of Ar- The Rt. Rev. Father megh.

in God the Lord BiThe Rt. Rev. Father shop of Chester.

in God the Lord Bi- The Rt. Rev. Father

shop of St. Asaph. in God the Lord BiHon. Colonel Addée. shop of Chichester. The Rev. Mr. Aufrere. Case-Major Efq;

Hon. Brigadier Cava-

The Rt. Rev. Father in The Rev. Mr. Cantier,

God the Lord Bishop Clayton Esq.

of Beth and Wells. Mr. Chamier, The Rt, Rev, Father Mr. John Chatin.

in God the Lord Bi Miss Barbara Clerke, shop of Bristol. Dr. De Comarc. The Rev.Mr.Barbauld, Lady Colladon.

senior. Mr. James Baignoux, 2,

D Mr. Bardin of Chelsea,

The Rt. Rev. Father Mr. Binet, 2.

in God the Lord BiHon. Brigadier De Bom- shop of Dromore. marel.

Mr. Dalteyrac of Bristol.
The Rev. Mr. Boyer. Mr. Darien of Wandf-
William Brownlow Esq; worth.

Madam Drelincourt 2.
Mr. Burroughs Collec- Miss Drelincourt 2.
tor of Bristol.

Lady Mary Dutry 7. The Rev. Mr. Bourdil. The Rev. Mr. Durand, lon.

F. R. S.

The Rev. Mr. Duval.
His Grace the Lord

E Archbishop of Can- The Rt. Hon. the Earl terbury.

of Effingham. The Rt. Hon. Lady The Rev. Mr. Eynard. Mary Carmichael.


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L Claude Farnereau Efq;: The Rt. Rev. Father The Rev. Mr. Fouace.

in God Lord Bishop Captain Des Fourneaux. of Litchfield,

The Rt. Rev. Father in G

God Lord Bishop of The Rt. Rev. the Lord London.

Bishop of Gloucester. The Rt. Rev. Father in The Rev. Dr. Gally

God the Lord Bishop Rector of St. Giles. of Londonderry. The Rev. Dr. Gilbert; Mr. Isaac Lacom 2. I Dean of Exeter. Gideon Leglise Esq; 7 Gogen Efq;

--- La Roche Efq;

James La Touche Eiqa H

Mr. Joseph Lycett, The Rt. Rev. Lord Bi

shop of Hereford. The Rt. Hon. Lord

M Archibald Hamilton. The Rev. Dr. Maurice, The Rt, Hon. Lady

- De Mazeres Efq; Archibald Hamilton. The Rt. Hon. Lady Hon. Governor Hart 2. Viscountess MiduleEdward Harley Efq; 2. Mr, Hawksworthof Bri

- Miré Efq stol.

The Rev.Mr. De Mily, Mr.Jabn Hood Attorney,

James Molinier Esq; ;

Charles De Montaulieu Philip Jenning Efq; Efq; Mr, Johannot Captain Philip Moreau,

De Morin Esq; K

Mifs De Morin. Her Grace the Duchess Mr. James Moétiens. of Kent..

James Mundy Esq; The Rt. Rev. Father The Reverend Mr. De in God Lord Bishop Muylon, of Kildare.




Mrs. Ravenel.
The Rt. Rev. Father in Mr. René Roulleau.

God Lord Bishop of Mr. Peter Ruffe.

- Reilbe Esa; Gerard Von Neck Efq;7. Mr. Isaac Roberdeau. Sir Roger Newdigate. 4.


Mrs. Priscilla Stample. O

Mr. Richard Sidmarcb. The Rt. Hon, the Earl Edward Strong Esq; of Oxford.

Mrs. Stukeley.
The Rt. Rev. Father in
God Lord Bishop of


Mr. Tanqueray.

Th. Thomas Esq;

Mr. Samuel Torin.
Her Grace the Duchess Dr. Luke Trevigar.

Dowager of Portland, Mr. Tribble 2.

The Rev.Dr. Tyrwbiit, The Rt. Hon, the Coun- Archdeacon of Lontels of Portland.

don. Mr. Packer of Bristol. Mr. Peloquin of Bristol.

V Sir Erasmus Philips. Pbilip De Vismes Esq; Hon. Mrs. Pitt.

De Vermenaux Esq; Mrs. Prevot. The Revd.Mr.Prelleur..

W - Primerose Efq; 3. The Rt. Rev. Father in

God the Lord Bishop R

of Winchester. 2 The Rt. Rev. Father in Henry Woodfall

, Printet. God Lord Bishop of Rocbefter.

Y Mrs. Rogerfon.

His Grace the Lord Captain Ribet.

Archbishop of York. N.B. Several others have subscribed, whose Names have not been sent to me as yet, but will be inserted in the next Volume.

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