A Historical Geography of the British Colonies, Volume 4

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Page 85 - So geographers, in Afric maps, With savage pictures fill their gaps, And o'er unhabitable downs Place elephants for want of towns.
Page 290 - Great Britain engages not to make any objection to the extension of the sphere of influence of Portugal, south of Delagoa Bay, as far as a line following the parallel of the confluence of the River Pongola with the River Maputa to the sea-coast.
Page 297 - The principal field of the operations of The British South Africa Company (in this Our Charter referred to as "the Company") shall be the region of South Africa lying immediately to the north of British Bechuanaland, and to the north and west of the South African Republic, and to the west of the Portuguese Dominions.
Page 225 - The Assistant Commissioners guarantee in the fullest manner, on the part of the British Government, to the Emigrant Farmers beyond the Vaal River, the right to manage their own affairs and to govern themselves according to their own laws, without any interference on the part of the British Government ; and that no encroachment shall be made by the said Government on the territory beyond, to the north of the Vaal River...
Page 222 - ... induce them to comply with the demand, however anxious I may be to do so. GOVERNOR: If you are not able to collect them, I must go and do it; and if any resistance be made it will then be war, and I shall not be satisfied with ten thousand head, but shall take all I can. MOSHESH : Do not talk of war...
Page 164 - ... you do them to your own injury, but in so far as you are their masters; they have no love of you, but they are held down by force. Besides, what can be more detestable than to be perpetually changing our minds? We forget that a state in which the laws, though imperfect, are unalterable, is better off than one in which the laws are good but powerless.
Page 9 - Guinea ; notwithstanding we ran hard aboard the cape, finding the report of the Portugals to be most false, who affirm that it is the most dangerous cape of the world, never without intolerable storms and present danger to travellers which come near the same. This cape is a most stately thing, and the fairest cape we saw in the whole circumference of the earth, and we passed by it the 18.
Page 106 - In his report he deprecated the abandonment of Uganda, for both religious and commercial reasons, and advocated the establishment of an official administration and the construction of railway.
Page 122 - ... THE LONDON MISSIONARY SOCIETY.' " SHEWETH — That your petitioners are the Officers of a Society, established in 1795, including clergymen and members of the Established Church, and ministers and laymen of different denominations among Protestant Dissenters. " That ' the sole object of that Society is to spread the knowledge of Christ among heathen and other unenlightened nations.
Page 126 - We complain of the unjustifiable odium which has been cast upon us by interested and dishonest persons, under the cloak of religion, whose testimony is believed in England to the exclusion of all evidence in our favour ; and we can foresee, as the result of this prejudice, nothing but the total ruin of the country.

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