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other hard pressed communities, through improvement of their public facilities, to become better places to live and work.

You see, you are doubling the ante in the bill that is now before you. You would include not only redevelopment areas, but you would also include the labor surplus areas which have been such for over a year, to help these and other hard pressed communities to become better places to live.

Mr. CRAMER. If you put all of this $600 million that you are asking for in the some 900 communities that you say are in your area redevelopment program

Mr. BATT. No, sir, about half of them. As I say, in terms of population and labor force and unemployment, about half of this is included in the area redevelopment program that we are related to, and about half of it is related to the labor surplus areas of a year or more.

Mr. CRAMER. All right. Both of them. It would mean $750,000 per area.

Now, how much help is that going to be!

Mr. Batt. Well, sir, of course, this is not the way the cookie crumbles.

All of these programs require very substantial local initiation and local participation, and the areas which come in and participate and need the things most, these are the ones which

Mr. CRAMER. I am talking about the legislation, the legislation authorizing you to go into public facilities of any kind not presently financed, to give 50 percent in grants, and if the city or local community cannot afford it, to put another 50 percent in in the form of loans.

Now, if they went into every area with $600 million, it would be
Mr. BATT. Well, sir-
Mr. CRAMER. Let me finish my question.
Mr. BATT. Yes, sir.

Mr. CRAMER. It would mean $750,000 per area. Now, that is peanuts—$600 million is not going to do the job, and you know it.

Mr. BATT. Well, sir, if you think the committee would like to increase the amount of money, of course, that might be well worthwhile.

Mr. CRAMER. I guarantee you this much, if we pass the bill for $600 million, the other body would pass twice that amount.

Mr. BATT. The President has not asked for more than $600 million, and the Council of Economic Advisers testified to that point, and they feel that this would create a very substantial amount of jobs and would have a very useful countereffect.

I can guarantee you, from what we know of the needs of these areas, which are reflected in the overall economic development plans that they have submitted to us, that loans would be enough to more than use up the $600 million, in useful projects with long-term possibilities.

Mr. CRAMER. I would like for you to submit for the record a list of those public utility projects which you find under section 8 of the Area Pedevelopment Act have been obligated.

I would like to be submitted for the record that information, including the date obligated, the type of project, the cost, the amount of Federal funds, the location, and the status of completion.

Mr. Bart. I would be happy to do so.
(The information referred to follows:)

Public facility projects approved under sec. 8 of the Area Redevelopment Act

[blocks in formation]


$129, 000

1 $31, 000

$160,000 Complete.


204, 000

1 68,000

278, 500 Coustruction is now one

fourth complete.
106, 300 Complete.


46, 300

1 60,000



1 50,000

188,000 Ready for construction.


[blocks in formation]



Direct employment

July 24, 1961

Sept. 14, 1961

Nov. 1, 1961

Gassville, Baxter County, Ark

Water system serving Mar-Bax Shirt Co.
Cambridge, Dorchester County, Md.

Sewage system will serve Chun-King Co., Western Pub

lishing, and Textron.
Mountain City, Johnson County, Tenn.

Water and sewer system serving Leco Manufacturing

Jefferson, Chesterfield County, S.C.

Water system will serve Carolina Corp., Carlisle Co.,

and Jefferson Bleachery, Inc.
Pageland, Chesterfield County, S.C.

Water and sewer system will serve Sacony of Pageland.


Feb. 19, 1962

Mar. 6, 1962


1 Sec. 7 loan HEW's Public Law 660.

Public facility projects under sec. 8 of the Ai za Redevelopment Act for which funds have been reserved


Description 1



Other Area Other Federal employment Sec. 8 funds Redevelopment funds, if any

Act funds

project cost

[blocks in formation]

Pilot Knob, Iron County, Mo.

Water system will serve Fort Davidson Oil Co., Fort Davidson Cafe, Schott and

Hearnes, CPA's, and a motel.
Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh and McIntosh Counties, Okla.-

Public facilities will serve 2 sites on Lake Eulala and 4 counties.
Laredo, Webb County, Tex

Sewer system will serve Laredo Manufacturing Co., Laredo Del Mar Machine Tool

Co., Hiway House Hotel, and the Texas Co.
Detroit Red River County, Tex.

Water and sewage system and street improvements will serve Gulf Pickle Co.
Stillwell, Adair County, Okla..

Increase water supply to serve Stillwell Canning Co.
Hilo, Hawaii Co., Hawaii.

Sewer system will serve Kona Inn, Hukilau Hotel, King Kamehameha, Kona
Palms Hotel, H. E. Hunt Apartment Hotel, 6 stores, Burgess Shopping Center, and

Craig Apartments.
Clarksville, Red River County, Tex.

Extension of water and sewer lines, will serve Pats-Co Manufacturing Co., Brooks,

Inc., and New Fashions, Inc.
Clarksville, Red River County, Tex.

Access street will serve same as above.

[blocks in formation]



3, 601, 604


11, 548, 604 75

$702, 906

$120,000 422,000


? $141,000

563, 000



2,054, 000



79, 344


[blocks in formation]



2 $250,000










Mar. 2, 1962

Oct. 24, 1961

Jan. 19, 1962

Morgantown, Monongalia, W. Va

Completion of Deckers Creek interceptor sewer project, Sterling Faucett Co.
La Follette, Campbell County, Tenn.

Dam for raw water storage to meet demands of growing industry, La Follette Shirt

Lexington, Hazard-Breathitt Area, Ky.

University of Kentucky wood use demonstration center for State of Kentucky.

(Technical assistance also requested.)
Webster Springs, Webster County, W. Va.

Webster County 4-H Clubs; Camp Caesar; an administration building to be used

for offices, receiving and registering visitors, conference and meeting rooms.
Lewisburg, Logan County, Ky..

Water system. New wood working industry.

Jan. 30, 1962

Mar. 27, 1962


1, 531


Nov, 21, 1961

Ironwood, Gogebic County, Mich.

Gogebic Range Ski Club, Inc., to erect a ski slide and necessary facilities.
Marinette, Marinette County, Wis.

City of Marinette to provide sanitary sewer, storm water drainage, and watermain
extension to serve Wisconsin Telephone Co. warehouse.


5, 1962


1 At CFA for final process or at ARA for approval. 2 Sec. 7 loan.

Public facility projects under sec. 8 of the Area Redevelopment Act for which funds have been reservedContinued



Other Area Other Federal
employment Sec. S funds Redevelopment funds, if any

Act funds

project cost


[ocr errors]


$92, 950

* $25,000


Feb. 9, 1962


725, 000

1, 700,000

975,000 268,000


: 80,000

• $72,000

348, 000

Feb. 9, 1962




[blocks in formation]

Description 1


Fayette, Fayette County, Ala.

Sewage-disposal system to serve Sterilon Laboratories, Inc., Lav-O-Rich Dairies,

and Fayette Manufacturing Co.
Lancaster, Lancaster County, S.C.

Expansion of water system to outlying areas, Spring Mills, Inc.
Clinton, Van Buren County, Ark

Construction of sewage system for residents of Clinton and Clinton Poultry & Egg

Helen, White County, Ga.

Revamp water system to serve Helen Sportswear, and Wilco Hosiery, Inc.
Heber Springs, Cleburne County, Ark.

Extension of water and sewer lines and access road to Ely & Walker, Inc. (a garment


Nov. 13, 1961



6, 1961

1, 400

Auburn, Cayuga and Auburn Counties, N.Y.

Reroute sewer and water lines to permit expansion of Alco Products, Inc.
Auburn, Auburn County, N.Y.

Reroute railroad tracks to permit Alco Products, Inc., to expand.
Woonsocket, Providence County, R.I.

Extend water system now serving occupants of Greater Woonsocket Industrial
Park in North Smithfield, to Amperex Electronics Corp., Edgcomb Steel of New

England, Inc., and Eastern Plastics Materials, Inc.
Smith Township, Washington County, Pa..

Expansion of water system to Climax Molybedenum, Penowa Coal Co., Lukon

Meat Packing Co., Mill Service, Inc., Ivory System, and Bovalina Packing Co.
Shamokin, Northumberland County, Pa..

Railroad siding and industrial site development to comply with present and future

industrial projects-Ritz-Craft, Inc. Scranton, Lackawanna County, Pa..

Cleaning, grading, roadway, sewers, utilities for 330-acre Keystone Industrial Park--Trane Co.

Jan. 19, 1962

Up to 500

Feb. 1, 1962

Sept. 27, 1961


131, 500

5 $138, 323

269, 823

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