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Chap. 5. Of the picture of Adam and Eve with


99 to 102

Chap. 6. Of the pictures of the Jews and

Eastern Nations, at their feasts, especially

our Saviour at the Passover

102 to 110

Chap. 7. Of the picture of our Saviour with

long hair

111 to 112

Chap. 8. Of the picture of Abraham sacrificing


113 to 114

Chap. 9. Of the picture of Moses with horns 114 to 116

Chap. 10. Of the scutcheons of the twelve

tribes of Israel

117 to 122

Chap. 11. Of the pictures of the sybils 122 to 123

Chap. 12. Of the picture describing the death

of Cleopatra

124 to 126

Chap. 13. Of the pictures of the nine worthies 127 to 131

Chap. 14. Of the picture of Jephthah sacrific-

ing his daughter

131 to 134

Chap. 15. Of the picture of John the Baptist

in a camel's skin

134 to 136

Chap. 16. Of the picture of St. Christopher 136 to 138

Chap. 17. Of the picture of St. George 138 to 140

Chap. 18. Of the picture of St. Jerome 141 to 143

Chap. 19. Of the pictures of mermaids, uni-

corns, and some others

143 to 148

Chap. 20. Of the hieroglyphical pictures of the


148 to 152

Chap. 21. Of the picture of Haman hanged 153 to 155

Chap. 22. Of the picture of God the Father;

of the sun, moon, and winds, with others 156 to 161

Chap. 23. Compendiously of many popular cus-

toms, opinions, &c.

162 to 173

Chap. 24. Of popular customs, opinions, &c. 174 to 184

The Sixth Book; the particular part continued.

Of popular and received tenets, cosmographi-

cal, geographical, and historical.

Chap. 1. Concerning the beginning of the

world, that the time thereof is not precisely

known, as commonly it is presumed . 185 to 200

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Chap. 2. Of men's enquiries in what season or

point of the Zodiack it began, that, as they

are generally made, they are in vain, and as

particularly, uncertain .

201 to 203

Chap. 3. Of the divisions of the seasons and

four quarters of the year, &c.

204 to 209

Chap. 4. Of some computation of days and de-

ductions of one part

of the


unto another 210 to 213

Chap. 5. A digression of the wisdom of God

in the site and motion of the sun

213 to 219

Chap. 6. Concerning the vulgar opinion that

the earth was slenderly peopled before the


219 to 235

Chap. 7. Of east and west

236 to 246

Chap. 8. Of the river Nilus

246 to 259

Chap. 9. Of the red sea

259 to 262

Chap. 10. Of the blackness of Negroes 263 to 275

Chap. 11. Of the same

275 to 280

Chap. 12. A digression concerning blackness 281 to 287

Chap. 13. Of gypsies

287 to 290

Chap. 14. Of some others

290 to 293

The Seventh Book; the particular part concluded.

Of popular and received tenets, chiefly his-

torical, and some deduced from the Holy


Chap. 1. That the forbidden fruit was an apple 295 to 299

Chap. 2. That a man hath one rib less than a

299 to 301

Chap. 3. Of Methuselah

301 to 304

Chap. 4. That there was no rainbow before the


304 to 308

Chap. 5. Of Shem, Ham, and Japheth 308 to 310

Chap. 6. That the tower of Babel was erected

against a second deluge

310 to 312

Chap. 7. Of the mandrakes of Leah 312 to 317

Chap. 8. Of the three kings of Collein 317 to 319

Chap. 9. Of the food of John Baptist, locust

and wild honey

319 to 321

Chap. 10. That John the Evangelist should

not dic.

321 to 326
377 to 380




Chap. 11. Of some others more briefly . 326 to 329
Chap. 12. Of the cessation of oracles 329 to 332
Chap. 13. Of the death of Aristotle 332 to 338
Chap. 14. Of the wish of Philoxenus to have
the neck of a crane

338 to 341 Chap. 15. Of the lake Asphaltites

341 to 345 Chap. 16. Of divers other relations : viz, of

the woman that conceived in a bath ; of

Crassus that never laughed but once, &c. 345 to 353
Chap. 17. Of some others: viz. of the poverty

of Belisarius; of fluctus decumanus, or the
tenth wave ; of Parisatis that poisoned Sa-
tira by one side of a knife; of the woman
fed with poison that should have poisoned
Alexander; of the wandering Jew; of Friar

Bacon's brazen head that spoke; of Epicurus 353 to 362
Chap. 18. More briefly of some others: viz.

that the army of Xerxes drank whole rivers
dry; that Hannibal cut through the Alps
with vinegar; of Archimedes his burning the
ships of Marcellus; of the Fabii that were
all slain; of the death of Æschylus; of the
cities of Tarsus and Anthiale built in one
day; of the great ship Syracusia or Alexan-
dria ; of the Spartan boys

362 to 369
Chap. 19. Of some relations whose truth we

370 to 374


375 to 448 Editor's preface to the Garden of Cyrus, Hydriotaphia, and Brampton Urns



449 to 496


497 to 505

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