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I HERE offer to your pérusal some of the practical works of that eminent and worthy divine, Dr. Robert Leighton, viz. Eighteen Sermons, an Exposition on the Creed, Lord's Prayer, and Ten Commandments, both which were formerly published; but the former edition of these being very scarce, and but rarely to be met with, it was by the desire and advice of several judicious and learned gentlemen, that this new edition was undertaken.

In reprinting of these, great care has been taken to rectify several very gross mistakes and errors that were in the former edition.

You have also here ten Sermons of the same author, never before published: Any who has read his other pieces will easily discern them to be his, as they are wrote with the same spirit of devotion and piety which appears in the whole of his writings.

I was favoured with the manuscript of nine of these from a worthy and learned gentleman, who

says, as far as he remembers, he copied them with his own hand from the Bishop's originals above sixty years ago.

I was obliged to another gentleman who communicated the tenth one to me, who had it in his possession, taken from the Bishop as he delivered it.

I have been greatly obliged to two worthy, learned and judicious ministers, who took the

charge of correcting this work, and think my, self highly indebted to them for the pains and labour they took on it.

In short, no car nor pains has been spared to make this book as correct and beautiful as possible.

As for the Discourses themselves of our pious and worthy author, I doubt not but they will give full satisfaction to every serious and impartial reader: And their meeting with a kind and favourable reception from the public, will give great pleasure to,


Your most humble, and

Most devoted Servant,


Edingburgh, March, 13, 1746.

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