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Washington, D. C. The committee met, pursuant to adjournment, at 10 a. m., in the caucus room, Senate Office Building, Senator Tom Connally, chairman.

Present: Senators Connally (chairman), George, Wagner, Thomas of Utah, Murray, Green, Barkley, Guffey, Tunnell, Hatch, Hill, Lucas, Johnson of California, Capper, La Follette, Vandenberg, White, Shipstead, Austin, Bridges, and Wiley.

Also present: Numerous other Senators not members of the committee.

The CHAIRMAN. The committee will please be in order.
Mrs. Waters, come around, please.



Mrs. WATERS. Senator, I read in the paper this morning that you were going to allow me 5 minutes. I hope you realize that this is a very important matter.

The CHAIRMAN. You asked for 5 minutes.

Mrs. WATERS. I asked for all the time I could get, and you cut me down to 5 minutes.

The CHAIRMAN. Proceed. The committee's time is valuable. Go ahead. Give the reporter your name, your occupation, and whom you represent.

Mrs. WATERS. My name is Mrs. Agnes Waters. I live at 3267 N Street NW., Washington, D. C. I am legislative representative of the National Blue Star Mothers of America and millions of mothers and fathers of boys and girls now serving in the United States armed forces.

Mr. Chairman, members of the committee, I object to Senate ratification of the so-called World Security Charter and I oppose this so-called peace treaty, on the grounds that it is a fraud, à deceit, and an international conspiracy to knock down this Nation and every nation on earth so as to build a world government for the Socialist Soviet Republics, and to make of this Nation a feeding trough for the “have nots" of the world,

The CHAIRMAN. Let me caution you, now. We want to have your views, but we do not want in these discussions any gratuitous referI told you

you that

ences to any other government or people. We are at peace and we want to stay at peace. I hope you will temper your remarks.

Mrs. WATERS. It is very important for me to expose this conspiracy and that is my defense.

I chaige collusion on the part of two or more signers to it-Molotov and Stettinius. This is not a war; it is a world revolution for communism. This war did not start with the first shot at Pearl Harbor; it started with the first propaganda moving picture that came out of Hollywood. The Communists have been fighting a war against the world for many years. I am 52 years of age, and they were called anarchists when I was a child. Today we call them by the polite name of Communists.

In June 1941, 6 months before Pearl Harbor, I was told that our American generals were to be massacred at some far outpost so as to get America into war. I so notified the Senate and the Nation in June 1941. I told every member of the Senate. I told

every man in this country would say,“Johnny, get your gun.

And it started, too, way before Pearl Harbor, when a group of willful and determined Communists met here in Washington at the Shoreham Hotel to plot and plan the steps that took us into war. And I was present at this April 1939"Red" meeting of the Fourth International, that was called the meeting of the “100 Club” where about 2,000 anarchists met and sat down to round tables, and plotted and planned to destroy our neutrality laws and to repeal the embargo. These devils wrote the blueprints that took us into war. And they formed a committee of over 100 witnesses for the repeal of the embargo who appeared here before this Senate committee and testified like wolves in · sheep's clothing, speaking“peace” when they meant war. Many of you Senators, members of this committee today, will remember that I tried to warn you of these enemies at that time and that I stood at the doors of this committee and warned every Senator of these Communists who were plotting and planning the overthrow of this Government and the downfall of all nations and the total destruction of all Christian civilization.

If I had the law books here I would read the United States Criminal Code on collusion, fraud, deceit, conspiracy in obtaining fraudulent contracts between parties, and also the penalty for attempting to overthrow the United States Government. These criminal laws, including treason, should be sufficient warning to the Senate against ratification of this Charter.

You are the servants of the people, and you should heed the voice of the people when we demand that you kill this fraudulent, deceitful, collusive contract that has been signed by 50 nations under force and duress, under propaganda to overthrow this Republic and to overthrow every nation upon the face of the earth

The CHAIRMAN. Your 5 minutes have expired, but we are going to give you 5 more.

Mrs. WATERS. Thank you.
The CHAIRMAN. If you will graciously accept it.

Mrs. WATERS. I will, and I will demand a little more time if I need it, too. You have limited me to 5 minutes

The CHAIRMAN. No; we have given you 10 minutes, and I hope you will appreciate that.

Mrs. WATERS. Thank you; I do.

Gentlemen, the same enemies are here with this so-called peace treaty to again dupe and deceive you, and they are now arranging for the burial of this our beloved Republic and for the Senators themselves to abolish Congress and all representative government not only in this country, but all over the civilized world. They have followed the blueprints and the Communist line as laid down by Lenin for world revolution in 1940, and these blueprints can be found in the book called The New World Order, by H. G. Wells, a "Red" Englishman who visited Lenin in Moscow just before he died. And in Wells' book it is written, and I quote:

Our diplomatists and governments will act under our instructions and arrange for their own abolition. There seems to be a smell of blood in the air.

And again Wells writes, I quote:

How can we get an effective world revolution going? I have puzzled and fumbled with this for 25 years.

How in a democracy a revolutionary movement need not be the violent insurgent upheaval it becomes necessary under an absolutism.

Meaning, of course, that they think they can fool a democracy into becoming a Communist state, but in a monarchy such as Russia under the Czar they had to have an explosion.

Wells again says:
In a monarchy there is no revolution possible without an explosion.
So they got England to declare war.

Now as I understand the United States Criminal Code, any contract or other written instrument or document such as this collusive treaty which was signed by the representatives of 50 nations, including our own, is null and void if one or more of the parties or their agents are guilty of perpetrating a fraud or deceit or if there is a conspiracy to defraud or deceive or to wrong in any way any of the parties to the written instruments.

I charge that this treaty is a fraud and is a part of an international conspiracy to overthrow the United States of America and every other nation upon the face of the earth just as the Soviets have so skillfully imposed their force of arms and their foreign government upon the prostrate people of Poland and of many other European countries now suffering under the yoke of the Russian revolutionists so shall the so-called peace treaty impose a foreign government of terror and murder and injustice upon not only the innocent people of this Republic, but upon all of the nations of the earth. This is a most serious matter, the lives and liberties of nearly 2,000,000,000 human beings are at stake in this hearing room today in the last citadel of human liberty, the Capitol of the United States of America, and it is not within the jurisdiction of any hired servants of the people of the United States to make slaves of our free citizens, neither is it our prerogative to force a terrorist form of government upon the helpless other citizens of the world. A vote for this outrage makes you guilty of treason.

Now it would be possible for me if I had the time to name thousands of Reds who are the paid agents of the Comintern who bave promoted and propagandized this treaty for the vile purpose of defrauding us out of our noble heritage of freedom. But the letter of the law says that I do not need to name thousands of enemy conspirators who are responsible for this fraud upon the peoples of the earth, but that if one or more parties to the contract are guilty of fraud or deceit or have conspired to defraud any other party, that is sufficient evidence to make this instrument null and void in law.

The law says that I do not have to name more than two parties to a collusive contract to prove that it is collusive. I name Mr. Stettinius, an international banker, a former steel magnate

The Chairman. I hope you will not be personal.

Mrs. WATERS. And I name Mr. Molotov, of Russia, and Mr. Pasvolsky, of Russia, who is our United States foreign affairs expert.

The CHAIRMAN. Your time has expired.
Mrs. WATERS. Sir?
The CHAIRMAN. Your time has expired.
Mrs. WATERS. I have some other pertinent information,
The CHAIRMAN. Your time has expired.
Mrs. WATERS. May I have 5 minutes more?
The CHAIRMAN. No, ma'am.
Mrs. WATERS. May I submit the rest of my testimony?
Mrs. Waters. I want it printed in the record.
The CHAIRMAN. We reserve the right to edit your material.

Mrs. WATERS. Are you prejudiced against the American people? I want to know, Mr. Connally.

The CHAIRMAN. You are excused now. Your time has expired. (The remainder of the statement of the witness is as follows:)

I shall not have to go very far in this respect to name Mr. Stettinius as an agent of the international bankers who got us into this war for gain. And it is also a matter of record that his chief assistant in this treaty matter is Dr. Pasvolsky, who was born in Russia, and this foreign-born person is our expert on foreign affairs. And what of Mr. Archibald MacLeish, the parlor-pink poet, whose anarchistic and communistic tendencies were the object of a Senate investigation before his confirmation?

And now let me mention a few, one or two only, of the many known enemies of our republican form of government who were among the most active promoters of the San Francisco Charter.

For the purpose of saving the time of the Senate here and because I am limited to only 5 minutes discussion at this hearing, I shall mention only two of the bigshot Reds who are agents of the Communist Party and who were most active with thousands of other Soviet agents in promoting this treaty or charter for world government at San Francisco in collusion with Mr. Molotov of Russia and Mr. Stettinius and Mr. Pasvolsky.

First I shall name Mr. Clark M. Eichelberger, formerly director of the outlawed Red League of Nations Association, who was raided by the Dies Committee and closed up in this city in 1939, and whose seized files disclosed that hundreds of Communists were on the Government pay roll and in all key positions of this Nation.

Mr. Eichelberger has long been active in his efforts to overthrow this Government. I demand his arrest. He is a party to this agreement, having promoted it. He was on the platform last Thursday night when Lieutenant Commander Stassen addressed a mass meeting of Red workers and supporters of the Charter sponsored by a long list of Communist fronts for Moscow in our Department of Commerce Auditorium in Washington, where they had the Navy Band to play for them at our expense. Mr. Clark M. Eichelberger is one of the chief Communists who appeared here for the repeal of the arms embargo and who plotted and planned to destroy this Nation with war in 1939. I pointed out this wolf in sheep's clothing to you at the time.

Second, let me call your attention to Mr. James H. Shotwell, of the Carnegie Foundation, who has been most active in preparing this Charter at San Francisco and who was also one of the Communists I pointed out to you as having been active at the meeting of the Reds 100 Club who helped to write the blueprints that got us into war and who was one of the leading witnesses for the repeal of the embargo before this Senate committee in April 1939.

Mr. Shotwell is an old hand at the game of revolution, as he was in on the last World War to make the world safe for communism and was with President Wilson in Paris trying to put over the League of Nations.

The lady chairman in introducing Dr. Shotwell at the mass meeting to hear Stassen speak for this Charter last Thursday said that Dr. Shotwell had founded the International Labor Union. Why, every school boy knows that is the most dangerous and most terrible instrument of the Reds for world revolution. Dr. Shotwell then followed and gave a long oration on the beauties of this Charter that he had labored so long to achieve. I demand the arrest of this enemy of the Republic, Dr. James T. Shotwell, and I demand that this treaty be declared pull and void and killed by the liberty-loving American patriots in the United States Senate who refuse to become a party to the ratification of an instrument of fraud and deceit and mass murder of the people of the world and I demand that this war be stopped.

The CHAIRMAN. We will pass on to another chapter. We will hear Mrs. Broy. Please give the reporter your name, your residence, and for whom you appear.


REPRESENTING AMERICANS UNITED, INC. Mrs. Broy. My name is Mrs. Cecil Norton Broy, 524 North Monroe Street, Arlington, Va. I am appearing for Americans United, Inc.

The CHAIRMAN. I would like to ask you one question. What is Americans United, Inc.?

Mrs. Broy. The purpose of our organization is to diffuse knowledge concerning democracy and the social, economic, and political principles of American well-being, to the end that national recognition may come to the oneness of God, the universe, nature, man, and humanity.

The CHAIRMAN. Do you pay dues?
Mrs. Broy. Yes; a dollar a year.
The CHAIRMAN. How many members does the organization have?

Mrs. Broy. Twenty-five. It is a study club on money, economics, and good government.

The CHAIRMAN. You have 25 clubs, or 25 members?

Mrs. Broy. Twenty-five members. It is a study club on money economics, and good government. • The CHAIRMAN. All right. Proceed.

Mrs. Broy. I speak to you first as an American woman and an American mother. In addition, I speak as one who has lived in foreign countries for many years as the wife of a diplomatic and consular officer in the service of the United States of America.

I know that I voice what is in the minds and hearts of thousands of American mothers.

We love America. We believe that this great country of ours should set the example which all nations throughout the world would desire to follow.

As I have lived over 10 years of my life in Europe, I know from actual observations that Europe is filled with hatreds.

There are jealousies and vicious struggles for economic supremacy. Such a state of affairs does not prevail among these United States of America.

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