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the United Nations Charter and he then will become king of the world. You will find the evidence right here in this folder.

The CHAIRMAN. You may file the folder if you desire.
Mrs. SOMERS. It says:

His excellency, the world potentate, shall create, organize, build, acquire, maintain, use, a'd command such armies, navies, air forces, and other military means, together with all properties, structures, devices, and means which he deems essential thereto in his sole and absolute discretion necessary to maintain and restore peace throughout the world

His world, I supposeand shall use them for no other purposes whatsoever.

Now, here is the picture, gentlemen, of the world flag hanging in the British-Israel World Federation Meeting in London, England, 6 Buckingham Gate.

The CHAIRMAN. Just file that and go ahead with your testimony.

Mrs. SOMERS. You will also see the picture of the flag which is to fly above our Stars and Stripes.

On February 4, 1944, Scholastic Magazine conducted a poll in 1,303 high schools throughout our Nation, asking our children seven questions, the last of which was "Are you willing to see a flag of the world fly above the Stars and Stripes?” This questionnaire appeared in the Junior Post of the Upper Darby Junior High School of Pennsylvania. This chart compiled on the subject proves it is all One World Movement.

Gentlemen of the committee, do not be deceived; the proponents of this measure are either wolves in sheep's clothing or just dupes, for no sane American would knowingly vote away our sovereignty. Surely you men won't vote yourselves out of office.

The CHAIRMAN. Please use the microphone. Some of the Senators cannot hear you well.

Mrs. SOMERS. On April 9, 1944, at the last meeting of the forum in the Upper Darby High School, the subject of the discussion was World Government. Professor Frazier, of Swarthmore College, spoke on the political and economic aspects--after advocating World Government, World Court, World Bank, world currency, he concluded his talk by saying, "You will have world government whether you like it or not. It will be accomplished more through the religiousminded than the political."

Rabbi William Fineshriber spoke on the moral-he sanctioned all Professor Frazier said, and when questioned later as to his being a member of the World Fellowship, Inc., the special council of which is World Government Foundation, whose founder trustee is Charles H. Davis, who has repeatedly urged our Congress to empower President Roosevelt to set up and create the Federation of the World, a world peace government under the title "United Nations of the World,” including its constitution and personnel. Charles Davis prophesies, if world government is not established before this war is over, the world will be headed toward a third World War, on the soil of the United States. Members of this committee, this statement should be investigated.

April 13, 1945, at the Town Meeting of the Air held at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia, Pa., under the auspices of the Salvation Army, the subject for discussion was, Do we have a definite foreign

policy now? Congressman Judd, who took the negative side, when questioned as to the legality of Cordell Hull’ş advocacy of an International Organization with an International Court, admitted it could not be done within the Constitution—they would have to circumvent it.

On November 18, 1944, at the national convention of the Kingdom Message Association, which is an affiliate of the Anglo-Saxon Federation Convention, held in the Hotel Whittier, Fifteenth and Cherry Streets, Philadelphia, the Reverend Louis Fowler presided. The whole back of the stage was covered by an 'enormous British Union Jack, and on the left corner a small Stars and Stripes. Mr. Fowler said, “The old order must go. Every nation must be pulverized, because only Israel is to survive.” He said, "Even the foundation stones must go."

That verifies Dr. Frazier's statement at the Upper Darby Junior High School when he said, “World government will be accomplished through the religious-minded."

Yes, gentlemen; these men are wearing the cloak of religion and interpreting the Bible to put over their political planning. Please get their literature and see for yourselves. There are tons of it throughout the Nation.

The September a year previous, Harold Rand, speaking to the same convention held there, he said:

Had anyone told you people here in Philadelphia, the birthplace of liberty, 25 years ago, that in Senate bill 666 you will witness the destruction of this Republic, the end of the gentile domination of the world and then Israel would come into her own, you would not believe it, but it is going to happenand then he quotes the Bible to prove it.

On March 1, 1945, at the Roxborough High School in Philadelphia, a forum meeting was held by the United Nations Council under the auspices of the American Legion. The principal speakers were Dr. John Nason, a Rhodes scholar, president of Swarthmore, Pa., College, and Mrs. Borden Harriman. At the conclusion of his speech, Dr. Nason said that after full debate on the question of whether or not we should adopt the United Nations-Dumbarton Oaks Conference proposals for a world security organization to be set up at the San Francisco Conference, he knew the American people would want it and they should wire their Senators to that effect.

At the question period I challenged Dr. Nason to debate, and he refused to do so. Then I asked the question, "Is it or is it not true that the United Nations-Dumbarton Oaks Conference proposals for a world security organization to bring peace to the world is none other than the British-Israel World Federation plan for a world government, world currency, world police, world court, world religion, and a world flag to fly above our Stars and Stripes?”

This is the flag, gentlemen [exhibiting), and it is treason to America, and the women will never let it happen. There it is, that flag [indicating).

The CHAIRMAN. Your time is about up. You have another minute.

Mrs. SOMERS. Only yesterday, former Governor Harold Stassen of Minnesota told this committee that the Charter does not assure us that it will prevent war. Yet the American people, and even the members of the committee, are given the impression that it will prevent In conclusion, gentlemen, I pray that God Almighty will inspire you, and so, blessed with the knowledge presented to you by the opponents of this vicious plot to destroy our Republic, you will, like our founding fathers in the First Continental Congress at Carpenter's Hall in Philadelphia, humbly kneel in prayer and ask Almighty God in the name and through the merits of Jesus Christ, our Lord, to give you the strength and courage to vote against this vicious Charter, and by so doing, your names, like Washington, will be immortal in the annals of American history. You will then vote against this vicious Charter.


Senators, all of you, I beg of you, you whom we have elected to represent us, please, gentlemen, do not let us women have to fight these wolves in sheep's clothing alone. Be men like those that William Cullen Bryant wrote about:

So live that when thy summons comes to join the innumerable caravan that moves to that mysterious realm where each shall take his chamber in the silent halls of death, thou go not like the quarry slave at night, scourged to his dungeon, but, sustained and soothed by an unfaltering trust, approach thy grave like one who a raps the drapery of his couch about him and lies down to pleasant dreams

Thank you.

The CHAIRMAN. Thank you very much. (Applause.)

The Chairman. Please be in order. You are not supposed to express your approval or disapproval or applaud or make any other demonstration.

Next is Mrs. Griesel.


The CHAIRMAN. Give the reporter your name, your residence, and whom you represent.

Mrs. GRIESEL. My name is Mrs. Florence Hoban Griesel, and my address is 3454 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, Ill. I represent the Woman's League for Political Education, the Tenth Congressional District, Illinois.

Mr. Chairman and gentlemen, thank you for permitting me to speak before you against the ratification of the United Nations Charter. On another occasion we had the privilege of bringing our views and ideas before the Senate Military Affairs Committee, against the infamous S. 666, the Austin-Wadsworth bill which would have conscripted labor and women. We helped to have that bill tabled and our statements were written up in the Congressional Digest. I also know that two women were successful in killing the nurses draft bill, so I hope we will have the same success today. The truth is in every person and only needs a few courageous people to bring it out of everyone. We hope you will respond to these truths as we tell them today.

It has always amazed me that after Pearl Harbor, instead of getting the truth out about the situation, all of Congress seemed bound and determined that the United States had to join some world organization. Is that why we got into this war? Nobody would have dared legislate for world federation in the days before the war. self-sufficient and liked it that way. The little foreign trade we had

was more of a loss than a gain and has been responsible for getting us into this war.

In chapter 2, article 4, of the United Nations Charter, they call themselves the peace-loving states." That's a laugh when everyone had to be in war to get in the Conference and all the neutral countries were kept out. Nearly all these men who were supposed to be representing the United States were the "peace-loving war makers" just a few years ago.

How come the sudden change? I can remember most of you screeching for war and suddenly you are peace loving, or was that a misprint? One Senator who said we could beat Japan in 3 weeks is now one of the peace-loving people. It has been a long 3 weeks and many a fine I-A boy lies dead in the foul stink of the Pacific while the Senator sits in the comfortable Senate.

Can you tell me why we should accept this Charter as any truth when the judgment of nearly all of them has been 100 percent wrong? These were the boys who told us lend-lease was a peace measure; these were the same gentlemen who repealed the Neutrality Act as a "peace measure”; these were the same brilliant minds who repealed the Arms Embargo Act as a "peace measure." We were down here against all these bills, telling you just what would happen and we were right-so why not accept our judgment? This country had every safeguard to keep it out of war and the people were 85 percent against it and still we had the “incident” and we were in, due to a Senate and a Congress who did not demand the truth of Pearl Harbor before they voted for war.

Before any Charter can be accepted we must have the trial of Kimmel and Short. You have received tons of signatures demanding the true story and we intend to ask for it until we get it. No peace plans should be made until the boys come home. The indignities that they have suffered under conscription certainly warrants them a voice in the future of the United States.

We also must have the American trial of Tyler Kent and see what can be done to punish those who were wrong in submitting him, an American citizen, to be tried in a British court.

Let us pull the curtain aside before Pearl Harbor and find out how this glorious country which was so against war, was made the sorry victim to the tune of a million casualties to date. I repeat again, We had every safeguard to keep this country out of war, had the leaders so desired, but when the leaders wanted war, we got war. Step by step we were taken down the road to war in a manner which is too familiar with most of you. The same thing can happen under this Charter and much easier, if the leaders so desire.

Now, Mr. Churchill is weeping and he can join his crocodile tears with the real tears of the parents of the world who have lost the only thing that has made life worth living-their sons.

What security can the p.:ople expect from this Charter when you prate about peace on one side of your mouth and talk of armaments and air corps and military, military, military? Peace means life, military means death. How can you combine the two and even pretend you mean peace?

The acceptance of this Charter as it is, means war, war and continuous war.


You haven't begun to find the causes of war for obvious reasons. Until you get men in the Senate and the House who are informed on the money situation, you will have wars. There is nothing more disgusting than to have Senator after Senator stand up and say, “Well, I don't know anything about the banking situation, I don't know anything about money." What are these men doing in the Senate? When the money power is the control of our Government and they admit they know nothing about it? What are they doing in high places? It is time to get them out and get informed, intelligent people in their stead.

A member of the Canadian Parliament has said:

When conditions develop to the point where the further existence of the money machine is imperiled, a gigantic international abattoir is set up and into it are poured millions of the finest of the world's youth to be slaughtered for the benefit of the money machine and nothing else.

The story is that everyone wants this Charter. Well, they don't. You give us the same radio time and the same space in the press as our opponents and we will show you who will win. President Truman said that everyone must accept this Charter because there was no alternative. He is wrong because there are many alternatives and, furthermore, one doesn't need an alternative to jumping in the lake. You just don't jump.

What has happened to the American representation? Why do they allow their constituents to be deprived of so much, their sons, their food, and perhaps their country? I just finished a trip on the North American steamer which covers most of the Great Lakes. We had about one-half inch of butter for breakfast and no other during the day. When we stopped at Niagara Falls the whole boat rushed over to Canada for steaks, and we got them. Nobody returned to the United States until the last minute. It was nice being in Canada; there was a feeling of respect for a country whose leadership represents its own people and looks after them. About 20,000 people travel on these two boats in the season, and the fury and disgust they feel about the neglect by their own representatives is not a pleasant sight.

The conversation on our boat was not fit for a peace-loving Senator's ears. I can remember when it was such a thrill to be an American, we held our heads high, we were free-now we sneak north and south of the border for something to eat. Shame on the representatives; you have made Americans the laughing stock of this continentfools and suckers they call us, you are also making us the most hated people on earth; we who were once a proud people.

Why didn't you work this hard to keep this country out of war? This business of saying keep the war over there is one of the most cruel and cowardly sentences I have ever heard. Why shouldn't the men who voted for this war get a few bombs? Why shouldn't the stupid parents get the bombs instead of the innocent boys? Until you get a war referendum don't talk about fairness or peace. I am sure if the men who voted for the war had to fight it, they would demand an armistice immediately.

Instead of laboring so hard down in San Francisco with all these foreigners eating our scarce food and drinking the liquor by the gallons, plentiful, due to reverse lend-lease, they say, but very expensive to the American taxpayer who has to pay the bill; why haven't you

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