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3. The Charter is a fundamental, organic, and basic change in the Constitution of the United States.

Man's two major problems are war and economic misery. These being of man's own making, the cause and remedy can be definitely determined and set down. It is an absolute fact that the overwhelming majority of the two billion-odd people in the world do not want war or economic misery. The evidence is clear that minorities have involved majorities in those catastrophes, minorities being the administrators in the different forms of government. The exercise of the common sense of the common people, which Thomas Jefferson said is the greatest force on earth, would be the most potent influence in correcting this situation.

The purpose and intent of our forefathers was to forever prevent men by evil method governing people without their consent. Their set of principles, their doctrines, their idealism, and their realism, they set down in our Constitution, second only to the law of God, is evidenced by their wisdom in implementing good will. Providing for change is evidence that they did not claim perfection.

A set of principles proposing to prevent war and economic misery is subscribed to by the administrators of the various kinds of governments assembled in San Francisco to build a method of government to that end. The method of attaining this end is now disclosed in the proposed Charter, which document itself clearly discloses the falseness of the premises upon which it is based.

The pagan sovereign states and nations have a method of government wherein the people are subjects, while we declared our separation and independence as an evidence of a divine sovereign people's method of government, wherein the people are masters and limit by our Constitution the authority and discretion of the administrators in peace and war.

Congress resolved to cooperate with other nations by constitutional processes to prevent war and economic misery; while at the Convention at San Francisco, attended by our delegates, a constitution for the prevention of war and economic misery has been devised and now a waits adoption.

This so-called Charter is in fact a constitution upon which our delegatas voted, although there is no provision in the Constitution of the United States for the adoption or ratification of such a charter or constitution of a world-supreme government; and once we are in we cannot get out, as we have interpreted our Constitution denying the right of any signatory to secede. That's why we fought the Civil War. And, again, when a state ratifies a constitutional amendment it cannot reseind its action. It has exhausted its authority. In the Constitution there are no provisions for the action necessary for this Nation to cooperate with other nations in the manner and form disclosed after the various conferences at San Francisco; and, admitting, as its proponents do, that it is only an experiment, there is no exit in the event of failure.

I have carefully scrutinized the course of this movement, the men, methods, and arguments involved in promoting it, which can be positively proren by direct evidence to be a conspiracy to establish a titanie pagan world government involving false premises and conclusions which will leave the peace of the world disturbed for generations.

Its future interpretation can involve us in the affairs of every nation perpetually and can keep us sending armies to all parts of the world forever.

The great fraud—the veto power in the Charter before you—establishes a travesty on justice. The accused aggressor sits in judgment on his own act; has a voice in the verdict, which must be unanimous. With no record of any nation having pleaded guilty to being an aggressor, the whole premise on which this phase of the constitution is based is false and would inevitably result in the total failure of the purpose sought to be achieved.

I again most earnestly urge upon your consideration the solution that I have advocated before the Congress for some years—that before committing this Nation to any plan of political or economic cooperation with other nations to prevent war or economic misery Congress will summon the voting citizens for their verdict by ballot; and providing that three-quarters of the voters concur.

This alone is a barrier against the evil will of minority manipulators, the cause of war and economic misery all down through the history of man; preventing the unconstitutional surrender of our “Divine sovereignty” by taking this constitutional means to attain this "Divine end."

Another purpose in mind in the Charter is to solve the economic ills of the world and stabilize the economy of the world. What a failure we have been ourselves. Let us put our own house in order.

For the purpose of stabilizing the economy of this Nation following the collapse of 1907, Congress instituted the Federal Reserve bank, and whereas the direct evidence of the failure of the Federal Reserve bank to prevent an economic collapse of 1929 substantiates the following accusation:

The Federal Reserve bank allowed the credit wealth of the Nation to be siphoned into speculation prior to 1929. That was the period of inflation credited to their false method of valuation and whereas they still insist on using the same false method of valuation which will promote the very thing they are trying to prevent.

The Federal Government treated the effect by Government bond issuesome 47 billion and had not solved all the unemployment problem. War and production of implements of war employed all the employables and adding some hundreds of billions more of debt as a burden on the peoples of the Nation.

Whereas we are confronted with the problem of production to furnish employment to meet the current expenses of government and liquidate a debt which private enterprise producing the things people desire and will purchase inasmuch as their ability to earn will permit, and the credit wealth of the Nation supporting the production will furnish the bloodstream of the whole economic system when so employed.

To prevent repetition of the experience prior to 1929, it is only necessary for Congress, by legislation, to substitute "vield” for “market quotation" as a method of valuation for the extension of credit for the purchase and carrying of securities as follows:

A bill amending Regulation U (loans by banks) and Regulation T (extension and maintenance of credits to brokers, and so forth):

An amount not greater than 50 percent of the value determined by yield as follows:

On common stock to be at least 5 percent per annum; On preferred stock to be at least 4 percent per annum; On bonds to be at least

3 percent per annum. And the yield that determines the value at the time of the loan shall be the minimum yield per annum for the previous 5 years.

Discontinue the special privileges of brokers and dealers.

Now, we have before us the problem of war. It is real. We need no analogies and we are still not finished, and we have to keep peace by negotiation with the nations we defeated.

We want to solve our economic problems here at home, and we don't want to mislead the peoples of the world and raise their hopes for something, and that method that is before us will only promote and not prevent that.

It is not a treaty, and not being a treaty, the document has no constitutional processes that are in our Constitution for being before your body for action. That is suspending the provisions of the Constitution.

And I would like to bring before you and to your mind Justice Davis'

The Chairman (interposing). I want to warn you that you have 1 more minute.

Mr. Reardon. Then I ask you to implement the voice of the people of this Nation, including the boys that are fighting to maintain this Nation of ours. It was fought for and won and let us maintain it. And if there is change, let those who propose the change find provisions in the Constitution of the United States and follow them. Don't bypass the Constitution for any document. No document is as sacred as that.

The (CHAIRMAN. Thank you, Mr. Reardon. We certainly shall consider your point that this is all unconstitutional.

Mr REARDON. Thank you, sir.
(The authorization referred to by Mr. Reardon is as follows:)

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We, the people, hold these truths to be self-evident:

The evil will of minority manipulators, in the guise of good will, has in the past involved the people in war and economic misery. We sinners and citizens of the United States of America petition members of the administration of our Government to implement the "divine formula of peace and tranquillity," "good will,” by a constitutional provision directing Congress before adopting or ratifying any post war international plan, to summon the voting citizens for their verdict by ballot, and provided that three-quarters of the voters concur.

This alone is a barrier against the evil will of minority manipulators, the cause of war and economic misery all down through the history of man.

"To prevent the unconstitutional surrender of our “divine sovereignty." I hereby authorize Thomas J. Renrdon, of Hartford, Conn., or anyone acting for him, to take constitutional means to attain this "divine end."


State (Reverse side :) Pri tuow Citry: I am sure that the petition on the reverse side of this slept is er inter's to all citizens of the l'nited States of America. Regardless of differenues of eunion on other matters. I am certain that the petition expresses a comment enricion on which all who have the welfare of our country at heart

The purpxis of this perition is to place definitelr on record the declaration of the signater in finir of the principes and the method of implementing them set forth theppin anni fir which our secondes are fighting.

I sinir hey that this will apeal to you and that you will sign the petition and wurn it to:

Trovas J. RRARDOS.


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(Further documents submitted by Mr. Reardon are as follows:) Justice David Davis, of the United States Supreme Court, said

"The founders of our Government were familiar with the history of the struggle for liberty and they made secure in a written Constitution every right which the people had wrested from power during a contest of ages.

"Those great and good men foresaw that troublous times would arise, and that the principles of constitutional liberty would be in peril, unless established by irrepealable law.

“The Constitution of the United States is a law for rulers and people, equally in war and in peace, and covers with the shield of its protection all classes of men, at all times, and under all circumstances.

No doctrine involving more pernicious consequences was ever invented by the wit of man than that any of its provisions can be suspended during any of the great exigencies of government. Such a doctrine leads directly to anarchy or despotism.

Wicked men, ambitious of power, with hatred of liberty and contempt of law, may fill the place once occupied by Washington and Lincoln. Our fathers knew that unlimited power was especially hazardous to free men.”

Meet the challenge, “Democracy does not work in a' crisis,” by implmenting the expression of opinion for guidance for Congress in rendering their decision on war or a new theory of our way of life and defend our Nation from minority manipulators and their allies, private polls.


Hartford, Conn. (Copy of a letter sent to Senators John A. Danaher and Francis Maloney:)

OCTOBER 25, 1943. DEAR SENATOR : Inasmuch as no opportunity was given the public to be heard on the matter of postwar plans, by either the Senate or House Committee on Foreign Relations, I humbly submit for your consideration the following substitute for Senate Resolution 192:

"RESOLUTION Resolved, When complete victory is achieved, that the United States, acting through the divine formula' for peace and tranquillity-"Good Will'—and article V and amendments IX and X of the Constitution, will cooperate with other free and sovereign people in securing a just, honorable and lasting peace on earth.

"When the testamentary has been prepared and before it has been execúted, adopted or ratified, the voting citizens of the United States will be summoned for their verdict by ballot."

Will you kindly read this letter into the record of the Senate as part of the discussion on the Connally resolution.

I would appreciate an answer from you, stating what action you will take on this request. Yours very truly,



Senate Resolution 192 (Senator Connally) :
Lines 1 and 2 state the immediate objective.

Lines 3 and 4 designate those with wþom it is proposed to cooperate, and defines the purpose.

Lines 5 to 9 define the process for the accomplishment of the purpose.
Proposed Substitute for Senate Resolution 192:

Line 1 assumes the attainment of the immediate objective of the Connally resolution.

Lines 2, 3, and 4 define the process for the accomplishment of the purpose.
Lines 4 and 5 designate those with whom it is proposed to cooperate.
Lines 5 and 6 define the purpose.
Lines 6 to 10 define the method of implementation.

Senate Resolution 192, by ignoring article V and amendments IX and X to the Constitution of the United States, indicates clearly that the proponents of the resolution have, in their minds, suspended those provisions for the exigency of government; whereas the substitute specifically provides that cooperation should be through those provisions.

Both Senate Resolution 192 and the substitute deal with Post-War plans for peace.

Senate Resolution 192 is based upon a false premise, in that it proposes to cooperate with our comrades in arms and with free and sovereign nations; where as the true premise is that our cooperation should be with free and sovereign people.

Senate Resolution 192 does not clearly define sovereignty, whereas the substitute defines it in no uncertain terms.

Senate Resolution 192 neglects to provide for the implementation of the voice of the people in reaching a verdict on this plan; whereas the substitute sets forth the method of implementing the voice of the people so that the will of the people will prevail factually and not theoretically.

The people are an irresistible force; and thus your have the power to preserve peace when it is properly implemented. Science and mathematics will not discredit the premises and methods of the subs tute resolution in the attainment of the objective. They will discredit the premises and methods of the Connally resolution.

The proposed substitute is a resolution to serve one master and it would further the cause of freedom which is possible only in Government of, by and for the people. Senate Resolution 192 is a resolution to serve two masters and would further the cause of pawndom, which is government of the politicians, for the people, by the politicians.

The objective of both the Connally resolution and the substitute I propose is apparently the same, a postwar plan for peace; but the premises for its accomplishment between the two differ in the following respects:

The Connally resolution provides that the United States shall cooperate with its comrades in arms. The substitute provides that it shall cooperate with other free and sovereign people.

The Connally resolution provides that the United States shall act through its constitutional processes. It does not disclose the method by which this proclamation will become an obligation on the citizens of the Nation; and furthermore it is indefinite and subject to subtle interpretation.

The proposed substitute provides that the United States shall act through the "divine formula” for peace and tranquillity—"good will"-article V and amendments IX and X to the Constitution, which is in strict conformance with moral and natural processes and our constitutional provisions.

Article V provides for changes; amendment IX provides for the sovereignty of the people; amendment X provides for the sovereignty of the States. This is our constitutional process in the purpose proposed, and gives the ingredients that have made us a sovereign nation. The method is that, when the testamentary has been prepared, and before it is executed, adopted, or ratified, the voting citizens of the United States shall be summoned for their verdict by ballot.

In conclusion, this substitute asks only that the method provide that the voice of the people of this Nation shall prevail factually, not theoretically. This will further the cause of freedom, where the Connally resolution would further the cause of pawndom.

The CHAIRMAX. Mrs. Wakefield.

Mrs. NCRA STANT X BARNEY. I have a letter here, Mr. Chairman, from Mrs. Wakefield, appointing me to represent her before the committee.

The Chairman. It is a little irregular. We do not usually operate through sul stitutes, but we will permit you to testify.

Mrs. Barxey. She did ask for a hearing before the committee, and not for herself, in the telegram.

The CHAIRMAX. Very well; we will hear you. You may put your letter in the record.

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