Winter in the Arctic Regions and Summer in the Antarctic Regions

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Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1872 - 368 pages

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Page 336 - ... expedition, yet it restored to England the honour of the discovery of the southernmost known land which had been nobly won, and for more than twenty years possessed, by Russia. Continuing our course towards this land for many hours, we seemed scarcely to approach it. It rose in lofty...
Page 4 - ... to sail to all parts, countries, and seas of the east, of the west, and of the north...
Page 290 - Ninety-seven ice hills were distinctly seen within the field, besides those on the outside; many of them very large, and looking like a ridge of mountains, rising one above another till they were lost in the clouds.
Page 47 - Greenwich, in the latitude of 74 44' 20"; by which His Majesty's ships under my orders became entitled to the sum of five thousand pounds, being the reward offered by the King's order in council, grounded on a late Act of Parliament, to such of his Majesty's subjects as might succeed in penetrating thus far to the westward within the Arctic Circle.
Page 290 - The sheaves also were frozen so fast in the blocks, that it required our utmost efforts to get a topsail down and up ; the cold so intense as hardly to be endured ; the whole sea, in a manner covered with ice ; a hard gale, and a thick fog.
Page 93 - They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters, these see the works of the Lord, and his wonders in the deep.
Page 361 - ... and the maintack hauled on board sharp aback — an expedient that perhaps had never before been resorted to by seamen in such weather : but it had the desired effect ; the ship gathered stern-way, plunging her stern into the sea, washing away the gig and quarter boats, and with her lower yard-arms scraping the rugged face of the berg, we in a few minutes reached its western termination, the
Page 222 - I came upon a human skeleton, partly exposed, with here and there a few fragments of clothing appearing through the snow. The...
Page 181 - Relation' of Maldonado to be both of veracity and authenticity,' we are by no means inclined to suppose that such a voyage as it describes is impracticable. We firmly believe, on the contrary, that a navigable passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific round the northern coast of America does .exist, and may be of no difficult execution. Why, then, it may be asked, have all the attempts made at different times, from both sides the continent of America, failed ? Because not one of them was ever made...
Page 17 - Persevering in difficulty, unappalled by danger, and patient under distress, they scarcely ever use the language of complaint, much less that of despair ; and sometimes, when all human hope seems at its lowest ebb, they furnish the most beautiful examples of that firm reliance on a merciful and superintending providence, which is the only rational source of true fortitude in man.

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