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for good, the worst of ills for all the good one ever at any time enjoyed. Yea, it is a turning of the good received from God against him; as if one advanced from the dunghill by his prince, should use all his favours in rebellion against him.

(3-) It wrongs his holiness, Hab, i, 13. not endure unholiness. He is omniscient and omnis present; fo fin brings into the presence of the great King, that which by all things he cannot endure to

Įt sets up the worst of defilement before his spotless holiness; and does in its own nature tend to deface the glory of it.

(4.) Lastly, It breaks his law, the eternal rule of righteousness, i John iii. 4. It is all right, and of perpetual equity, and is the hedge which God has set about his rational creatures : but fin breaks down that hedge, and breaks over it. And the finner is a rehel against the King's law, 1 Sam. xv. 23. and in effect lets God at' defiance, inafinuch as it breaks the law, to which such a penalty is annexed.

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I shall now deduce some inferences.

Inf. 1. Let this cominend the love of Christ in dying for finners, Rom. v. 8. O matchless love, which made him willing to be made a curse for us, that we might be delivered from the curse of the law!! Every sin deserves God's wrath and curfe. What a flood of wrath behoved then to come on hiin, when he stood in the stead of a whole elect world!

2. Let this co There is more ill in the leaft sin than the greatest sufferings. Therefore never say in compliance with a temptation, It is but a little one. For the least sin will make you eternally miserable in hell; and can ye account that a little evil, wbich expoies lo God's curse here and hercafter?

3. Inexpressibly terrible is the deserving of many fins, and gross fins, when the least of them deferves

God's wrath. If one do so, how great must1 that wrath be, which thousands and millions deferve? If an idle word deserves God's wrath and curse, what must deliberate lying words deserve, but a deep footing in the lake that burneth with fire and brimstone ?

4. Let believers admire free grace, pardoning mercy, and atoning blood, Psal. xxxii. i. that ifecures them from bearing the desert of their fin. Let them live to the Lord, by whom they live. Think not little of your sins, o believer, though there be now no condemnation for you, being in Christ Jesus, Rom. viii. 1. for every one of your fins deserves, though they cannot bring on, God's wrath and curse. Yet tremble at the thoughts of fin; for ye are like the three children in the fiery furnace, compaffed with a fire of sin that would burn you up, but the effect of it is stopt by the mediation of Chrift.

Lastly, Sinners, be convinced of your absolute need of Christ. Ye must be in him, or yetare ruined for ever.

Can ye bear that wrath which incensed justice will inflict on all that are out of Christ? Can ye get free of it without him? Wherefore be alarmed, and exhorted to flee from the wrath that-is to come, by fleeing to the Lord Jesus, who delivereth all his people from it.

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XZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZDA Of the Means of Salvation in general.

HEBRE W's ii. 3. How shall we escape, if we neglect fögreat salvation:A

SINNER having heard, that fin deferves

God's wrath and curse, the question that patively follows, is, What way one may escape them? This is answered by the weighty question in the text, Horw shall we escape, if we neglect fa great falvation? Which we may take up in these two things. (1.). There is no escaping for finners, if they neglect the great salvation ; they perish without remedy, (2.) They that do not neglect it, shall surely escape. Here let us consider,

ind : 1. The danger finners are in by their fin: They are in hazard of perishing under God's wrath and curse; for that is the just recompense of every iin, ver. 2.; of God's wrath consuming them, and his curse binding them down under it for ever. He intimates, that all are liable to God's wrath and curfe, while he says, How fall we escape, &c.

2. The way how they may escape; namely, by not neglecting, but falling in with the great falvation. The words intimate, (1.) That there is a poflibility of escaping; fingers are not shut up hopeless 'under the curse. (2.) The way of escape is not by fleeing from the Judge, and the execution of his fentence: nay he is omniscient and omnipresent; one cannot outwit him, or get away from his fight, , or out of his reach, Nor is it by resisting, for he is omnipotent, and none can outbrave him, nor make head against him. But he inay escape by falling in with the means of escape appointed by himself, and required by him to be niade use of by us. He has provided us with a salvation, a great one, i. e. the gospel which teaches the way of eternal salvation. He requires us, not to neglect it, but to improve it for our escape. It is neglected by unbeliet, impea nitency, and not using the means prescribed. On the contrary, then, he requires of us faith and repentance, which are the substance of the gospel, Acts xx. 21. Testifying to the Jews and also to the Greeks

repentance towards God, and faith towards our Lord Jesus Christ, and he requires of us. the use of . the nean's by which the falvation held forth in the gospel is obtained, Pror, viii. 34. Blessed is the man that heareth me, watching duily at my gates, waiting

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at the posts of my doors : for surely they reglect and flight the gospel, who do not believe, repent, or use the ordinary means of obtaining the salvation.

The text affords the following doctrine.

Doct. Whofo would escape God's wrath and curse, must not neglect, but fall in with the great salvation. Or, “ To escape the wrath and curse of God due

to us for fin, God requireth of us faith in Jesus “ Christ, repentance unto life, with the diligent - use of all the outward means whereby Christ com. $ municateth to us the benefits of redemption."

For explaining of this, I shall Thew,

1. The necessity of faith in Jesus Christ, in order to one's escaping the wrath and curse of God,

II. The neceflity of repentance, in order to the fame end.

III. Answer the question, Are faith and repentance in mens power, fince God requires them of them?

IV. Shew the connection betwixt faith and repen. tance, and escaping the wrath and curse of God.

V. The necessity of the diligent use of all the outward means whereby Christ communicates to us the benefits of redemption.

VI. Lastly, Deduce an inference or two.

1. I shall shew the necessity of faith in Jesus Christ, in order to one's escaping the wrath and curfe of God due to him for fin. It is absolutely necessary : no man can escape God's wrath and curfe without it. For,

1. There is no pleasing of God without it, Heb. xi. 6. The reason is, because he is only pleased with Jesus Chrift, and those who are in him, or united to him, Matth. xvii. s.

If one thould weep for his sins till no moisture were left in his body, fast his flesh to a skeleton, and watch ever lo carefully against his sin, if he have not faith, he

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is a loft man; he cannot please God, but muit lię for 'ever under his displeasure.

2:'It is the great duty of the gospel, whereby one is made partaker of the remedy provided, and without which neither your persons nor performances can be accepted. It is the work of God, John vi. 29. the command of God, 1 Joh iii. 23. fons will ever be under condemnation without it, John iii. 18. And all your other duties will be but ciphers in God's account, multiply them as ye will, if faith be not at the head of them.

3: It is that which enters one into the covenant of peace; unites him with Christ, and by which he comes to partake of all saving benefits. If ye would escape God's wrath, ye must be within the covedapt; ye must believe, that is, consent to the mar. ría re-covenant, John vi. 35. There is no escaping wrath without being in Christ, and united to him, Rom. viii. 1.

1. That union is by faith, Eph. iii. 17. We must be justified, and that is by faith, Rom. v. 1. and fanctified, which is by faith too, Acts xv. 9.

4. Salvation and damnation turns upon this very point. Here is the decision of the case, Mark svi. 16. He that believeth shall be saved; but he that bedieveth not shall be damned. Unbelief will undoubtedly ruin you, Pfal. ii. ult. Kiss ye the Son, left be be angry, and perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Unbelief is a rejecting of Christ; and they cannot escape who refuse the remedy of fin, Luke xix. 27. Those mine enemies that would not that I should reign over them, bring bither, and say

them before me.

11! I proceed to shew the necessity of repentance, in order to one's escaping this wrath and curse. No adult person can be saved withoui it. As for infaits dying in their tender years, and such others who are not capable of actual faith and repentance, in lo far as the Spirit dwells in them, they have the


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