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ABOLITION of the British Slave Anecdote of Sir R. Steele 469 Trade


of Mons. Foscue 557 Academy of Arts and Sciences,

of the divinity of


ib. Account of the Death of Lady Annual Report of the Hampshire Huntington 54 Missionary Society

324 Account of the Origin and Prog- Answer to a question concerning ress of the Mission to the Cher

General Association

203 okee Indians, in a Series of Answer to Interesting Queries 162 Letters to Rev. Dr. Morse 39, 84, Appendix from Dr. C. Mather's

322, 416, 475, 567 Election Sermon of May 29, Account of the Meeting of the


532 General Association of Massa- Atonement, the Doctrine of 114, 155 chusetts Proper 88

496 Account of an Act of Parliament for the Abolition of the Slave Backbiting

122 Trade

277 Baptist Missionaries, Progress of 421 Account of Rev. Dr Gillies 292 Baptist Missionary Society, Ex

of the Pious Negro tracts from their periodical Ac-

281, 332
of John Norton, the In- Baxter's Catalogue of seasonable
dian Translator 323 good Works

320 of the British Settle. Belden, Rev. J. Installation of 192 ment in New South Beza's Lines on Calvin

438 Wales

365 Bidwell, Mrs. Character of 479 of Middlebury College, Biography 1, 49, 97, 145, 193, 241 Vermont


289, 337, 385, 433, 481 537 of the Roman Catholic

Biographical Sketch of Richard
Syrians in India 522 Devens, Esq.

239 of Latin Roman Catho. Bishop of London's Donation . 334 lics

523 Blackburn's, Rev. Mr. Letters to of a Religious Society Dr. Morse 39, 84,322, 416, 475,567 in New York

420 “Black Hole” at Calcutta, ACof the “ Black Hole" at

count of

426 Calcutta 426 Boerhave, Anecdote of

270 Accountability of Men for their Bradley, Mr. Epitaph on his Faith 440 Three Daughters

144 Address of the Council of Cen: Brief Review of the Principal

sors of the State of Vermout 265 Controversies amongst Pro. Address to the Churches and

testants, with Remarks on the Congregations of Vermont 380 Progress of Religion

164 Address to Content

289 Brief account of the British and to Sleepers in the House

Foreign Bible Society

232 of God

317 Britain, Great Relig. Intel. 91,139,533 Africa, Religious Intel, from 278

Lit. and Philo. Intel. 334 African Institution

. 275 British and Foreign Bible SocieAlarm, The

336 ty

139, 232, 333 Anecdote of the late King of British Settlement in New South Prussia 28 Wals

365 Anecdote of Thomas Doolittle 214 British Slave Trade, Abolition of 274

of Rev. Mr Jay ib. Brow 1), Rev. J. Extracts respect.
of a Sailor
266 ing

of Justice Hale 269 Buchanan's, Rev. D. Tour into
of Boerhare

270 the interior of India to inquire of M. W

407 into the state of the Syrian Vol. III.-Index.



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Christians, and to visit the an- Cook, Rev. William, sketch of 101

cient Syrian Churches, an In. Coranus, at the Great Orange

teresting Account of . 526 river, mission to


Corbet, Rev. Mr. “Notes for him-

Calvin's Letter to Socinus

75 self,” Extracts from


Sketch of the Life and

Covey, anecdote of


Character of 337, 385, 433



Calvin, Lines on, by Beza 438

Carey's, Dr. Letters to Dr. Dark day at Huntington, Penn-


86 sylvania, Nov. 12th, 1807 424

Carey, Dr.extract of a letter from 421 Death of the celebrated Mallet 47

Cape Town, Lir. Intelligence 477

of a youth


Catalogue of seasonable good Denmark, literary intelligence 191,285


320 Devens, Richard, Esq. biograph-

Catholic Mission in China 381 ical sketch of


Character of Mrs. E. Derens 141 Difference between speculative

Mrs. A. Tuckerman 142 and practical religion


Rev. Moses Parsons 289

between mere morality

Dn. John Larkin

429 and saving grace


Rev. Alex. M’Lean 430 Divine goodness, on the evi-

Rey. Gideon Hawley 431 dence of


Rev. Dr. Wm. Linn 431 Doctrine of the atonement 114, 155

'Mrs. Mary Bidwell 479

of Justification


Cherokee Indians, Origin and Doolittle, Rev. Thomas, anec-

Progress of the Mission to 39, 84 dote of


322, 416, 475, 567 Duelling, Indian


China, relig. intelligence 222 Dwight, President, extract of a

Christian Zeal

8, 59

letter from


Christian, on the name of 461,503

Christians persecuted at Pekin East Indies, literary intel. 191, 284

in India


religious intel. 421

Christians found in Malabar, re- Ecclesiastical antiquities in India 518

marks respecting

88 Eclectic Review


Church government, questions Editors, to the

29, 64

relative to, proposed and an-

Editors' note to Venema




of the Panoplist, to the 323

Clark, Rev. Azariah, ordina- Education of pious youth for the

tion of



Clergyman in India, letter from 138 England, literary and philosoph-

letters from to his ical intelligence


112, 160, 199, 249, 301, 348 English magazines and reviews 41

Coffin, Rev.C, extract of a letter English and Welch



135 Epistle to the Hebrews, a letter

Coleman, Henry, ordination of
43 on the author of


Commentary on the Bible 384 Epitaph for an infant


Congregational Missionary Soci.

on William Jordan 143

ety, report of


on three daughters of Mr.

Connecticut Academy of Arts



and Sciences

383 Errata 144,336, 432, 480, 536

Connecticut Religious Tract So- Evidence of divine goodness 196


187 Exportation of books prohibited

Connecticut General Association 221 by the Chinese

Conquest of Canaan vindicated 543 Extract of a letter from Dr. Dod-
Consolatory letter on the death

dridge to Mr. Pearsall


of a child


of a letter from the Rev.

Content, Address to


C. Coffin


Controversies amongst Protest-

from Cowper's poem on

ants, with remarks on the




gress of religion, a brief re-

from the report of the Di-

view of


rectors of the London

Conversion of Miss L.


Missionary Society 277, 330



Extract from the Periodical Ac- General Association of Massa-

counts of the Baptist chusetts Proper, account of the

Missionary Society 281, 332 meeting of


of a letter from Rev. Wm.

Do. questions concerning 118



answer to the questions 203

from Dr. Cotton Mather's General Association in Connecti.


332 cut


from the ode composed by

in Massachusetts, on the 443

A.M. Collogna


remarks on 448

from the ode composed by General Assembly of the Presby-

M. J. Mager

ib, terian Church in the U. States,

from the hymn composed intelligence respecting


by M. S. Wittersheim 229 General Convention of Vermont 380

of a letter from New Lon.

Dictionary of the English





of a letter from Rev. Mr.

letter to the Baptist Mis-



sionary Society 282

of a letter from Rev. Mr.

observations on the Ro-

Brown, to the British

man Catholic religion

and Foreign Bible So.

in India



333 Germany, important letter from 38

of a letter from Capt.

literary intel. 234, 236


334 Gillies, Rev. Dr. account of 292

from several letters, from Gradual and insiduous progress

the Catholic Missiona.

of sin


ries in China

381 Grand Hindoo religious ceremony 421

of a paper lately publish- Greece, literary intelligence 191

ed in London on the sub. Greek and Latin


ject of the “ General Griesbach's Greek Testament


union of Congregational
ministers and churches Hale, Lord Chief Justice, anec-
throughout England and

dote of


204 rules prescribed for him-

self at his entrance into

Faith of the New England church-




12, 64 Hampshire Missionary Society,

Faithful and unfaithful minister 363 annual report of

Fathers, the


communication from 418

Female Charitable Society, Hancock Female Tract Society 189

Whitestown, N. Y. vote of 283 Hawley, Rev. Gideon, charac-

letter from

418 ter of


Pemale Penitentiary

91 Health of the New Zealanders 76

Tract Society

Hermit's meditation


Foreign religious intelligence 222, 274 Herschel, Dr. exhortation to his

330, 381, 421 brethren, the Jews


literary and phil. intel. 425 Heywood, Rev. Oliver, sketch of 193

literary intelligence 477 Holland, religious intelligence 190

and British Bible Soci. Holy Land pillaged



139, 232, 333 Hungary, literary intelligence 190

Forgery detected

37 Huntingdon, (Penn.) literary and

Foxcroft, Rev. Samuel, charac. philosophical intelligence 424

ter of

573 Huntington, Lady, the death of 54


28, 76, 406 Hutchinson, Miss E, memoirs of 145

France, lit. and phil. intel. 93 Hymn upon 1 Corinthians i. 26 536

literary intel. 233, 235, 283

Frederic 2d. opinions on field sports 77 Importance of a theological insti.

French and Spanish

92 tution


Important letter from Germany 38

Galatians üi. 19&20, thoughts on 119

letters from India 86

Game, on killing of

172 India, religious intelligence 136, 517

Gardener and Rose Tree, the 558 Indian Duelling


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Indies East, literary intel. 191, 284 Letters from Dr. Carey


Infant, an epitaph for


from a Clergyman to his

Inquiry as to the meaning of

Son 112, 160, 199, 249,

Matt. xxi. 22


301, 348

Installation of Rev. Jona. Belden 192 Life Boat


of Rev. Mr. Pettengil 238 Lines in Memory of John Thom.

Intelligence literary 40, 190, 233, 283,

ton, Esq. :

382, 476, 526 written in a Thunder Storm 143

literary ard philosphical 92, on John Calvin


334, 422 Linn, Rev. Dr. Character of 431

religious 36, 84, 134, 187, List of New Publications, 41, 94,

220, 274, 322, 380,475,416, 514 140, 236, 285, 335, 427, 478, 534, 572

from the General Assem- London Missionary Society 91

bly of the Presbyterian

Extracts from the Report

church in the U. States 220

of the Directors of 277, 330

Interesting queries

162 Love's Certificate to the Presby.

answer to ibid tery of Union


Italy, literary intelligence 234, Lying, is it in any case justifiable ? 494

Jerusalem, plan of the city of 571 Macwhorter, Rev. Dr, Sketch of 481

Jew, origin of the name

25 Magazines and Reviews, Englishy 41

Jews, exhortation to

223 Mallet, Death of


Justification, doctrine of 489 Massachusetts Relig. Intel. 283, 418

thoughts on

57 Massachusetts Society for pro.

moting Christian Knowledge 90

Keble's letter to Dr. Keer 518 Massachusetts General Associa-

Keer's letter to the governor and

tion, on the


council at Madras

ibid. Massachusetts Proper, the Gen-

King of Prussia, anecdote of

eral Association of

Massillon's Sermon on Ministeri-

L. Miss, Conversion of .

463 al Zcal, Extract from


Lancaster's New Method of In- Matthew xxiii. 35. Thoughts on 23

structing the Children of the

xxi. 22. Inquiry as to


425 the meaning of


Lapsley and Anderson's Report Meditation of a Hermit

to the Presbytery of Union 86 Memoir of John Thornton, Esq. 1

Larkin, Dn. John, Character of 429

of Rev. C. F. Schwartz,

Lathrop, Rev. Dr. J. character of 575' late Missionary in India 241

Latin Roman Catholics in India, Memoirs of Rev. Oakes Shaw 45

Account of


of Miss Elizabeth

Letter on the Death of a Child 14



to Dr. Waterhouse. S7

of Miss Susanna Wilkins 535

from Calvin to Socinus 75 M'Lean, Rev. Alexander, Char-

respecting the Meeting of acter of


the l.on. Miss. Society 134 Middlebury College, Vermont,

from a Clergy man in India 136 Account of


from Rev. Mr. Jackson .222 Miscellany

from a respectable layman 263 Miscellanies

. 172

from Rev. Charles Coffin 135 Miscellaneous


on the Author of the Epis- Mission to the Cherokee Indians 39

tle to the Hebreus 349

84, 322, 416, 475, 567

from Dr. Watts to Madam Mission to the Coramas, at the

Sewall, on the Death of Great Orange River


her Children

402 Missionary Society, Hampshire 418

from the Female Charita.

Annual Report of . 324

ble Society, Whites. Missionary Society, London 91

town, N.Y. tothe Hamp-

Leiter respecting the Meet-

shire Missionary Society 418 ing of


Letters from an aged Minister to

Extracts from the Report of

a young Student in Di.

the Directors of 277, 330

vinity 15, 69, 200 Missionary Society, N. Hampshire 38

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Moore's Poems, Strictures on 29 Prince Eugene's Prayer

75 Morality and saving Grace, con- Principal Controversies amongst trasted

321 Protestants, with Remarks on Morning Prayer for a Family 26 the Progress of Religion, a

brief View of

164 Namacquas. Relig. Intel. 330 Price Questions answered 190 Name Christian, on the 461, 503 Proclamation of the East India N. England Churches, Faith of 12, 64 Company

523 Survey of 16, 103, 251, Progress of the Baptist Mission352, 396, 547 aries

421 N. Hampshire Missionary Society 38 Progress of Sin

205 New Zealanders, Health of 76 Puritan

, 173 Norton John, the Indian Translator, Account of 323 Query

118 Norway, Lit. Intell.

191 Questions relative to 'Church Lit. and Phil. Intell. 425 Government proposed and an. swered

498 Obituary 43,96,141,239,429,535,573 Questions in Religious ControObservations on the Origin of versy to be considered by Religious Errors 72 Christians

209 Opinions of Frederic 11. on Field Questions concerning General Sports


118 Ordination of Rev. Mr. Coleman 43

Answer to 203
Rev. Mr. Clark 140
Rev. Mr. Emerson 432 Reflections on time

298 Rev. Mr. Parsons 238 Rejection and future return of Rev. Mr. Powel ib. the Jews, thoughts on

391 Rev. Mr. Williams 432 Religion, true

28 Rev. J. Huntington 575 Religious errors, observations on Origin of the Name Jew 25 the origin of

72 Origin and Progress of the Mis

Tract Society, Connecticut 187 siun to the Cherokee Indians ;

plan for the in a series of Letters from the

the formation of

188 Rev. Gideon Blackburn to Rev.

controversy, the two ques. Dr. Morse 39, 84, 322, 416, 475, 567

tions in

209 Otaheite, Relig. Intell. 277

Society in New York, acOutlines of a Theological Insti

count of

420 tution


foreign intelligence 421 Oxen, Dr. Sketch of


and literary intelligence 517

Remarks on Mr. Wilbertorce, 63 Parisian Sanhedrim, Transac

on the General Associations of


tion in Massachusetts 448 Parlour Preaching


respecting the Christians Parsons, Rev. Levi, Ordination of 238

found in Malabar 88 Rev. Moses, Character of 289 Report of the Congregational Pearce, Rev. Samuel, Lines by 538 Missionary Society

514 Pearsall, Extract of a Letter 10,

concerning the state of the from Dr. Doddridge


ancient Christians in CoPekin, Relig. Intell.

. 421

chin and Travancore 518 Penitentiary Female

91 Return to the ancient regime in Petiengil, Rer. A. installation of 238 Paris

283 Philanthropic Establishments at Review of the Eclectic Review 78, 123 Norway

425 Revival of religion in MiddleboPious Youth for the Gospel Min- rough, and other towns

36 istry, On the Education of 211

in New Haven 419 Pious Negro Woman, Account of 318 Roman Catholic Syrians in India, Pius VII. present pope, note of 570 account of

522 Plan for the Formation of a Re- Rose Tree and the Gardener 558 ligious Tract Society 188 Rules prescribed by L. C. Justice of the Parisian Sanhedrim 229

Hale, for hiniself at his enPortugal, Lit. Intell. 234 trance into office




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