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of his word, should permit Satan to exercise his power among them, and they be as much deceived by the appearance, as Job's servant was when he called it the fire of God.

This idea gains strength from other considerations. We commonly find, that those who are the subjects of those wonderful things which are seen at camp-meetings, &c. are not the persons who endure to the end, and bring forth the peaceable fruits of righteousness. But generally, like Ahad, they walk softly for a while, and then turn again and build up the kingdom of Satan more than ever. Besides, God in his word has given plain directions as to the manner in which he is to be worshipped in public assemblies. In the 14th chapter of first Corinthians, he says, Let the prophets speak two or three, and let the other judge. further, For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints. Let your women keep silence in the churches; for it is not permitted unto them to speak, &c. Now, when men erect their own reasons as a standard of duty, and openly violate the express laws of God, if then any supernatural power should be manifest, would that be any proof that they were right, or that the power displayed was by the Spirit of God!

Further, Christ is called by the prophet, “the Mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace. Therefore, when preachers of the gospel will rise up against the truths of

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God's word ; and in order to confute thera, grossly misrepresent, and animadvert against the doctrines maintained by those whom the Lord has called the saints and martyrs of Jesus : can we then suppose that the Prince of Peace is there manifesting his power ? For, from this the word of the Lord says, But if ye have bitter envying and strife in your hearts, glory not, and lie not against the truth This wisdom descendeth not from above, but is earthly, sensual, devilish. For where envying and strife is, there is confusion, and every evil work. But the wisdom that is from above, is first pure, and then peaceable, &.c.* In addition to the word of God, it is found by experience, among the reyivals of religion which come in our protestant churches, that the least contention will cause the Spirit to remove its influence, which always appears to act like a peaceful dove.

Therefore, there is great reason to fear, that conversions, and supernatural power, (if there be any such,) which may be wrought, or be visible in assemblies conducted in a contentious, disobedient manner, will be found at last not to have been of God ; because we have fairly proven by the Bible, that Satan is a powerful and invisible spirit, who often does, and always can, (if he is permitted,) work wonders among men.

Finally, let all examine truth for themselves; and if there be any one who can remove these objections, or absurdities, from the freewill scheme, without great sophistry, or can show us a plain literal meaning to all the scriptures we have quoted, without perverting them, we should be pleased to see it. We really hope that every Methodist preacher, who truly fears God, and expects to appear in judgment before him, will take up his

* James iii. 14--16,


to write against me, end! prayerfully meditate on all those scriptures, and on each of the arguments and questions, contained in the three first Sections of this book. Let him satisfy himself how they can be answered before a heart-searching God, provided the Holy Ghost hath directed the sacred penmen to write what they have. This conduct, we would hope, might be a means in the hand of God, of bringing some of the pious part of them hereafter to embrace and teach the truth. Because, as we have said before, there are some among them who are not real Freewillers, but are Protestants. These are insensibly founded upon the doctrine for which we contend. And while they have some of the freewill doctrines mixed with their system, from some cause or other, they have never been able to perceive the contradiction. Such Methodists we love ; and while we pity their blindness, we should be sorry to wound their feelings. We are grieved to see them lending the weight of their pious example, in the propagation of any doctrines so fraught with evil consequences.

But as for many other Methodist preachers, we apprehend that neither scripture, nor argument, will avail any thing with them, until the Lord changes their hearts. We doubt not but such may have been awakened to a sense of danger, and convicted sufficient to raise the enmity of the carnal heart in rebellion against the Lord as a sovereign master. But finding doctrines among the Methodists, and a religion which suited their feelings at that time, here they made their stand. Such will ever violently contend for the promised reward, that ye shall be as gods.* Wesley's key-stone of the arch, which he hath expressed in his discipline -“ The Lord may, with man's good leave”tthis will stick in the carnal heart, and secretly bind the soul to the love of every

doctrine connected with it, except the Lord make bare his aron for their relief.

We conclude with an address to the reader who may

be found in the humble walks of life. You may think that you are surely right; and so do we; and so do the Jews, the Mahometans, and the Pagans ; but some of us will be deceived at last : therefore, in obedience to our Master, let us search the scriptures, and search them honestly, for if men pretend to believe the Bible, let them believe what it says ; let the scriptures speak for themselves. When we have diligently compared them together, we shall find that they all mean what they say, and so unite their instructions, as to hum

+ Gen. iii. 5. + See Section 7, page 200.

ble the sinner, and display the wisdom of their Author. If, then, one should cry, lo, here ! and another, lo, there! and a third should come with all power, and signs, and lying wonders, let the humble' inquirer after truth follow the direclions of the Holy Ghost, and believe not every spirit, but try the spirits, whether they are of Ĝod ; because many false prophets are gone out into the world.* And let him remember, that in this age of the church, we are to be guided by the word of God, and not by miracles; and that it is truth that must stand the test at last. and not belief.

* 1 John iv. 5.


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