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When a publication is sent into the world, it is expected that a motive should be assigned for its appear

Now, as this is not intended to meet the public eye, the Author is not bound to comply with the custom, nor even to give his reasons for departing from it. But as a book without a preface would be as useless as a watch without a key, he will wind up what he has to say in as short a compass as he can, to set it a-going. Know then, the Author is a man of letters ; and out of many thousands he has written, it has so happened that his children, who are fonder of copying letters than enditing them, have, in some way or other, managed to purloin many of his best productions, and putting them into chronological order, have, without a dissentient voice, come to the following resolution ; viz.

That they be printed for their sole use and benefit, with liberty (if they think fit) to show them to any of their friends."

The former part of this resolution the Author did not object to ; but when a power is reserved “ to show them to any of their friends,” he strenuously opposed it, on the ground, that as they were acquainted with many literary gentlemen, it would be exposing

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