Stockyard Rate Regulation: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Livestock and Grains of the Committee on Agriculture, House of Representatives, Ninety-fifth Congress, Second Session on H.R. 9482, January 18, 1978, Fort Smith, Ark., March 14, 1978, Washington, D.C.

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Стр. 1 - USC 2021. lowing before the word "compatible": "in accordance with the requirements of subsection o. and in all other respects". (c) Section 274 n. of such Act is amended by adding the following new sentence at the end thereof: "As used in this section, the term "Agreement" 'agreement' includes any amendment to any agreement.".
Стр. 53 - I public markets. Today there is an almost complete turnaround, with about 80 percent of slaughter livestock sold directly from producers and custom feedlots to packers. In 1973, the last year for which we have complete figures, about 31 billion dollars worth of livestock and about 4 billion dollars worth of poultry were marketed in the United States. Wholesale marketing of meat and poultry for the year totaled about 36 billion dollars.
Стр. 103 - We are advised by the Bureau of the Budget that there is no objection to presentation of this report from the standpoint of the Administration program.
Стр. 31 - At the outset I wish to express my appreciation for the opportunity to present my views in support of the budget request for fiscal 1995 of the United States Institute of Peace.
Стр. 4 - ... RECLAMATION EMPLOYEE UNIFORMS Chairman HAYDEN. I have 2 statements pertaining to the use of funds for implementing the Federal Employees Uniform Allowance Act (Public Law 763, 83d Cong.). Two agencies of the Department of the Interior are involved: The Bureau of Reclamation and the National Park Service. These statements will be included in the record. (The statements referred to follow :) The Bureau of Reclamation requires certain of Its employees to wear uniforms at the Shasta and Friant Dams...
Стр. 53 - ... services. • (b) The Packers and Stockyards Administration encourages stockyard owners and market agencies to make Innovations and to establish and enforce regulations which foster efficient and competitive livestock markets.
Стр. 58 - We are asking that adequate funds, as requested by the Packers and Stockyards Division of the US Department of Agriculture, be provided for them to continue their protective, shall we term it, "policing of the industry...
Стр. 46 - Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman. I just want to express my appreciation to you, Mr.
Стр. 100 - ... thank you, Mr. Ottman. We appreciate your staying with us and joining in the question-and-answer period following the presentations. Our next witness is Mr. Leslie Peterson. [The prepared statement of Mr. Peterson follows :] STATEMENT OF LESLIE W. PETERSON ON BEHALF OF THE AMERICAN BANKERS ASSOCIATION BEFORE THE SUBCOMMITTEE ON LIVESTOCK AND GRAINS OF THE HOUSE AGRICULTURE COMMITTEE ON NONPAYMENT TO LIVESTOCK PRODUCERS July 24, 1975 My name is Leslie Peterson. I am president of the Farmers State...
Стр. 16 - I have done so in all humility, for I know that we have men and women of wisdom and long experience here and it is not for me to tell you what you should do and what you should not do.

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