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Q. About 60 ?
A. The Isle of Barbadoes, the Isle of Trinidad, and

the city of Buenos Ayres at the Mouth of La

Q. About 75?
A. Baffin's Bay, Lower Canada, the three great

cities of the United States, the principal Islands

in the West Indies, and the silver mines of Peru.
Q. About 90 degrees ?
A. The Wager River, Lake Superior, the Mouths

of the Missisippi, and the Galapagos.
Q. About 105 degrees ?
A. The Atabasca Lake, and the kingdom of Mexico.
Q. About 120 degrees ?
A. The Country of the Copper Indians, the Great

Bear Lake, and the Stoney Mountains in North

Q. About 135?
A. Mackenzie's River.
Q. 150 ?
A. The undiscovered coasts of North America, and

the Society's Islands in the South Pacific.
Q, About 165 degrees?
A. The North-East opening of Behring's Straits.

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