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Hydrate of Sodium Trioxide, TAFEL, 148 – Pure wbite Stannic sulphide,

SCHMIDT: Properties of Liquid Ethane avd Propane, HAINLEN, 149.-Effect of

Low Temperatures on Chloroform, RAOUL PICTET, 150.--Symmetrical Di-ethyl

hydrazine, HARRIES: Carbazide and Di-urea, CURTIUS and HEIDENREICH, 151. -

Phosphorescence at Low Temperatures. RAOUL PICTET and ALLSCHUL: Teie-

graphing without wires: Calculation and measure of small coefficients of Self-

induction: Self-induction in iron wires, KLEMENCIC, 152.-" Photographic

Spectrum of the Great Nebula in Orion J. N. LOCKYER: Elementary Lessous

in Electricity and Magnetism, S. P. THOMPSON, 153.

Geology and Mineralogy-Note on the Florida Reef, A. AGASSIZ, 154.-Geologi-

cal Society of America, 155.- Manual of Geology, J. D. Dana, 161.- Manual of

the Geology of India, and Stratigraphical and Structural Geology, H. B. MEDLI-

COTT, W. T. BLANFORD and R. D. OLDHAM: Recurrence of Ice- Ages, Prof. T.

McK. HUGHES, 164.

Botany—Mechanism of the movements of the stamens of Berberis, CHAUVEAUN,

165. -Harvard Botanical Museum, 166.-Amount of absorption of water by

roots, M. LECOMTE, 167.

Miscellaneous Scientific Intelligence-Science, 167.--Astrophysical Journal

Cloudland: A study on the structure and characters of Clouds, Rev. W. C.

LEY, 168.



Chemistry anıl Physics-Inorganic Preparation of Hydrazine, DUDEN, 311.-

Production of Carbon chlorides at ordinary Temperatures, V. MEYER: Atomic

masses of Nickel and Cobalt, WINKLER, 312.- Atomic Mass of Bismuth,

SCHNEIDER: Use of Dihydroxytartaric acid as a Reagent for Sodium, FENTON,

313.-Commercial Synthesis of Acetylene, LEWES, 314.-Theoretical Chemistry

from the Standpoint of Avogadro's rule and Thermodynamics, W. NERNST, 315.

-Qualitative Chemical Analysis of Inorganic Substances : Double refraction of

Electric waves, K. MACK: National Academy of Sciences on Electrical Meas-

urement, 316.

Geology and Mineralogy-Change of level in the West Indian Region, C. T.

STIMPSON, 321.-- Glacial phenomena Northwest and West of Hudson Bay, J. B.

TYRRELL: Faults of post-Glacial origin, G. F. MATTHEW : Pre-Cambrian Radi-

olarians, L. CAYEUX, 322.–Geological Survey of Alabama for 1894: Paleozoic

Corallines: Lehrbuch der Petrographie, F. ZIRKEL, 323.-Chemical Contribu-

tions to the Geology of Canada from the laboratory of the Survey, G. C. Hoff-

MANN: Meteoritenkunde, E. COHEN, 324.

Botany--Field, Forest and Garden Botany, A. GRAY: Popular Treatise on the

Physiology of Plants, P. SORAUER, 325.

Miscellaneous Scientific Intelligence-Prize-Question pertaining to Physical

Science proposed by the Schnyder von Wartensee Foundation for Arts and

Sciences at Zurich, 326.-- American Association for the Advancement of Science:

International Zoological Congress: Manual of the Study of Documents, P.

FRAZER: Smithsonian Geographical Tables, R. S. WOODWARD, 327.–French

Academy of Sciences: Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History,


Obituary --Dr. G. A. REX: MARQUIS DE SAPORTA: Professor H, Wild: Dr. A.



Chemistry and Physics- Presence of Argon and of Helium in Uraninite, RAM.

SAY and CROOKES. 421.—Combination of Argon with Benzene vapor, BERTHELOT,

422.-Presence of Argon lines in the Spectrum of Atmospheric Air, NEWALL,

424.-Spark Spectrum of Argon as it appears in the Spark Spectrum of Air,


Geology--Reconnoissance of the Bahamas and of the elevated reefs of Cuba in

the Steam Yacht “ Wild Duck.” 1893, A. AGASSIZ, 425.–Formation of Dolo-

mite, C. KLEMENT, 126.- Dolomite-making and dolomitic calcareous organisms,

A. G. HÖGBOM, 427.—Bahama Expedition of the State University, of Iowa.

Narrative and Preliminary Report, C. C. NUTTING, 428.

Miscellaneous Scientific Intelligence-National Academy of Sciences, 428.-

Penck's Morphologie der Erdoberfläche, PENCK, 429.–Orbit of Miss Mitchell's

Comet, 1847, VI, H. A. NEWTON, 430.


SONI, 430.


Chemistry and Physics-Solution and Pseudo-solution, LINDER and Picton:

Fluidity of Metals below their Melting Points, SPRING, 467.-Light emitted

during Crystallization, BANDROWSKI: Two-fold Spectra of Oxygen, Baly, 468.

--Kräfte der Chemischen Dynamik, L. STETTENHEIMER: Physical Constants of

Hydrogen, OLSZEWSKI: Color Photography, NEUHAUS, 469.--Silvering Glass,

M. M. AUGUSTE and L. LUMIÈRE: Form of Sensitive Galvanometer, M. P. WEISS:

Diselectrification of Air, KELVIN, M. MACLEAN and A. GALT, 470.- Beitraege

zur Kenntniss des Wesens der Saecular Variation des Erdmagnetismus, L. A.

BAUER, 471.- Text Book of the Principles of Physics, A. DANIELL, 472.

Geology and Mineralogy-Discovery of a dicotyledonous Flora in the Cheyenne

sandstone, R. T. Hill: Geological Aspects of Variation, M. GOSSELET, 473.

- Geological Survey of Ilinois, vol. iv, C. R. KEYES: Geological Survey of

New Jersey, 475.-Geological Survey of Iowa, vol. iii: Ueber devonische

Planzen aus dem Donetz-Becken, SCHMALHAUSEN, 476.-Contributions a

l'Étude des Feldspaths des Roches Volcaniques, F. FOUQUÉ, 477.-- Analcite-

Diabase from San Luis, Cal., H. W. FAIRBANKS: Gold m Serpentine. H. W.

TURNER: Brief Notices of some recently described Minerals, 478.-Elements of

Mineralogy, Crystallography and Blowpipe Analysis, A. J. Moses and C. L.


Botany --Students' Text-Book of Botany, S. H. VINES, 481.--Cellulose ; an out-

line of the Chemistry of the structural elements of plants, with reference to

their Natural History and Industrial Uses, C. F. Cross, E. J. BEVAN and C.

BEADLE, 482.-Interesting Method of Dissemination, DUSÉN: Australian Nar-

coties, J. H. MAIDEN, 483.

Miscellaneous Scientific Intelligence-Science of Mechanics, E. MACH: Dynam-

ics: R. T. GLAZEBROOK: Few Chapters in Astronomy, C. KENNEDY: North

American Birds, II. NEHRLING, R. RIDGWAY, A. GOERING and G. MUETZEL, 484.

Obituary—Joun H. REDFIELD: LOTHAR VON MEYER: CARL Vogt, 485,

INDEX, 486.

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