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maurates, iv, 157; cæsium-mercuric
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i, 76.

cæsium-lead and potassium-lead
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vii, 114; copper crystals in “

ammonium-lead halides, vi, 25;
turine glass," viii, 411 ; Aegina and rubidium-lead halides, etc., vi, 34 ;
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vi, 180; quantitative determination
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1 of potassium and lead, vi, 190;
Water, amount of, in the soil after a double chlorides, bromides, and
drought, Reiset, vi, 157.

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density variation with tempera- vi, 425 ; double chlorides, bromides
ture, Mendeléeff, iii, 239.

and iodides of cæsium and zinc, vi,
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i, 220, 276.

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of India, viii, 511.

extra iodine, 1, 21 ; double salts of
Wave, explosive, in solid and liquid cæsium chloride, etc., 1, 249 ; am-
bodies, Berthelot, ii, 66.

monium cuprous double halogen
Waves in air, Raps, vi, 479.

salts, 1, 390.
electric, see under Electric. West Indies, observations in, Agassiz,
Wead, C. K., intensity of sound, i,

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232 ; ii, 21.

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and siliceous sinter, i, 158 ; gold- alkaline iodates, iv, 123; double
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and Livingston formations in Mon- iv, 157; double halides of tellu-
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its allies, v,

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the range of capillary electromet fall, Waldo, 1, 235 ; velocities of, iv, 64.

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Missouri, v, 221. 347.

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i, 435. Wilde's explication of terrestrial mag

apparatus for geological laboranetism, Bauer, iii, 496.

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paratus of the U.S. Coast and Geoand grinding machine, v, 102; pied- detic Survey, v, 33. montite, and scheelite in rhyolite Voodworth, J. B., post-glacial eolian of South Mt., Pa., vi, 50; volcanic action in So. New England, vii, 63 ; rocks of East. N. A., vii, 140; geology Carboniferous fossils, Norfolk Co., and physical features of Maryland, basin, viii, 145 ; dinosaur tracks in vii, 320.

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rite, ii, 11 ; igneous rocks of Arkan- gence in England, iii, 1; unity of sas, iii, 159.

the glacial epoch, iv, 351; extra

of Newfoundland, etc., ix, 86, 156. teur des Sphenophyllum, viii, Wright, M. R., Heat, vi, 301. Wyatt, F., Phosphates of America, Zarovich, V. von, Mineral Lexicon iii, 79.

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i, 256.

Z bearing spring waters from MisYeates, W.S., plattnerite from Mullan,

ari, Hillebrand, iii, 418. Idaho, iii, 407.

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152; vii, 320; ix, 323.

21, K. A. von, Handbuch der Z

aleontologie, i, 330; Grundzüge

r Palæontologie, 1, 268. Zahm, J. A., Sound and Music, v, 69. I logical Station, Naples, vi, 80.

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