The American Journal of Science

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J.D. & E.S. Dana, 1895

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Стр. 236 - As a unit of resistance, the international ohm, which is based upon the ohm equal to 10" units of resistance of the CGS system of electromagnetic units, and is represented by the resistance offered to an unvarying electric current by a column of mercury at the temperature of melting ice, 14.4521 grams in mass, of a constant cross-sectional area and of the length of 106.3 centimetres.
Стр. 508 - Index Kewensis: an enumeration of the genera and species of flowering plants from the time of Linnaeus to the year 1885 inclusive, together with their authors' names, the works in which they were first published, their native countries, and their synonyms.
Стр. 292 - It will be remembered that, from the velocity of sound in a gas, the ratio of specific heat at constant pressure to that at constant volume can be deduced by means of the equation when n is the frequency, A.
Стр. 237 - As a unit of quantity, the international coulomb, which is the quantity of electricity transferred by a current of one international ampere in one second. As a unit of capacity, the international farad, which is the capacity of a condenser charged to a potential of one international volt by one international coulomb of electricity.
Стр. 237 - ... As a unit of electromotive force, the international volt, which is the electromotive force that, steadily applied to a conductor whose resistance is one international ohm, will produce a current of one international ampere, and which is represented sufficiently well for practical use by \\\% of the electromotive force between the poles or electrodes of the voltaic cell known as Clark's cell, at a temperature of 15° C., and prepared in the manner described in the accompanying specification...
Стр. 318 - The crystals should be dissolved with the aid of gentle heat, but the temperature to which the solution is raised must not exceed 30° C.
Стр. 237 - The unit of induction shall be the Henry, which is the induction in a circuit when the electro-motive force induced in this circuit is one international volt while the inducing current varies at the rate of one Ampere per second.
Стр. 277 - We are in the case of Tarpeia, who opened the gates of the Roman citadel to the Sabines, and was crushed under the weight of the reward bestowed upon her.
Стр. 317 - The result will be the time-average of the current, if during the interval the current has varied. In determining by this method the constant of an instrument the current should be kept as nearly constant as possible, and the readings of the instrument observed at frequent intervals of time. These observations give a curve from which the reading corresponding to the mean current (time-average of the current) can be found. The current, as calculated by the voltameter, corresponds to this reading.
Стр. 316 - ... through a solution of nitrate of silver in water. The silver voltameter measures the total electrical quantity which has passed during the time of the experiment, and by noting this time the time average of the current, or, if the current has been kept constant, the current itself, can be deduced. In employing the silver voltameter to measure currents of about one ampere...

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