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My problem with disillusionment |
a feeling of disappointment resulting from the discovery that something is not as good as one believed it to be: the high abstention rate at the election reflected the voters' growing disillusionment with politics.
The President is only a face that represents America. Truth is Advisors run the Country.
Do not be afraid of religions that make you live your life in fear. Where are the God's of Greece now? Replaced by Christian beliefs and science fact.
Did the U.S. go to the moon? I would say try putting your Puppy in tin foil in a microwave (to simulate the radiation of space.) Probably not. Tang? No. Causes sugar problems. Now there is Diabetes. Where are REAL things? Like sponges for dishwashing. They are protected and now you have moldy cellulose. Wash Duck's in Dawn to strip the oil off their bodies from your oil spills. They all die eventually because they cant go and buy more Vaseline to put the oil back on their dry skin. Pile on Los Angles beaches. Millions of people driving and living on higher ground sending all their pollution downstream and you gladly take off your clothes and go swimming in an ocean with 10 Million cars pollution and Methane spewing from landfills! What are you thinking?
El Nino? Global Warming? Jeeze what is the next CATASTROPHE? Zika?
FEAR!! Do not believe. Please!
Wish you had DDT now I bet.
End of rant.
Wait.... We have a Space Telescope called Hubble. It can see to the beginning of time as we know it! What! you cant see the MOON and give me a picture of the Lunar Lander moon rover with a solar filter to cut the reflection? WTF! Now I know what they meant about NASA slushfund..
I need to launch a Mars mission. It will cost you $600 Billion. It crashes on Re-entry. Thanks for the Cash.

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