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church in the parish of Llandilo, at a place called Cwn Amman, at his own expense; and the vicar is collecting subscriptions towards its endowment, and the erection of a residence for the clergyman.

The Marquis of Waterford subscribed 100l. to rebuild the church of Carrick-on-Suir, for which the parishioners presented him with a beautiful white marble figure of Lord Tyrone, one of his ancestors, which lay in the old church more than a century. The Marquis has transferred the monument to the church of Clonegam, on the demesne of Curraghmore.

At a special meeting of the Worcester Diocesan Church Building Society, a grant of 500l. was made towards the erection of a new church in the parish of Broadway, and a grant of 50%. towards erecting a chapel of ease in the district of Abbot's Lench, in the parish of Fladbury.

BIRMINGHAM TEN CHURCHES FUND. -Reports have been received from several of the districts in course of canvass, and the total amount subscribed exceeds 18,000l.-The offer of a site for a church, with a donation of 2001., has been made by Mr. R. Benton, of Nechell's Park.

Mrs. Milward has contributed the munificent donation of 1000l. towards the endowment of the new episcopal chapel of St. Clement's, Hastings.

The subscriptions of the Hadwen family of Dean House, in Sowerby, towards the Society for the Increase of Church Accommodation and the Endowment of Churches in the Diocese of Ripon, amount to near 4007. This is a noble example from one house, and which we hope to see followed.

A new church is intended to be erected at Hillfield, in Trinity parish, Coventry. One gentleman has given 2000l. towards this object, and another has offered a piece of ground on which to erect the building.

The Goldsmith's Company, at their own expense, are about to erect a new church, adjoining their almshouse at East Acton, for the 'accommodation of the Company's numerous tenants, and their aged poor in that establishment. The Bishop of Lon

don, as lord of the manor, presents them with a ring of bells and an organ.

The Rev. T. Gisborne, M.A., Prebendary of Durham, has given 2001. towards the endowment of Holy Trinity church, Darlington.

Lord Ward has subscribed 2007. to the Worcestershire Diocesan Church Building Society, and 300l. to that of Lichfield. His Lordship will also erect parsonage houses at Netherton and Cosely at his own expense.

The present Earl of Cardigan has given one acre and a half of land for the site of a parsonage house at Farnley; 50l. towards the improvements of the parsonage house at Gildersome, and 100%. towards the new church to be built at Stanningley.

It is in contemplation to propose the erection of a second new church at Taunton, to be founded upon strictly ecclesiastical principles. A beautiful and commodious site, some time since promised to the public, will be given for that purpose.

A public subscription has been entered into for the purpose of restoring the ancient church at Denton, near Gravesend. This building, it appears, has been in ruins for near 300 years. W. Knox Child, Esq. has generously headed the subscription with 5007.

The Ecclesiastical Commissioners have voted 1200l. to erect a church at Askeaton; and 600l. to erect a church on the demesne of Lord Muskerry, Springfield, county of Limerick, both on the present sites.

Mr. Haslar Hollist has contributed the munificent sum of 100l. towards affording increased church accommodation to the inhabitants of the parish of Lodsworth, near Midhurst.

DIOCESE OF RIPON.-In the Halifax district, the donations for the increase of church accommodation and the endowment of churches, already amount to 42417. 158. 6d., and the annual subscriptions to 1417. 4s.

The worthy and indefatigable incumbent of the Isle of Portland has made the munificent offer of 1500l. as an endowment for a district church for that island, if subscriptions can be raised for the purpose of erecting




THE LATE REV. HUGH JAMES ROSE.-KING'S COLLEGE, LONDON.-The subjoined is the copy of a minute of the council of this institution, in reference to the decease of the late Principal of the College :-"The council, having been informed of the death of the Rev. Hugh James Rose, late Principal of the College, which event took place at Florence, on the 22d of December last, are desirous of expressing the deep concern with which they have received this intelligence, and of recording their grateful sense of the conscientious and efficient manner in which their late lamented Principal discharged the duties of his office, while bearing up against the pressure of an enfeebled constitution and failing health. Valuable as were the services for which this institution was indebted to him, the council are well aware that they formed but a part of those which his great talents, his varied learning, his ardent piety, and his unwearied energy, enabled him to render to the church at large, to the interests of sound learning, and to the cause of religious education."

A subscription has been entered into on the part of the Principal, Professors, Masters, and Students, for the purpose of erecting a testimonial in the College Chapel, commemorative of their sincere regard for the late head of the institution, the late Rev. Hugh James Rose, of their deep respect for his ardent piety and varied attainments, and of their grateful sense of his unceasing solicitude to promote the interests of the establishment.

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The following circular was lately addressed by the Archbishop of York to the Bishop of Durham, as well as to each Bishop within his province :

"Bishopsthorpe Palace.

"MY LORD, It appearing, by the returns annually made to the Privy Council, that many incumbents of benefices in the several dioceses within the province of York have not answered the questions transmitted to them at the commencement of every year, and that others have shown, by their answers, that they have been non

resident without license or exemption, I am desirous of calling the attention of your Lordship, and the other bishops of the province, to the expediency of adopting some effectual method of preventing this irregularity in future.

"The course which I would recommend to your Lordship, and which I intend myself to pursue, for the attainment of this object, is

"Ist. That we should endeavour to impress on the beneficed clergy the necessity of strictly complying with the provisions of the act recently passed, by which they are required, within three weeks after the receipt of the questions transmitted to them, to return full and specific answers thereto.

"2d. That we should, without delay, ascertain whether any incumbents under our jurisdiction are non-resident, according to the meaning of the act, and proceed, if there should be occasion, to call into residence, by monition, those who may be found in this situation, and to punish them for past non-residence.

"The effect of the proposed inquiry will be to do away with such cases of nonresidence altogether; and the only cases which will then remain are those of wilful non-residence, in respect to which it is clearly our duty to exercise, in every instance, the powers vested in us by law, and the more so as, by the exclusion of the common informer, the maintenance of ecclesiastical discipline, in this most important particular, is confided solely to the bishop.

"By the adoption of this method it is hoped that we may be enabled in future to send in our returns to her Majesty in Council at the time prescribed by the Act; and, what is of still greater importance, that no cases of non-residence without exemption or license will appear in the returns, with the exception of such as may be under the necessary process for compelling return into residence, or inflicting the penalties for non-residence.

"I take this opportunity, moreover, of calling your Lordship's attention to the 33d section of the Act before referred to,which enables the Bishop, where a benefice has no house, or no fit house, for the residence of the incumbent, by license under hand and seal, to permit him to reside in some fit and convenient house, though not belonging to the benefice, if the same be within three miles of his church or chapel, or within two miles, if such church or chapel be in a city, or a market or borough town. As the license, in every such case, will constitute the house described and specified in it 'a legal house of residence' during the period for which it is granted, to all intents and purposes, it is my intention (until fit houses on the glebe can be provided under the Act 1 Vict. c. 23, or on or after the next avoidance of benefices, by the several sections from 62 to 74 in the New Residence Act) to call upon incumbents having no house, or an unfit house, on benefices within my own diocese, and who now reside, or who in my judgment ought to reside, within the prescribed distance, to apply for such licenses; which, on receiving their applications, I propose to grant; and I shall forthwith proceed in this matter (whether the incumbents to whom these observations apply have a license for non-residence or not), in order that in the next return to the Privy Council I may have the opportunity of returning them as resident; and if they happen to have a second benefice beyond the prescribed distance of three miles, or two miles (as the case may be), they will be returned in respect thereof as non-resident by reason of residence on another benefice.

"I recommend this course for general and immediate adoption, by which it is obvious that the next, and all future annual returns to the Privy Council, will exhibit the residence of the clergy in a much more favourable light than heretofore; and the number of licenses for non-residence to be granted on account of there being no house, or for the unfitness of the house, and for reasons not enumerated in the Act, will be comparatively small.

"I consider that the 33d section, before referred to, is a great improvement in the law of residence: hitherto an unnecessary and undeserved reproach appeared to attach to incumbents who resided near and duly performed the duties of their benefices, but were in many cases returned and counted non-resident, because they were obliged to have a license for non-residence; if the new power is fully exercised, I expect that the evil adverted to will be effectually remedied.

"At the same time that I offer these recommendations to your Lordship and the bishops of the province, I shall be happy to receive any suggestions which, in your Lordship's opinion, may be calculated to promote the attainment of the objects which I have in view.

"I remain, my Lord, your affectionate brother,

"The Lord Bishop of Durham."

"E. EBOR."

BISHOPRICS OF ST. ASAPH AND BANGOR.-The Gazette contains an Order in Council, directing that, on the next vacancy, the Bishoprics of St. Asaph and Bangor shall be united, and that the income shall amount to the annual sum of 5,2004, on the occurrence of which event the new Bishopric of Manchester is to be erected, the Collegiate Church to become a Cathedral, and the Warden and Fellows Dean and Canons; the diocese to be composed of the whole county of Lancaster, at present in the diocese of Chester, with the exception of the deanery of Furnes and Cartmel.

The Lord Bishop of Salisbury has signified his intention of holding his primary Visitation of the Diocese, comprising the counties of Wilts and Dorset, in the course of the ensuing summer.

DR. IRELAND.-That highly-respected Dignitary of the Church, Dr. John Ireland, the Venerable the Dean of Westminster, is a native of Ashburton, Devonshire; and at a public meeting of the inhabitants of that town, recently convened for that purpose, the Rev. Wm. Marsh, the Vicar, communicated to them the particulars of an interesting correspondence he has lately had with this venerable person, in which the Rev. Dignitary expressed his determination to bequeath to the town the sum of 2,000. for the purpose of providing a suitable residence for the future master of the Ashburton Endowed Grammar School. Dr. Ireland, always seeking to do good, had, amongst his other munificent acts, before given the interest of 1,000l. to six aged persons of Ashburton annually, on New Year's day. The most lively satisfaction was evinced by all present at the communication made by Mr. Marsh, and an address, expressive of the grateful sense of the inhabitants at large at such an instance of bounty, immediately and unanimously voted. This has been engrossed and signed by persons of every different shade of opinion, and will be transmitted to the Dean.

SALISBURY DIOCESAN BOARD OF EDUCATION.-We are happy to be able to state, that the most gratifying answers have been received from a large portion of the noblemen, gentlemen, and clergymen, who have been requested to accept the office of permanent and elected members of the Salisbury Diocesan Board of Education. Though it was not deemed advisable to make any direct appeal for funds till the plans of the Board should be more matured, yet many offers of support have been received, and several most liberal contributions have been already announced. Amongst others, 501. from the Rev. Chancellor Marsh, 501. from the Rev. F Dyson, &c. The gentlemen who have accepted the office of members of the Board will meet on the 15th, after which we may expect some more public announcement of the objects contemplated, and have no doubt that the Institution will obtain that liberal and permanent support to which the vast importance of its proposed operations entitles it, and without which they cannot be carried into effect.

NEW ORGAN, COMBE RALEIGH.-Mr. Gray, the eminent organ builder of Newroad, Fitzroy-square, London, has just erected an organ in the parish church of Combe Raleigh, near Honiton, Devon; the purchase of which was effected by the voluntary subscriptions of the parishioners, aided by the generous contributions of the friends of the Rector. A crowded congregation witnessed the gratifying ceremony of its opening, on which occasion an appropriate and eloquent sermon was preached by the Rev. Charles E. Band, the Rector of the parish; after which a handsome collection was made at the doors, the plates being held by Mrs. Graves, and E. S. Drewe Esq., of the Grange, the patron of the living, and Mrs. Banister, and E. W. Band, Esq. supported by the Churchwardens, Mr. Godfree, and Mr. H. Godfree, jun. It is highly gratifying, at the present day, to see the appeals of the Clergy thus readily and liberally answered, and every effort used to promote the glory of God, though it be merely in the erection of an organ, consecrated to the purposes of devotion, exciting so much general interest. Among the list of subscribers we notice the name of E. S. Drewe, Esq., for 201.

WEST HACKNEY NEW NATIONAL SCHOOLS.-On Sunday, February 24, an admirable discourse, on James v. 19, 20, was preached at West Hackney Church, by the Right Hon. and Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of London, in behalf of the Building Fund, when the handsome sum of 561. 13s. 8d. was collected, and several new subscribers announced.


The Bishop of Bath and Wells intends to hold a General Ordination at Wells, on Sunday, the 12th of May.

The Lord Bishop of Exeter will hold an Ordination in the cathedral church of that city, on Sunday, the 7th of April.

The Bishop of Salisbury will hold a General Ordination at Salisbury, on Trinity Sunday, May 26. Candidates for Deacon's Orders are required to be at the palace, Salisbury, in order to a preliminary examination, on Thursday, March 21, having previously obtained the Bishop's approval of their respective titles for Orders. It is not necessary for them at this time to bring with them any papers. Candidates for Priest's Orders are required, as are also those for Deacon's Orders, to send their papers to the Bishop's Secretary, J. Burder, Esq. 27 Parliament-street, London, at least three weeks before the day of Ordination.

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Hon. and Rev. Dr. Tonson, brother of Lord Riversdale, to be Bishop of Killaloe.

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