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spectively, together with seven cate- ments. Nothing shall be wanting on chists of both the northern and south- my part, as I need not assure the ern presidencies, and two school- venerable Society my heart is in the masters. This is independent of the College. With God' is all ultimate Brahman missionary before mentioned, success, but it never was in the way whose name is at the head of a similar to so much permanent good (take the address from the native students." whole state of the College into conExtract from a Letter of the Bishop of Professor Malan.

sideration), as since the arrival of Calcutta, dated Nov. 30, 1838.

“ Then the three Bishops are now, “ The moment is now a critical one, for the first time (November) in their I really think, for the full prosperity

dioceses. of the College. You have been most “I am in great hopes that all the successful in your choice of Mr. Malan. missions will begin to pour in their He is a delightful person, more than students into the College.” answering our warmest expectations, In a subsequent letter, dated Januso far as we can at present judge; ary 4, 1839, the Bishop says, quick, energetic, a genius for acquir

* A new

from ing Oriental languages, sound minded, Dr. Mill's retirement, and Professor pious, of a sweet open temper, enthu- Malan's succession as Oriental Prosiastic in love to India and the College. fessor.

India was

never so likely The applications from various parts of to be prolific of students as now, when India concur with the reputation of steam-boats are uniting it with the Professor Malan, to render it probable western world, and filling it with that the College may now take a new European colonists." spring, and rise to its proper influence The Rev. Alfred Wallis Street, B.A. and efficiency.

of Pembroke College, and Craven “ The loss of Dr. Mill is, indeed, in Scholar in the University of Oxford, many respects irreparable. But this has just been appointed a Professor was not unexpected, and we must at Bishop's College, and is now preendeavour to train up our new Pro- paring for his voyage out. fessors to emulate his high attain




Grand Fancy Fair in Behalf of the National Schools, West Hackney.

Ar the present moment, every cir- crown all, the weather was most procumstance calculated to bring the pitious. On the first day the band of working of the National Society into the Royal Artillery were in attendfavourable notice, is highly valuable; ance; on the second, that of the Grewe, therefore, cannot allow the grati- nadier Guards; both, it is scarcely fying results attending the Fancy Sale necessary to observe, gave the highest in behalf of the West Hackney Na- satisfaction. But after all, to the ladies tional Schools, held on the 3d and 4th we are most deeply indebted. The July, to pass over without a comment. stalls, under the arrangement of Mrs. The beautiful grounds of Mr. Moxhay, Isaacson, Mrs. Brown, and Mrs. Niat Stamford Hill, were most liberally cholson, assisted by a host of fair granted for the use of the committee; friends, exhibited charity in her most and it was a general remark, that a attractive form, whilst the refreshmore appropriate spot could not have ment booth, under Mr. Long's mabeen found. The arrangements of nagement, was precisely what it ought the committee were admirable ; and to to be.

For many years will these days be publication of “The Terpsichore Quaremembered:

drilles," composed by Miss S. A. “ The sun was in the heavens, and joy

Tucker, expressly for the occasion. on earth."

They are decidedly a first-rate com

position, and give promise of the By one o'clock the grounds began to highest excellency. We were given fill rapidly, and a continual stream to understand that this is her first of elegantly dressed ladies flowed publication;- if so, we venture to towards the attractive scene till even- prophesy that before long England ing. Of the hospitality and atten- will possess a native composer, in no tion of Mr. Moxhay and his family, respect inferior to her continental it is impossible to speak to highly; contemporaries. and of the urbanity and active exer- And now for the touchstone of tions of the gentlemen who patronized


What was the produce of the undertaking and lent their friendly

these combined attractions? A gross aid, we can only say, every body was receipt of THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY delighted. Nor must we omit the POUNDS!!!



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Article. Birrell, A. P. Welney

Cambridge. Plate. Corser, T. . Stand

munion Service. Craufurd, G. W.. King's College, Camb. . Cambridge. Three splendid Salvers. Fennell, S. D.D. Queen's College, Camb. Cambridge. Address. Isaacson, S. West Hackney

Middlesex. A Purse of Sovereigns. Larks, J. . Liskeard

Cornwall Tea Service. Lee, J. P. Rugby (Pupils) Warwick

Splendid seven-light Can

delabrum. Nottidge, J. Hanningfield

Essex Silver Epergne.
Prust, I. P.

Devon Plate.
Stoddart, R. W.. Solihull .

Warwick Tea Service, Westmoreland, T. Selby

York Costly Salver.

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King's College School.—During the last month, his Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury, accompanied by the Rev. Dr. D'Oyley, Dr. Shepherd, and the Principal, visited the school. “After an examination of nearly two hours' duration, conducted personally on the part of the Archbishop, his Grace was pleased to express himself to the masters of the different classes in high terms of approbation as to the proficiency of the pupils. It was very gratifying for his Grace to observe that an institution, in whose welfare he had ever manifested a deep interest, was steadily supported by the public, the number of pupils at present (430) showing an increase over the marimum of any previous period.

• The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress twice honoured the grounds, and Col. Wood, M. P., Col. Thomas Wood, jun. M. P. for the county, Lady Caroline Wood, Mrs. Wyndham, and all the élite of the neighbourhood, enlivened the scene by their presence.


Aug. 4, Archbishop of York.
Sept. 22, Bishop of Lincoln.

By the Lord Bishop of Winchester.




Degree. College. Agnew, Thomas Richard

B.A. New Biber, George Edward, Phil. Doct. Tubingen, LL.D. Gottingen. Campbell, Andrew Ramsay .

M.A. Balliol Hamilton, James Isaac

B.A. St. John's Julius, Henry Richard

B.A. St. John's Kelk, William

B.A. St. John's Lawrell, John

B.A. Merton Marett, Charles

B.A. Pembroke Milne, Henry

B.A. Brasennose Pizey, Edward

B.A. Queen's Rogers, Alexander John .

B.A. Jesus Rowsell, Thomas James

St. John's

Oxford Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge Oxford Cambridge Oxford Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge

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The DEANERY OP Exeter.— The Chapter of Exeter have elected to the vacant office of their Dean, the Rev. Thomas Hill Lowe, M.A. Precentor and Canon Residentiary of Exeter. It was only at the end of six months from the vacancy, and in order to avoid a lapse, that the Chapter resorted to their ancient right of free election. We understand that they expressed throughout the greatest readiness to pay all due respect to the wishes of the Crown, and therefore postponed their election from day to day, in the hope that the Crown might recommend for their choice a person fully qualified for election under the existing law. It will be remembered, that Lord Wriothesley Russell was first nominated by the Crown, being utterly ineligible : one of the Prebendaries of the cathedral was then nominated in his stead; but in consequence of the operation of the Ecclesiastical Appointments Suspension Act, he too was incapable, according to the invariable usage of the Church, of election to the Deanery, and the Chapter very reluctantly objected to any special legislative enactment to qualify the nominee of the Crown by a partial repeal of the Suspension Act. We mention these circumstances the rather, because we see that Lord John Russell has brought in a Bill for the continuance of this very objectionable Suspension Act, which has been productive of great inconvenience at other places as well as Exeter. This Act was originally passed in 1836 for one year, and has been renewed each year since. It prejudges the question of Cathedral Reform, and assumes the right, which has never yet been shown, of Parliamentary interference in the ancient constitution of these bodies, without the consent of the Church or themselves. We hold it, therefore, to be equally unconstitutional and inexpedient; and we hope an attempt will be made to prevent its revival. If any well-digested scheme of improvement, whereby the integrity of our cathedral institutions may be preserved, and the true claims upon them properly answered, can be devised (and we have reason to think that such a scheme is in contemplation), it will be time enough to suspend appointments, when the permanent act shall have passed for "rendering ” (in the words of the Royal Commission) our cathedral institutions, and not their revenues only, conducive to the efficiency of the Established Church.”





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Nel Value. County.


Patron. Allen, E. B. Bacup

£113 Lanc. Chester Rev. R. Noble Armstrong, C.. Nottingham, St. Paul's 699 Norts York Earl Manvers Barkley, C. Melton Parva 110 Norfolk Norwich Emman. Coll.Camb. Benyon, E. R. Ingham with Culford 549 Suffolk

R. Benyon de

Beauvoir Brown, W. L.. Wendlebury

210 Oxford Oxford Christ Ch. Oxford Burton, R. L.. Ford

91 Shropsh. Hereford G. Tomline, Esq. Carwithen, W. H. Challacombe

142 Devon Exeter Earl Fortescue Causton, C. Stretton-on-the-Fosse 288 Warwick Worc. Mrs. M. P.Jervoise Croughton, R. F.. Melton Mowbray 580 Leicester Lincoln P. Godfrey, Esq. Cowley, W. Rushall

292 Stafford L. & C. W. Mellish, Esq. Coxon, M.. Heswall

294 Cheshire Chester

D. Davenport and

Mrs. Okill
Riddlesworth with
Darby, W..

212 Norfolk Norwich T. Thornbill, Esq.
Denham, J. F.
St. Mary le Strand,

266 MiddlesexLondon Lord Chancellor

Westminster Flint, W. C. Bilsthorpe

360 Notts York Earl of Scarborough Forester, R. T. High Ercall

273 Shropsh. L. & C. Duke of Cleveland Gompertz, S. Episc. Chpl. Chalford Glouc. Glouc. Trustees Greensall, J. Wimbish

190 Essex London J. Raymond, Esq. Guard, J. Langtree


Exeter Lord Rolle
Harter, G. G.. Birch

160 Lanc. Chesler J. Dickinson, Esq. Haworth, W. Goodshaw

121 Lanc. Chester Vicar of Whalley Sutton with

L. & C. R. Arkwright, Esq. Ingram, E. W. Harvington

296 Worc. Worc. D. & C. of Worc. Isaacson, I. F. Freshwater

710 I.of WightWinchest. St.John's Coll.Cam, Jeffray, W. L.. Preston St. Thomas

Lanc. Chester Trustees

H.S. Northcote, Esq. 355 Devon Exeter

& Rev. H. B. Wrey Maskelyne, W. Crudwell

487 Wilts Salisbury W. Maskelyne, Esq. Moore, J. W. Hordley

330 Shropsh. L. & C. T. Parr, Esq. Pearson, T. C. Roddington

247 Shropsh, L. & C. Lord Chancellor VOL. XXI. NO. VIII.

3 u



3309 Derby

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