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Collingburne- } £261

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Preferment. Net Value. County. Diocese.


Wilts Salisbury D.&C.of Winchester Overbury 421 Worc. Worc. D. & C. of Worc.

Trustees of Rev. C.
437 York York


531 Suffolk Norwich Incumbent (M.P. St. Columb Minor

Cornwall Exeter Sir J. Y. Buller, Bt. Southwick

207 Sussex Chichester Lord Chaucellor
( New Church, St.
Luke's, Middlesex

MiddlesexLondon Bp. of London

157 Herts Lincoln Christ Ch, Oxford

Poore, C. H.
Smith, W.
Scoresby, Dr.
Suckling, A. J.
Thomas, N.
Tuson, F. E.
Wade, N.
Williams, J.

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Agnew, T. R.
Atkinson, T.
Brown, W.
Campbell, C.
Carter, J.
Carter, J. E.
Clement, B. P.
Cooper, G.
Dwyer, T.
Fennell, s.
Groomes, J.,
Hale, H. W.
Hine, H. T. C.
Hooper, W. N..
Matthews, J. T.
Payne, T.
Peake, J. R.
Robinson, J.
Scott, W.
Smith, H. C.
Taylor, H.
Valpy, F.
Vane, J.
Williams, J..

Curate of Portsea.
Curate of Tourbridge, Salop.
Minor Canon, Worcester.
Curate of St. Paul's, Birmingham.
Lecturer of St. Giles, Oxford.
Minor Canon, Bristol.
Minor Canon, Winchester.
Chaplain to H. M. S. Blenheim, 74.
Chaplain to the West Derby Union.
Principal of W. R. of York Proprietary School, Wakefield.
Chaplain to Sherborne Union.
Archdeaconry of St. Albans.
Readership of St. James, Bury St. Edmunds.
Precentor, Winchester.
Master of Sheffnell Grammar School.
Chaplain to Weymouth Union.
Master of Whitchurch Grammar School.
Chaplain at the Trinity House, Hull.
Ministry of Christ Church, Hoxton.
Lectureship, Kingsbridge, Devon.
Chaplain to the Earl of Powis.
Head Master of Burton-upon-Trent Free Grammar School.
Deputy Clerk to Her Majesty.
Chaplain to the South Metropolitan Cemetery, Norwood.

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Stafford L. & c. {5. Gough, Esq.

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Preferment. Net Value. County. Diocese.

Ambrose, I. Blisworth

£351 Northam. Peterboro'G. F. Hatton, Esq. Bushbury 159

, . Clare, J. Wednesfield

113 ) Dowdeswell, C. Beoley

73 Worc. Worc. W. Holmes, Esq. Faulkner, W. Hanging Heaton

York York Hill, J. 0.. Ashenden with Dorton 106 Bucks Lincoln Christ Ch. Oxford Rempstone

478 Hosking, T.

Notts York

Lord Chancellor Hughes, D. Penmynd

86 Anglesea Bangor Bangor Cath. Lillistone, J. Barsham

531 Suffolk Norwich Rev. A. Suckling Nelson, J. E. R. , Congham

453 Norfolk Norwich Incumbent



Name. Pendrill, E. Parsons, R. Topping, J. Venour, J. . Whalley, J. Wise, T.

Preferment. Net Value. County. Diocese. Palron. Llanguick £103 Glamorg. St. David's Mrs. M. Leach Penthos

96 Carnarv. Bangor Lord Chancellor Leigh

263 Lanc. Chester Lord Lilford Bourton-on-Dunsmore350 Warwick Worc. J. Shenkburgh, Esq. Rushall

292 Stafford L. & C. W. Mellish, Esq. Hagworthingham 536 Lincoln Lincoln Bp. of Ely

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OBITUARY. W. MACKWORTH PRAED, Esq. M.P.-With deep regret we announce the death, in the 37th year of his age, of Winthrop Mackworth Praed, Esq. M.P. The cause of his death was consumption. He was Conservative Member for Aylesbury, formerly Fellow of Trinity College, and Deputy High Steward of the University of Cambridge. He was the son of Mr. Serjeant Praed.

Mr. Praed's fame wbile at the University was perhaps greater than that of almost any other man; for, besides carrying away an unprecedented number of prizes, he was one of the greatest stars “the Union" has produced. In the year 1822, he gained two of Sir William Browne's gold medals, being those for the Greek Ode, and the Greek and Latin Epigrams. In 1823, he again obtained Sir Wm. Browne's medal for the Greek Ode, and the Chancellor's prize for the best English Poem, the subject for the latter being “ Australia.” In 1824, he again got the Browne medal for the Epigrams, and also the Chancellor's prize for his poem “Athens.” He obtained the Seatonian prize in 1830. Mr. Praed took the degree of B.A. in 1825, being a Junior Optime, and coming out as the third in the Classical Tripos. He was elected Fellow of his College, and was called to the Bar. He went the Norfolk circuit, and was rapidly rising, till his parliamentary duties took him away from his profession. His political career has brought him much before the public, and had he lived the ordinary period allotted to man, we have no doubt he would have gone down to posterity as one of the great men of his day. As a statesman, his stores of knowledge of every kind, and his great industry, rendered him of great service to the party he espoused, while his oratory, clear, fervid, and impressive, joined with astonishing quickness of perception, rendered him must useful as a debater. In the year 1830, he was returned to Parliament for the borough of St. Germain's, and at the dissolution, in 1832, he contested the borough of St. Ives with Mr. Halse, who was returned ; the numbers being, for Mr. Halse 272, and for Mr. Praed 223. Mr. Praed resumed his profession till 1835, when he was returned with Mr. J. Baring for Yarmouth, beating his Whig opponents by a majority of 88. In this year he married Ellen, the youngest daughter of the late Geo. Boyle, Esq., with whom it is said he had a considerable fortune; and when the Conservatives were in power, was appointed Secretary to the Board of Control. At the last election he was returned for the borough of Aylesbury, by a majority of 117 over Lord Nugent. In private life, the amiable qualities of Mr. Praed made him universally respected.



Howard, Hon. & Rev. B.
Macdonnell, J.,
Marsh, J.
Thornton, H.
Vachelle, G. H.

Appointment or Residence.
Chaplain to the Earl of Wicklow.
At Sea.
Christ Church, Oxford.
Chaplain at Macao.



At a meeting of the Graduates in Di. vinity, the Rev. Godfrey Faussett, D.D. and formerly Fellow of Magdalen College, was unanimously re-elected Professor of Divinity on the foundation of the Lady Margaret, Countess of Richmond, mother of King Henry the Seventh.

HARROW School.- Mr.Joseph Neeld, M.P. for Chippenham, and one of the Governors of Harrow School, has just founded two additional Scholarships at Harrow for boys going thence to any College in the Universiry of Oxford. Mr. Alexander James Beresford Hope, son of Viscountess Beresford, has given up the proceeds of his Scholarship gained at Harrow in 1837, to found a prize at the same school.

GOLD MEDALS. Latin Prose.-" An cum artium liberalium studiis necessario conjugatur morum integritas." H. M. White.

English Verse.—" The Diving Bell." R. Ryder.

SILVER MEDALS. Latin Speech.—" Ciceronis in Catalinam Oratio." C. Barter.

English Speech.—“Character of Lord Falkland," A. R. Wood.

BISHOP MALTBY'S PRIZE. Greek lambics.—From King John, Act iii. sc. 4. S. G. Selwyn. H. M. White.

The gentlemen placed on the roll to fill the vacancies as they occur at New College, were-Messrs. John Coke, (c.f.) Geo. A. Quicke, (c. f.) Charles Barter, Sydney Geo. Selwyn, Algernon Bathurst, Henry M. White, William E. C. Austin, W. E. Dixon Carter, Henry Wm. Norman, Charles W. Lawrence, Henry E. Moberly, Francis Phillpott, Philip Williams, John W. Conway Huglies, and De Courcy Meade.

JESUS COLLEGE. The Rev. Hugh Jones, M.A. Scholar of this College, has been elected a Fellow.


Nicholas Darnell and Charles Leopold Stanley Clarke, Scholars, have been admitted Actual Fellows of that Society.



Sr. John's COLLEGE. James Bellamy and Thomas Garrard, Scholars, have been admitted Fellows; and Edward West, Paul Parnell, Henry Longueville Mansel, and Leopold John Bernays (all from Merchant Tailors' School), have been elected and admitted Scholars of this Society.

Seth Benjamin Watson, St. John's College, one of the Physicians to the Radcliffe Infirmary. DOCTORS IN CIVIL LAW, GRAND COM

POUNDER, Alfred Waddilove, Trin. Coll.

MASTERS OF ARTS. Rev. Aaron Arrowsmith, Magd. Hall. Rev. Edw. Johnson Gosling, Magd. Hall. Rev. Robert Billing, Worcester Coll. Rev. H. G. Cooper, St. John's Coll. Rev. J. T. Johnson, St. John's Coll. T. A. Whitter, Brasennose Coll. grand

compounder. Rev. S. F. Dickson, Brasennose Coll. Rev. S. A. Fyler, Trin. Coll. Rev. J. Walker, Fell. of Wadham Coll.

WADHAM COLLEGE, Lewis Evans, B. A. and the Rev. Ed. ward Wyndham Tufnell, B.A. have been elected Probationers; and Frederick Tufnel (of the county of Essex), Henry Bond Bowlby (King's Scholar of Durham Grammar School), Robert Trimmer (Townsend's Exhibitioner of Pembroke College), and Leonard Francis Burrows (of Charter House), have been elected Scholars.


G. A. F. Fitz-Wygram, Ch. Ch.


G. F. Flowers, Lincoln Coll.

WINCHESTER COLLEGE. At the Annual Visitation of Winchester College, by the Rev. Dr. Shuttleworth, Warden of New College, the Rev. W. H. Newbolt, M.A. and the Rev. Richard Payne, B.C.L. Posers, the prizes were adjudged as follows :

The Rev. Henry Richardson, M.A. of Trinity College, Cambridge, bas been admitted ad eundem.

CAMBRIDGE, The following graces have passed the Trinity College: 2. Bayley, Trinity Senate :

College. Subject, “Quænam commoda To appoint Mr. Fendall, of Jesus Col- Britannia percipiat ex Coloniis transatlege, Deputy Proctor in the absence of lanticis. Mr. Arlett.

For Undergraduates. John Mason To appoint Mr. Hildyard, of Christ's Neale, Trinity College. Subject," Inter College, Deputy Taxor in the absence of Antiquorum et Recentiorum eloquentiam Mr. Baldwin.

comparation facta, utri palma sit deferTo appoint Mr. Gibbs, of Caius Col- enda." lege, Deputy Taxor in the absence of No second prize adjudged. Mr. Langshaw. To authorize Mr. Basevi to make a

Select Preachers.-The following gencontract with Mr. Nicholl for the sculp

tlement have been elected Select Preachture of the four lions at the pavilion en

ers at St. Mary's, each for the inonth to trances of the Fitzwilliam Museum, at a

which his name is affixed :cost not exceeding 4001.

1839. Oct. . The Hulsean Lecturer. To appoint Mr. Maddison, of Catha

Nov. . The Rev. H. Melvill, St. rine Hall, Deputy Proctor, in the absence

Peter's. of Mr. Burdakin.

Dec. . The Rev. J. E. Browne,


1840. Jan. . . The Rev. C. Lawson, St. PRIZES.

John's. The Members Prizes for Latin prose

Feb. . The Rev.T. Robinson, Trin. compositions have been awarded

March The Rev.J. C. Hare, Trin. follows :

April. The Hulsean Lecturer. For Bachelors of Arts. - 1. Edleston, May . The Rev. C. Green, Jesus.



Sept. 15. Mr. H. Marsh, Joh.

21. Fest. S. MATT. Mr. Hill, Joh. Aug. 4. Coll. Joh. 11. Mr. Hopper,

22. Mr. J. Brown, Joli. Chr.

29. Fest. S. Mic. Mr. Tucker, Pet. 18. Mr. Upjohn, Regin. 25. Mr. Dwyer, Corp.

Oct. 6. Mr. Dowell, Pet.

13. Mr. Ray, Clar. Sept. 1. Mr. Sunderland, Cai. 8. Coll. Regal.

18. Fest. S. Luc. Mr. Molineux,

Clar. 15. Coll. Trin.

20. Mr. Baily, Clar. 22. Coll. Joh.

27. Mr. Hall, Clar. 29. Mr. Chapman, Chr.

28. FEST. SS. SIM. ET JUD. Mr. Oct. 6. Mr. Brown, jun. Regin.

Jonas, Clar. 13. Mr. Elliot, Corp.

Nov. 1. Fest. Om. Sanct. Mr. Liveing, 20. Mr. Coates, Jes.


3. Mr. Barnes, jun. Pemb. Nov. 3. Coll. Regal.

10. Mr. England, Pemb. 10. Coll. Trin.

17. Mr. Wall, Cai. 17. Coll. Joh.

24. Mr. Jackson, Cai. 24. Mr. A. H. Barker, Chr.

30. Fest. S. AND. Mr. Sunderland, Dec. 1. Mr. Dalton, Regin.

Cai. 8. Mr. Bagshawe, Corp.

Dec. 1. Mr. J. S. Cox, Corp. 15. Mr. Buston, Emm.

8. Mr. Pullen, Corp. 22. Coll, Regal.

15. Mr. Steventon, Corp. 29. Coll. Trin.

21. Fest. S. Thom. Mr. Chap

man. Corp. POSTER COMB.

22. Mr. Walsh, Corp. Aug. 4. Mr. Read, Joh.

25. Fest. Nativ. Mr. Dwyer, Cor. 11. Mr. Singleton, Joh.

26. Fest. S. STEPH. Mr. Hose, 18. Mr. Pritchard, Joh.

Regin. 24. Fest. S. Bart. Mr. Stain

27. Fest. S. Joh. Mr. Rangeley, forth, Joh.

Regin. 25. Mr. Moody, Job.

28. FEST. INNOC. Mr. Upjohn, Sept. 1. Mr. Shield, Joh.

Regin. 8. Mr. Wharton, Joh.

29. Mr. Brown, Regin.

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Yonge, Williams,sen.




men. Essington.

3d Class. 2d Class.

Hawtrey, Williams, jun.

Taryer, Witts,

Hume, Birch,


BACHELOR IN DIVINITY. Rev. Thomas Donkin, of Catharine Hall.

BACHELOR IN THE CIVIL LAW. Rev. Josiah Walker, of Trinity Hall.

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