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attended. The attendance was nume- Sunday, Sept. 29th, for that long tried rous as well as respectable, the collec- friend of the Society, the Rev. M. H. tion ample, and the chairman (G. Lane Miller, and on the following day atFox, Esq. M.P.), the Rev. W. Dixon, tended a very respectable meeting, at Canon Residentiary of York, the Rev. which the first anniversary of the Dr. Hook, and others, did full justice Scarborough District Committee was to the claims of the Society.

commemorated. Sir John Johnson “On the following morning, Sun- took the chair, supported by Sir Thos. day, Sept. 22, I advocated the Society's Legard, and other persons of influence cause in the small church at Newton in the neighbourhood. My labours Kyme, – the Rev. E. Duncombe, the closed yesterday with the re-establishrector, is one of your most useful sup- ment of the District Committee, porters in that neighbourhood; and in in the adjoining town of Bridlington. the evening, at the ancient and inter- In the absence of the Archdeacon, his esting church at Tadcaster, I collected official (the Rev. G. W. Wrangham) above 14l., a larger portion of it than took the chair, the Rev. F. Simpson usual in halfpence, from the inhabi- was appointed Secretary, and the Rev. tants of a small town, where the ope- Wm. Tiffin Treasurer to the Comrations of the Society have heretofore mittee. been little known.

Nothing now remains before me “ These places are in the West Ri- but a visit to some of the wealthy and ding. I turned from Tadcaster towards populous cities of the West Riding. I the East Riding; a locality where less trust that in my several wanderings has heretofore been done for the Soci, ty (besides the sums collected, and which than perhaps in any county of Eng. the local Treasurers will transmit), land. An attempt was made last year there has been diffused an increased to establish a District Committee at knowledge, both of the need of greater Bridlington, which, owing to the la- efforts for the extension of the Gospel, mented death of one of its officers and of the position of the Church as the Rev. Marmaduke Prickett, and the Missionury Society. Aid me, Rev. the removal of the other, it has been Sir, by your prayers, that this feeling necessary to renew; but with this ex

may spread more widely both among ception, no District Committee what

our clergy and people. ever has existed in the whole Riding. feeble efforts tend to this result, I shall

“At Pocklington, on the 24th of not repent having placed myself in Sept., George Legard, Esq.(the chair- circumstances in which I have felt my man), undertook the office of Trea- own incompetence, as deeply as I have surer, and the Rev. Charles Carr, that the greatness of our common cause. of Secretary. The meeting at Beverley

“I am, Rev. Sir, on the 20th (Henry Broadley, Esq.

“Your obedient servant, M.P. in the chair), was attended by “ Robert ISAAC WILBERFORCE." persons of great respectability from the neighbourhood; above 501. was put down either in donations or annual

.“ To the Secretary of the Society. subscriptions, and the Rev. C. A. Thur

East Farleigh, October 30, 1839. low, incumbent of the minister, who “ REVEREND SIR,—When I wrote had materially furthered the Society's to you some time back from Bridlinginterests, as well by an excellent speech ton, I stated that I had it in contemat the meeting, as by making the pre- plation to spend a few days in the West liminary arrangements, consented to Riding. They proved to be days of be Secretary. Next day at Hull, the great interest. As it would occupy too meeting was still more numerous, and long a time to describe all I saw, I the Society had the benefit of being will merely give you an extract from introduced to the public by that vene- my journal. rable and highly respected man, the . Oct. 15. Monday Evening. Rev. T. Dikes.

Leeds.- Immense meeting. Dr.Hook's “From Hull I returned northward great popularity.

great popularity. Surprising to see to Scarborough, where I preached on the influence he has already gained. VOL, XXI.

5 F

Should my


All allusions to the system of the ** To the Secretary of the Society, Church enthusiastically responded to.

“Brightstone Rectory, Oct. 23:1839. -Dr. Wolff's famous speech. He “Rev. Sir,-Having concluded my bore testimony to the zeal and piety of western tour for the Society for the the Society's missionaries, with whom Propagation of the Gospel, I believe he had met in India; and also to the you will wish me to follow up my last importance for that country of the sys- setter by a few lines, which will give tem of the Church. In the East he the general summary of my proceedfound everywhere Bishops, priests, and ings. My last account brought me to deacons. "The first question to a mis- South Málton on Wednesday the 2d sionary, by what Bishop were you sent of October. On the 4th, a morning out? On this point he appealed to meeting was held at Tiverton, the Assad Yakooh Kayat, whom he had Bishop in the chair, surrounded by known in Syria. Assad followed and the gentry of the town and neighconfirmed him. Spoke shortly myself, bourhood, of all shades of political there being many speakers, Messrs. opinion : 201.

were collected in Poole, Martineau, &c. Meeting not the room, and new subscribers to over till half - past ten. — Tuesday. the amount of 131. 58. enrolled Huddersfield. Meeting not so large their names on our list. On the as Leeds, but very good. Dr. Wolff following morning the archdeacon again. District Committee formed of Exeter presided at a meeting at with every prospect of large support. Sidmouth, where 211. were collected Messrs. Oldham, Wilkinson, &c. warm at the doors, and 161. 8s. 4d. subfriends.-Wednesday morning. Large scribed. On the following day, Sunmeeting at Halifax. Another im- day the 6th, I preached for the Society portant District Committee formed. in the city of Exeter, at St. Sidwell's Archdeacon Musgrave in the chair. in the morning, at St. David's in the Dr. Hook, and Kayat the Syrian, took afternoon, to crowded and attentive part. Spoke myself more fully than congregations, whose donations to the at Leeds. - Thursday morning. At cause were, in the morning 221. 48., meeting of the Ellend Society. Even- and in the afternoon, 271. 10s. 4d. ing to Bradford. Large meeting. On the evening of the next day, Another new District Committee. Dr. Monday the 7th, I preached at CrediScoresby the new Vicar in the chair. ton to a congregation which filled His first appearance and friendly re- the noble Cathedral Church of that ception.-Saturday. To Kildwick.- town ; collection 161. 4s. 104d. On Sunday. Preached in the morning at Tuesday the 8th, at a meeting held at Kildwick. Large congregation of Honiton, the archdeacon Stevens in agricultural poor. Interesting popu- the chair, 361. 11s. 114d. was collation and Church, called the Lang- lected in the room, and the names of kirk, because the longest Church in new subscribers entered to the amount Craven. Afternoon preached in Mr. of 321. ls. On the Wednesday I Parson's Church at Skipton. Church attended a strictly parochial meeting but lately built, through Mr. Sidg- in the agricultural parish of Broadwick's means. Good congregation. clist. Sir Thomas Acland, Bart, M.P. Nearly the handsomest modern church took the chair in the village schoolI have ever seen.— Monday. By

The interest of the people in Bolton and back to Leeds.

our cause was most encouraging : it “ I feel satisfied that the principles was shown not only in their attenof the Incorporated Society need only dance and fixed attention, but by a to be known, in order to obtain for it collection at the doors of 131. 158. 6 d. ample support from this wealthy and and a list of annual subscribers to the populous part of the county of York. amount of 191. On the following “ I have the honour to be, Rev. Sir, day, after attending at the Bishop's

“ Your obedient servant, visitation, and being introduced by " Robert I. WILBER FORCE." him to his clergy, I went on with

Archdeacon Barnes to a meeting held at Topsham, where 6l. 38. 6d. were


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collected and subscribed. On Friday ing meeting of the preceding week, the 11th, our great Exeter meeting an opportunity of listening to a statewas held : from the cathedral service, ment of our case: the result abunwhere 781. was collected for the So- dantly justified the experiment. An ciety for the Propagation of the Gos- hour before the chair was taken, the pel and the Society for Promoting room was crowded by a most respecChristian Knowledge, we adjourned table audience, who listened with the to the largest rooms in Exeter, which deepest interest to the principles and were completely filled by a most facts brought out before them. The gratifying assemblage, and where (for very Rev. the Dean of Exeter prethe 15th time) the Bishop presided sided. 741. 2s. 1}d. were collected in over and opened our proceedings. the room (almost 50l. in silver), and Lord Courteney, and Sir T. Acland, the new subscribers announced since and the Dean of Exeter, and others, the former meeting amounted to 201. took a part in moving the resolutions; 38., being, as it was believed, but a at the close of which, 911. 5s. 11d. small part of the total expected inwere added to the morning collection crease. On the next day I concluded at the cathedral. On the 12th, I pro- my tour with a meeting held at Axceeded to Torquay,

re, with Sir minster, the border parish of the John Yarde Buller, Bart. M.P. as diocese, where 401. 11s., in collections chairman, and the neighbouring gen- and subscriptions, were added to our tlemen and clergy present, we held funds. an important meeting, at which 591. “I cannot close this brief account 17s. 5 d. were given and subscribed. without expressing my thankfulness to On the morning of the next day, I God for the successful issue of my unpreached at Torquay Chapel, and in dertaking. As far as man can judge, the afternoon at the mother Church this great cause has taken a deep root of Ion, when 461. 13s., and 191. 14s. in these parts, and will not, I trust, be 7d. were respectively collected. On suffered hereafter to wither. Men of Monday the 14th, I attended at all political parties have come forward Teignmouth, Mr. Sweetland, president to join us : the clergy of all shades of of the District Committee last year sentiment (with one or two excepestablished, acting as our president, tions marked by their rarity) have Lord Devon moving the first resolu- heartily cooperated with us; and allow tion, supported by the clergy of the our claim to be the first missionary place: and 371. 4s. 9d. were collected organ of the Church. The sum aland subscribed. On Tuesday morning I ready raised has been very considerwent with Lord Courteney (who pre- able, and is doubly valuable as an sided) and Sir T. Acland, to a meet- index of feeling ing held at Dawlish, which yielded “ In my former letter I announced 361. 188. 6d. in donations, and 381. 11s. a total of 12101. 38. 2d., to which I in new annual subscribers ; and am now able to add further collections, thence went on to Exmouth in the as reported to you in this letter, of afternoon, where archdeacon M. Ste- 8641. 10s. 31d., making a total of vens took the chair at a large and 20741. 13s. 5 d. most respectable meeting. Here, in- All now depends, under God's cluding a donation of 251. from the blessing, on the vigour with which Rev. Jas. Godwin, 601. 16s. 11d. were parochial associations' are carried received at the door, and new sub- out. There need be no limit to their scribers' names to the amount of success; from the small town of Fowey 151. Ils. On the Wednesday I went I have just heard that the subscribers on to a meeting held at Newton, have increased, since my last letter, where 521. 178. 6d. were given and from seventy-eight to eighty-eight subscribed. From this place I hasten- persons. Broadclist parish is an ened to an evening meeting held at couraging specimen of what agriculExeter. It was determined to give tural districts may yield. Much must the middle classes of that important turn on the activity of your district city, who could not attend the morn- secretaries. Where they are able to


help the clergy round them in forming Archdeacon Brymer presided, as he parochial associations, holding their also did at the subsequent meetings at first quarterly meetings, and organ- Langport, Taunton, and Crewkerne; izing a body of collectors, the work on the 18th, an association was formed flourishes abundantly. In this the dis- in Wellington; and on Thursday last, trict secretaries of the west appeared 31st, I had the satisfaction of forming to be willing, and able to exert them- a Deanery Committee at Dunster, selves. But to carry out this benefit under the presidency of Sir T. D. Acfully, it is very desirable that the dis- land, Bart, M.P., Sir John Trevelyan, tricts should not be too large: that Bart., and Colonel Luthill. The colthose only should undertake the office lection at Bridgewater was 411.3s.14d., who are able to carry it out with the at Crewkerne, 361. 98. 3 d., and at spirit which your present circum- Dunster, 391. 7s. 10d. I believe the stances require : and that they should amount of contributions in West Sosend in annually a registered report merset will be about 1501. or more; of the doings of every parish in their making the whole, in Somersetshire, district. To the importance of this somewhat more than 370l. ; exclusive plan, I found them everywhere awake. of many new subscribers, and without Indeed, just so far as we can make reference to the city of Bath. the work parochial, and co-extensive “ But we shall estimate the advanwith our general Church machinery, tage of these meetings very imperjust so far will our success be widely fectly, if we look only to the present and securely spread.

amount of contributions. Much greater “ I cannot close this letter without good is done by thus exhibiting the expressing in it, both on your behalf Church in one of her most important and on my own, my deep sense of the and most interesting offices; and by uniform kindness, forbearance, and aid uniting her members in maintaining which I have everywhere experienced and extending Christianity throughfrom almost every clergyman and lay- out the vast field of the foreign coloman whom I have had the happiness nies and settlements of the British to meet in Devonshire and Cornwall. Very long indeed will it be before " A detailed account of the new these impressions are effaced. To committees and associations formed, the Lord Bishop of the diocese it will be forwarded to your board. And would be unseemly in me to say any- I have only now to assure the standthing; but I must once more express ing committee, that I have had very my conviction that a large measure of great pleasure in executing to the best our success has been owing to God's of

my power the charge confided to blessing on his patient, earnest, and me; I have received very kind assistmost able labours in the behalf of this ance and great hospitality from seveSociety. May they be repaid him in ral friends of the Society among the a blessing on his own peculiar diocese. clergy, more especially from Arch“ I have the honour of remaining, deacon Brymer; and the committee “Rev. Sir, your obedient Servant, will be sensible how much is due to “ SamueL WILBERFORCE. Mr. Pinder, and to Mr. Baker, the

diocesan secretary. I would hope it " From the Venerable George Barnes, is unnecessary for me to add, that I

Archdeacon of Barnstaple, to the shall most readily at all times give my Seeretary of the Society.

best exertions towards furthering the Sowton, Nov. 4, 1839. sacred interests of the society in all “My Dear Sir,—In pursuance of their objects and operations. our arrangements for the western part

“I am your faithful servant, of the diocese, I preached at Taunton

« Geo. BARNES." and Ilminister on Sunday, 13th October ; Mr. Pinder preaching on the " Parochial Associations. same day at Bridgewater and Stowey.

Long Wittenham, October 23, 1839. On Monday 14th, we had an excel- " Rev. SIR, -As I know that you lent meeting in Bridgewater, at which are looking with some anxiety for the


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practical results of your suggestions whatever labour any clergyman may for the formation of Parochial Associa- take in the establishment of an associations in aid of the Society for Propa- tion, and in superintending and directgating the Gospel,' it gives me great ing its machinery, will not only prove pleasure to be able to tell you that I a blessing to the ends of the earth, have adopted them with a success far but will also return abundantly into exceeding my most sanguine expecta- his own parish, and his own bosom.' tions. I proceeded in a manner, In the anticipation of these results in which I know will be approved by my own case, I beg to return the sothe Society, and which appeared to ciety my sincere thanks for their me most likely at the same time to suggestions; and I only speak the test the real feeling of my flock, and words of truth and soberness, when I to insure steady and permanent declare that I would not accept from support. I placed notices on the any single person a sum double the church doors, stating that sermons amount in exchange for my list of would be preached on the subject of subscribers. That God's blessing may the society, and that a meeting would rest on the society's labours is the be held on the following Tuesday, for earnest prayer of yours very faithfully, the purpose of establishing a parochial

ir James CLUTTERBUCK. association in aid of the funds. Without canvassing a single person, either for their attendance or support other

The following Legacies have been wise than I have stated, our school

received by the Society in the present room, capable of containing more than

year :

Rev. William Richardson, of Chester (free 100 persons conveniently, was crowded

of duty).

£2000 to excess, and I fear that those who

Mrs. Sarah Wakefield, of Cheshunt, Herts 500 crowded round the doors and windows

Miss Elizabeth Nugent, of Berkhamp

stead, St. Peter, Herts.... were unable to hear the explanations Rev. T. M. Shann, vicar of Hamsthwaite, of the nature and objects of the so- Yorkshire (free of duty) ciety, in giving which I had the kind Mrs. Mary Ann Corbett, of Admington,

Gloucestershire assistance of two neighbouring clergymen. I enrolled no less than eighty bequeathed during

the same period :

The following Legacies have been names at the close of the meeting, mostly agricultural labourers, at a pay

Henry Gordon, Esq. of Stoke Court, Soment of one penny monthly. I ad- Miss Mary Ann Wiseman, of Lowestoft, mitted the children of the school at Suffolk (free of duty)...... fd. monthly. I have not done yet,

Donations to the Society's General and I shall be much disappointed if a Designs received during the month of considerable addition is not made to October, 1839 :my list before the end of the week (my W. Gray, Esq................... population is 541). I had no collec

Charles Hoare, Esq........... tion at the doors, as I am now more Miss E. Champion than ever convinced that the system Miss M. Champion of enrolment is the only one to secure

C. W. Puller, Esq............ 31 10

Rev. W. Harrison ............ the sort of support we are so anxious

Total Receipts for the Society's General Designs, to obtain. Only let the clergy be per- for the month of October, 1839............ £1774 suaded to follow your suggestions, and

For October, 1838 .................. 1011 by God's blessing nothing can hinder

Increase in 1839

£763 the results that you anticipate : not Donations for Special Purposes, (Oconly will you get abundance of money, but the interest excited for the mem

tober, 1839), not included in the forebers of our communion in foreign going account:lands, will be found to form a new

Rev. R. Pennell, Lyme Regis, for Bishop's

College, Calcutta .... bond between the pastor and his flock; For King's College, Nova Scotia..... it will kindle the love of the people to Rev. James Kenrick, Horsham, for Lower

Canada...... their church, by showing them, that it For Australia is not a mere name or abstraction, but T., by Rev. W. B. Hayle, for Bishop's Cola living and spreading communion,'

lege, Calcutta...

By Rev. J. H. Newman, Oriel College, Oxand I am most fully persuaded, that ford, for diocese of Toronto






A. Z....

£20 0

5 0 50 0 10 0 10 0

5 0

............. £100


100 100

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