Travellers and Explorers

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P.F. Collier & Son, 1903 - 607 pages

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Page 234 - The parties closed with the desperate fury of men who had no hope but in victory. Quarter was neither asked nor given ; and to fly was impossible. The edge of the area was unprotected by parapet or battlement. The least slip would be fatal ; and the combatants, as they struggled in mortal agony, were sometimes seen to roll over the sheer sides of the precipice together.
Page 234 - ... the monument. On the first landing, as well as on the several galleries above, and on the summit, the Aztec warriors were drawn up to dispute his passage. From their elevated position they showered down volleys of lighter missiles, together with heavy stones, beams, and burning rafters, which, thundering along the stairway, overturned the ascending Spaniards, and carried desolation through their ranks.
Page 368 - Pizarro saw that the hour had come. He waved a white scarf in the air, the appointed signal. The fatal gun was fired from the fortress. Then, springing into the square, the Spanish captain and his followers shouted the old war-cry of
Page 411 - Cacafuego, he cast her off, and we went on our course still towards the west ; and not long after met with a ship laden with linen cloth and fine China dishes of white earth, and great store of China silks, of all which things we took as we listed.
Page 188 - Of what avail is resistance, when the gods have declared themselves against us! Yet I mourn most for the old and infirm, the women and children, too feeble to fight or to fly. For myself and the brave men around me, we must bare our breasts to the storm, and meet it as we may!
Page 240 - Take what you will of it," said Cortes to his men. "Better you should have it, than these Mexican hounds. But be careful not to overload yourselves. He travels safest in the dark night who travels lightest.
Page 244 - ... endeavored to check the confusion and lead his followers by a safer path to the opposite bank. But his voice was lost in the wild uproar, and finally, hurrying on with the tide, he pressed...
Page 402 - ... of one man. So that the cause being thoroughly heard, and all things done in good order as...
Page 413 - Majestie at his returne would rest contented with this service, purposed to continue no longer upon the Spanish coasts, but began to consider and to consult of the best way for his Countrey.
Page 191 - ... parts of the grounds. In one quarter was an aviary, filled with numerous kinds of birds, remarkable In this region both for brilliancy of plumage and of song. The gardens were intersected by a canal communicating with the lake of Tezcuco and of sufficient size for barges to enter from the latter. But the most elaborate piece of work was a huge reservoir of stone, filled to a considerable height with water well supplied with different sorts of fish. This basin was sixteen hundred paces in circumference...

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