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Verses on a Silk Worm, by Dr. Morell.
Epigram. The Lucky Fall.....




Address to Enterprize..

Edwin and Lucy. A Ballad..

Address, on occasion of a Play, &c. by Mr. Rhodes.


On seeing the Sun, &c....

Bishop Bonner's Ghost, by the late Lord Orford..


The Squire's Tale. Imitated from Chaucer...
Lines addressed to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales,
Patron of the Literary Fund, by C. Marsh, Esq.•
Modern Philosophy, and the Godwinian System.
Consolation, by W. Carey, Esq..
Elegy on the Death of a poor Idiot.
Inscription under an Hour Glass.
Ode, written at Eaglehurst...
Ode on a rainy First of May.
The Wife



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