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THIS compendious work, may, with propriety, be considered as a supplement to the “ Beauties of Philanthropy.” It is intended briefly to demonstrate the ingratitude of man, and the impartiality of divinc justice, from profane as well as sacred history. Perhaps six thousand


would not contain what might be said to elucidate our subject ; yet, if we vin dicate the impartiality of Jehovah to the satisfaction of every candid reader, in six pages, mit will answer as good a purpose as if we swelled the present performance to six thousand. Finally, to investigate the cause of the destruction of other nations and individuals, in order to avoid their misfortunes, is the most important i uty of every intelligent person. And even an attempt to eradicate from the minds of the miserable, their doubts of the impartiality of Jehovah, is most assuredly commendable.

Palumbo )

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