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Jacob and his Family leave Laban.—Laban pursues him.-

Their Covenant and Separation

Jacob prepares to meet Esau

Jacob wrestles with the Angel

Jacob and Esau meet

Joseph the Son of Jacob.-His Dreams

Joseph goes to see his Brethren, and is sold by them for a

Slave.-Jacob's Mourning,

Joseph in Potiphar's House.- His Temptation.-His Impri-


Pharaoh's Butler and Baker imprisoned.—Joseph interprets

their Dreams

Pharaoh's Dream.- Joseph's Interpretation.—He is set over

the Land of Egypt....

The Years of Plenty and of Famine,–Joseph's Children....

Jacob sends Ten of bis Sons to Egypt for Corn.-Joseph's

Conduct to them

Benjamin goes with his Brothers to Egypt.— They dine with


The Cup found in Benjamin's Sack

Judah's Speech . :

Joseph makes himself known to his Brethren.—Jacob is

revived by hearing of Joseph

Jacob, or Israel, goes to Egypt.—He is met hy Joseph

Joseph introduces his Father to Pharaoh

Jacob in Egypt.-His Death

Joseph's Death

Increase of the Children of Israel in Egypt.— They are per-

secuted by Pharaoh, another King of Egypt, and made to

work with rigour

Moses born.—He becomes the adopted Child of Pharaoh's


Moses visits the Children of Israel.—He flies from Egypt.-

Bondage of the Israelites..

God appears to Moses. — The burning Bush. Moses is

ordered to visit the Israelites ..

Moses leaves Midian and meets Aaron.—They meet the

Children of Israel ...

Moses and Aaron go in to Pharaoh.—He increases the Tasks

of the Israelites.

God renews his Promise by his Name JEHOVAH

Moses and Aaron 'encouraged to go again to Pharaoh.--

Aarou's Rod is turned into a Serpent.

The first Plague-Water turned into Blood

The second Plague-Frogs.

The third Plague-Lice

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