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Wolstans Navigation into the East sea, or the Sound of


The voyage of King Edgar with 4000. shippes round about his

large Monarchie, Anno 973,

The voyage of Edmund and Edward the sonnes of King

Edmund Ironside, into Hungary, Anno 1017,

A Chronicle of the Kings of Man, taken out of M. Camdens

Chorographie, .

The mariage of the daughter of Harald unto Jeruslaus duke of

Russia in his owne Countrey, Anno 1067, .

The ancient state of the shipping of the Cinque Ports,

The voyage of a certaine Englishman into Tartaria, and from

thence into Poland and Hungary, Anno 1243, ·

Part of the great Charter graunted by King Edward the first, to

the Barons of the Cinque Ports,

The rolle of the huge Fleete of Edward the thirde before Caleis,

The summe of expences layde out in the siege of Caleis, .

A note of Thoinas Walsingham touching King Edward the

thirde his huge Fleete of 1100. ships, wherewith he passed

over unto Caleis, Anno 1359,

The voyage of Nicolaus de Linna a Franciscan Frier, and an

excellent Mathematician of Oxford to all the Regions

situate under the North-pole, Anno 1360, .

A Testimonie of the learned Mathematician Master John Dee,

touching the foresaid voyage of Nicholas De Linna,

The voyage of Henry Earle of Derby, afterward King of

England, into Prussia and Letto, Anno 1390,

The voyage of Thomas Woodstock duke of Glocester into

Prussia, Anno 1391,

Certaine verses of Geffrey Chaucer, concerning the long Voyages,

and valiant exploits of the English knights in his dayes,

A testimonie out of Cornelius Tacitus, proving London to have

bene a famous Mart-towne in the raigne of Nero the


A testimony out of venerable Beda, prooving London to have

bene a Citie of great traffique in his time,

The league betweene Carolus Magnus and Offa King of Mercia,

concerning the safe trade of English Merchants,

An ancient testimony translated out of the olde Saxon Lawes,

conteyning the advancement of Merchants, for their thrice

crossing the wide seas,

A testimony of certaine Privileges obteined for the English and

Danish Merchants by Canutus the King of England, .

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