What is Back of the War

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Bobbs-Merrill Company, 1915 - Всего страниц: 430
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Стр. 346 - Government to another without the consent, by plebiscite or otherwise, of the population of such province. 2. No Treaty, Arrangement, or Undertaking shall be entered upon in the name of Great Britain without the sanction of Parliament. Adequate machinery for ensuring democratic control of foreign policy shall be created. 3. The Foreign Policy of Great Britain shall not be aimed at creating Alliances for the purpose of maintaining the Balance of Power...
Стр. 339 - Belgium, honor and interest would have united us with France. We had refused, it is true, to give her or Russia any binding pledge up to the last moment. We had, however, for many years past led both to understand that, if they' were unjustly attacked, they might -rely upon our aid.
Стр. 346 - Great Britain shall propose as part of the Peace settlement a plan for the drastic reduction, by consent, of the armaments of all the belligerent Powers, and to facilitate that policy shall attempt to secure the general nationalisation of the manufacture of armaments, and the control of the export of armaments by one country to another.
Стр. 339 - We keep our word when we have given it, but we do not give it without solid practical reasons, and we do not set up to be international Don Quixotes, ready at all times to redress wrongs which do us no hurt. .... Even had Germany not invaded Belgium, honour and interest would have united us with France. We joined the Triple Entente because we realised, however late in the day, that the time of "splendid isolation
Стр. 121 - I do not like you, Doctor Fell; The reason why I can not tell; But this, I'm sure, I know full well, I do not tike you, Doctor Fell.
Стр. 340 - ... certainly, was a desire to preserve the peace of Europe, but it was the chief only because to preserve that peace was the one certain way to preserve our own. In the event of war we saw, as our fathers had seen, England's first line of attack and of defence in her Continental Alliances. When we subsidized every State in Germany, and practically all Europe, in the Great War, we did not lavish our gold from love of German or of Austrian liberty, or out of sheer altruism. No; we invested it for...
Стр. 381 - No province shall be transferred from one Government to another without the consent by plebiscite, or otherwise, of the population of such province.
Стр. 349 - ... crowned with success; they suggest the despair of those who have played a desperately risky game and lost. The one Power which, on the showing of the White Paper, marched on calmly and imperturbably throughout, was Russia. The Germans could not stand by passively while Russia destroyed Austria : honour and interest alike made such a course impossible. They were bound by their Alliance, and they felt convinced that if they were passive it would be their turn next to be overrun by the Russian hordes.
Стр. 351 - Imperialists will be calling out for a strong . Germany to balance a threatening Russia. A mechanical fatality has forced France into this struggle, and a comradeship, translated by secret commitments into a defensive alliance, has brought us into the war in her wake. It is no real concern of hers or of ours. It is a war for the Empire of the East. If our statesmanship is clearsighted, it will stop the war before it has passed from a struggle for the...
Стр. 340 - England is fighting for exactly the same kind of reasons for which she fought Philip II, Louis XIV, and Napoleon. . . . She is not fighting primarily for Belgium or for Serbia, for France, or for Russia. They fill a great place in her mind and in her heart. But they come second. The first place belongs, and rightly belongs, to herself.

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