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IN a a Work extending through three closely printed quarto volumes, a few typographical errors will be readily forgiven, especially when it is known that the Editor resided at a distance from the press. The gentleman who undertook to write the Index to this work, offered, at the same time, to point out to me all such errors as he should observe when turning over the pages for his own purpose ; but as he has pointed out none, I suppose he observed none. The following table, I trust, contains all such errors of any importance as are to be found in those parts of it for which I alone am answerable ; and the candid reader will not be surprised, that, relying on the vigilance of another, I paid less attention to the typographical errors that may be found in the History itself, than otherwise I should certainly have done. These errors, however, are probably neither numerous nor great.


. note, 2 col. 3 line from bottom, for Van Miderts read
Van Mildert's.
p. ix. line 9. for men read man.
p. x. note, last line from bottom, for Verum read Veram.
p. xv. line 12. for men read man,

p. xviii. 5th line from top, for cermonies read ceremonies.
P. 4. line 8th from top, for sublinary read sublunary.

note, col. 2. Jine 2. for teached read reached.
8. line 14. insert genere after literatura.
15. line 4. from top, for inquitive read inquisitive.

75. line 39. for Palagians read Pelagians.
-'76. note, line penult. for anualist read analyst,

92. note *, line 1. for word read words.
- 93. line 4. for clear read clean.
97. line 15. for affectation read affection.
99. note, line 3. from the bottom, for



147. line 25. for corrector read correcter.
219. note, line 6. from the bottom, for Phalig read Phaleg.
241. line 8. from the bottom, for the second read the first book, &c.
242. line 33. for Bela, Rama read Bala-Rama,
296, note * line 1, read “ This is not correct."
313. line 6. for was read were.
466. note *s, line 4. from the bottom, for Hiphill read Hiphil.

489. line 21. for know read knew.
-492. note, line penult. for propiceo read propius.

614. note, line 4. for statuem Bael read statuam Baal.
616. line 16. for ürey read úróv.

616. line 29. for Omen read Oman.
-619. line 22. for id circo read idcirco-(one word.)

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P. 49. line 8. from the bottom, dele the words from all which,

49. line 11. from the bottom, for On read 17. 284. note *, line penult, for historical read historian's. 327. note *, lines 28, and 29. for miricles read miracles. 390. line 18. insert as after considered. 426. line 19. for take words read take the rords. 470. note *, line 9. for Iphetus read Iphit us. 493, note t, line 10, for Medea read Media. 495. lines 7, 8, 9. for Medea read Media,

P. 530. lines 17. and 16. from the bottom of note *, for Artephrenes and Inte.
phernes read Artaphernes and Int phernes.
584. note **, col. 2. line 20. for or read as.
642. note *, line ult. for Herm. Apost. read Harm. Apost.
- 678. note, col. 1. line 5. from the bottom, for Khesru read Khosru.


for Turen read Turan. 3.

for Choresen read Chorasan.col. 2. line 3. from the top, for Turenians read Turanians.

- for Irenians read Iranians.

for Lohoresh read Lohorasp.
680. note t, col. 2. line 6. for Zebiism read Zabiism.
681. note continued, line 4, for Sedder read Sadder.

for Zendviste read Zendavesta.
note 1, line 4, for friend read fraud.


INTRODUCTION, p. x. line 36. for those read these.

p. xi. line 6. from the bottom, for set read sat.
p. xvii. line 24. for author read authors.
p. xx. line 23. for gives read give.
p. xxv. line 2. for retundity read rotundiiy.

p. xxvii. line 12. from the bottom, for would read should:
P. 13. last note, for Toldeih read Toldoth.

for Cedranus read Cedrenus.

last line, for vol. ii. read vol. ii.
85. line 8. for their read this.
98. line 5. for whom read which.
103. line 26. for would read should.
104. line 19. for at read of.
365. note $, line ult. for alteras read alteros.
367. note *, line 7. for valuisse read voluisse.

-20. for aliu read alia.

It has been suggested by a learned and candid friend, that the terms in which I have controverted (p. 103 of this volume) Mr Archdeacon Churton's defence of what has been called the copying hypothesis, may be understood in a sense likely to wound his feelings. I hardly think that they will be so understood by himself; and I beg leave to assure the public that nothing has been farther from my intention than to wound the feelings of any respectable character. My unfeigned esteem for the Archdeacon of St David's, to whom I am not unknown, I have declared in some preceding pages of the same dissertation ; but as I do not expect him to adopt implicitly any opinion of mine, I am sure that he does not even wish me to pay such undue deference to his.

N. B. Owing to circumstances, which, though to me of some importance and unavoidable, were such as could not interest the public, there is an apparent confusion in some of the chronological dates at the tops of the different pages of this volume. This confusion, however, the reader will find no difficulty in removing, if he keep in mind that the letters A. D. or the words Ann. Dom. always refer to the commencement of the vulgar era ; that our Lord was in reality born four or five years before that epoch ; that as he first visited the temple when twelve years of age, that visit must have been made in the seventh or eighth year of the vulgar era ; and that as he was baptized, when about thirty years of age, his baptism must have taken place in the twenty-sixth or twenty-seventh year of the same era. As I have introduced no other chronology than the vulgar and that of Dr Hales, the reader will therefore be pleased, at page 16, and thenceforward, to read, instead of the words ante vulg. era, or vulg. era, the words according to Dr Hales.

I beg leave likewise to say, that as the different Indexes to this work were not compiled by me, nor even according to the plan which I recommended, I can lay no claim whatever to the merit which they may display, nor be in any degree made justly answerable for their defects.

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