Imperial Overstretch: George W. Bush and the Hubris of Empire

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Zed Books, 4 сент. 2004 г. - Всего страниц: 240
Burbach and Tarbell argue that George W. Bush has fundamentally changed America's place in the world--for the worse. Hijacked by neoconservatives and the petro-military complex, the nation that once broke from an empire is swiftly becoming an empire itself. Fed by wars in Afghanistan and Iraq; a never-ending fear of terrorism; mushrooming defense expenditures; and the slow but steady erosion of civil liberties on the home front, is this empire in danger of becoming too large to survive? What are the costs--in lives at home and abroad--of failure? Who is driving these policies? And--most important of all--can Americans change direction and restore America's reputation in the world as the shining "city on the hill"?

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George W Bush and the Reality of Empire
Bush and Imperial Overstretch 11 Mythology
Militarization of the Empire 17 Multipolar Resistance
Defining Empire the American Way29 The Foundation
Rise of the Bushes 150
The Rise of the Bush People
Corporate Right78 Rise of the Neocons80 The Next
Policy Research AEI 91 Things Go Better with God 194
Bush Hijacks 11 September
The Drums of Preemptive War
History of US Intervention in Iraq153 The Oil Connec
Multilateral Consensus? 163 The Unwilling167
An Empire in Descent Confronts
The Pentagons Corrupt Spartans 199 The Empires
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Roger Burbach is Director of Research and Publication at the Center for the Study of the Americas (CENSA) in Berkeley, California. A historian by training, he was for a number of years a staff member and writer with NACLA, the North American Congress on Latin America. During the 1990s he was Visiting Scholar in Peace and Conflict Studies, and subsequently at the Institute of International Studies, University of California, Berkeley. He is the author of numerous books, including most recently The Pinochet Affair: State Terrorism and Global Justice (Zed Books, 2003), Globalization and Postmodern Politics: Zapatistas versus High Tech Robber Barons (2001) and Globalize This! The Battle against the World Trade Organization (2000) (edited with Kevin Danaher). He coauthored with Orlando Noez Fire in the Americas (1987).Jim Tarbell is a writer and broadcaster based in Northern California. Following spells as a staffer for Congressman Wendell Wyatt (1968-72) and Peace Corps volunteer (1973-75), he founded his own publishing house, Ridge Times Press, in 1981. Amongst many other activities, he is now the editor of the Alliance for Democracy quarterly journal Alliance Alerts, and co-hosts a radio programme on KZYX called Corporations and Democracy. He is the author of a previous book, I Came Not Alone (1994), which tells of ordinary people's experiences of globalization in Latin America, and is currently working on a new book, Democracy versus Empire.

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