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WRITING MONITOR'S INSTRUCTIONS. The following Instructions for the Writing Monitors of Sunday

Schools, is extracted, by permission, from a recent publication alled Directions for carrying into effect the Plan of Monitors, adapted to Sunday Schools.Price 6d. and which, for the sake of obtaining correct information on this subject, we recommend Sunday School Teachers to procure.

1. THE superintendent monitor is to be at the school half an hour before the writing scholars assemble, to get erery thing in readiness.

11. He is to lay the writing books belonging to each class on the end of the desks, and to deliver a sufficient number of pens to each monitor, which should always be mended previous to the meeting.

III. He is to let the scholars begin writing directly they come, that no time may be lost.

IV. In case the superintendent monitor should be absent, the next superior monitor present, is to take the superintendence of the meeting.

Monitor in Attendance. V. The superintendent monitor is every writing evening to appoint a monitor in attendance, in rotation, from among the senior scholars; who is to give out the ink stands and carry the books, pens, &c. from the teacher or superintendent monitor to the different monitors, attend to the Candles, and do any thing else which may be requisite, When the school is concluded, be is to put every thing away in an orderlg manner.

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Monitors. VI. There shall be a writing monitor to each class, who must always be present at the appointed time, and see that the scholars come with their hands and faces clean.

VII. The writing monitors must study their instructions, and particularly observe that the scholars sit properly, and hold their pens right; they must see that the scholars keep their books and copies clean, and not let any of them continue writing with bad pens.

VII. The writing inonitors must not suffer any thing to be written on the covers of the writing books, except the name of the scholar and the date when he began his book, which is to be done by the teacher.

IX. The writing monitor, at each desk, must keep every thing in its proper place, and must not, on any account, suffer the copies or pens to lie about carelessly,

X. The writing monitor must not permit any of the schoļars to leave their seats, but when any thing is wanted in any of their classes, the monitor of the class must attend to it.

XI. The writing monitors are not to allow any of the scholars to take home their pens or their books. When the books are written through, they must ask the teachers consent before they suffer them to be taken home.

XII. At the conclusion, the writing monitors are to de liver the books and pens to the superintendent monitor, and when directed by him, they are to give out the hats; and when ordered, they are to lead their classes quietly out of the school, and see that the scholars proceed home in an orderly manner.

Conclusion of the Writing School. XIII. At the time appointed, the superintendent monitor is to order the scholars to finish their lines; in a few minutes after, he is to order them to leave off writing. Each writing monitor is then to stand at the end of his desk, and must see that all the scholars wipe their pens, and lay them on their books, which are to remain open. The superintendent monitor will then order the monitors to mark the attendance of their classes ; when this is done, he is to order the scholars to stand up, &c. The meeting will then be concluded, agreeable to the rules of the school. He shall then direct the monitors to give out the hats, after which he shall order them, one by one, to lead their classes out of the school in single rank, but not to permit more than one class to go at the same time. He is also to see that the monitor in attendance puts every thing away in an orderly manner, before he leaves the school.


Disorderly Writing Scholars. XIV. Scholars who are disorderly are to be disgraced by wearing the disorderly label, and the teacher shall call them to an account for their misconduct when the meeting is over; if he sees it proper to inflict any other punishment, be shall do so, by suspending them from the writing for two evenings; and should they, upon being pernitted to attend again, repeat their disorderly conduct; they shall then be reported io the superintendent of the school, who shall consider whether it is proper to strike their names from the writing list.

XV. These instructions are to be read over at the first writing meeting in every month.

The cyphering meeting may be conducted upon nearly the same plan as the writing. The books should be ruled all to one pattern, in squares the size of the figures, and the monitors must observe that the scholars count their lines, and place the figures in the same squares as they occupy in the book from which they are to copy. A sufficient number of these books, from which the scholars are to copy, should be provided and filled up with the sums without the workings; and another book should be provided like these, containing the same sums with the workings, which is to be placed under the care of the superintendent monitor, who is not to suffer any of the scholars to look into it,

The monitors for the writing and cyphering meetings, should be selected from among the school monitors by the superintendent of the school.

The monitors alone should meet once every week, for the purpose of receiving instruction in writing and cyphering ; as their duty occupies them so fully as to prevent them from learning when the scholars assemble.

AR ADDRESS delidered to the TEACHERS of a SUNDAY

School at an ANNIVERSARY MEETING. My dear friends, I AM requested to meet you on this occasion, to en deayour to strengthen your hands in this labour of love.

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