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PSALM 105. II. 1.

From the crni Psalm of David.
I LORD, for ever at thy side L

Let my place and portion be:
Strip me of the robe of pride, la

Clothe me with humility.
2 Meekly may my soul receive

All thy Spirit hath reveal'd;

Thou hast spoken-I believe, L

Though the oracle be seald. I
3 Humble as a little child,

Se 145 ¿-Weaned from the mother's breast, By no subtleties beguiled,


On thy faithful word I rest.
4 Israel! now and evermore
L In the LORD JEHOVAH trust; !
Him, in all his ways, adore,
L Wise, and wonderful, and just.

PSALM 106. C. M.

From the cxxxi. Psalm of David.
1 O, WITH due rev’rence, let us all

To God's abode repair;
And, prostrate at his footstool fall'n,

Pour out our humble prayer.
2 Arise, O LORD, and now possess

Thy constant place of rest; L
Be that, not only with thy ark,
But with thy presence bless'd.

3 Clothe thou thy priests with righteousness,

Make thou thy saints rejoice;
| And, for thy servant David's sake, L L

Hear thy anointed's voice.
4 Fair Sion does, in God's esteem,

All other seats excel;
His place of everlasting rest,

Where he desires to dwell.
5 Her store th’ Almighty will increase,

poor with plenty bless;
Her saints shall shout for joy, her priests

His saving health confess.

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Juli, 231

PSA L M 107. C. M.

From the cxxxiii. Psalm of David.
1 HOW vast must their advantage be,
2 How great their pleasure prove,

Who live like brethren, and consent

In offices of love!
2 True love is like the precious oil, ..

LWhich, pour'd on Aaron's head,
Ran down his beard, and o’er his robes

Its costly fragrance shed.
3 'T is like refreshing dew, which does

L On Hermon's top distil ; L
Or like the early drops, that fall

On Sion's favor'd hill.
4 For Sion is the chosen seat

Where the Almighty King L
The promised blessing has ordain'd,

And life's eternal spring.


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PSA L M 108. C. M.

From the cxxxiv. Psalm of David.
1 BLESS God, ye servants, that attend

Upon his solemn state,
That in his temple's hallow'd courts i

With humble rev'rence wait.
2 Within his house lift up your hands

And bless his holy Name:
From Sion bless thy Israel, LORD,

Who earth and heaven did'st frame.

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PSALM 109. C. M.

From the cxxxv. Psalm of David.
1 O PRAISE the LORD with one consent,

And magnify his Name;
Let all the servants of the LORD

His worthy praise proclaim.
2 Praise him all ye that in his house

Attend with constant care ;
With those that to his outmost courts

With humble zeal repair.

3 For God his own peculiar choice

The sons of Jacob makes;
And Israel's offspring for his own

Most valued treasure takes.

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4 That God is great, we often have

By glad experience found :
And seen how he, with wondrous power,

Above all gods is crown'd
5 For he, with unresisted strength,

Performs his sov’reign will,
In heaven and earth, and wat'ry stores

That earth's deep caverns fill.
Their just returns of thanks to God,

Let grateful Israel pay;
Nor let anointed Aaron's race

To bless the Lord delay.
7 Their sense of his unbounded love,

Let Levi's house express;
And let all those who fear the LORD,

His name for ever bless. 8 Let all with thanks his wondrous works

In Sion's courts proclaim;
Let them in Salem, where he dwells,

Exalt his holy Name.

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3 By his almighty hand

Amazing works are wrought;
The heavens by his command
Were to perfection brought:

For God &c.
4 He spread the ocean round

About the spacious land;
And bade the rising ground
Above the waters stand:

For God &c.
5 By him the heavens display

Their num'rous hosts of light,
The sun to rule by day,
The moon and stars, by night:

For GOD &c.
6 He in our depth of woes,

On us with favor thought;
And from our cruel foes
In peace and safety brought :

For God &c.
7 He does the food supply

On which all creatures live :
To God, who reigns on high,
Eternal praises give:
For God will prove

Our constant friend;
His boundless love

Shall never end.

L. M.

PSALM 111.

From the cxxxvii. Psalm of David. 1 WHEN we, our weary limbs to rest,

Sat down by proud Euphrates' stream, We wept, with doleful thoughts oppress’d,

And Sion was our mournful theme. 2 Our harps, that, when with joy we sung,

Were wont their tuneful parts to bear, With silent strings neglected hung *

On willow trees that wither'd there. 3 O Salem, our once happy seat,

When I of thee forgetful prove,
Let then my trembling hand forget
The speaking strings with art to move!

4 If I to mention thee forbear,

Perpetual silence be my doom ;
Or if my chiefest joy compare
With thee, Jerusalem, my home!

PSA L M 112. C. M.

From the cxxxviii. Psalm of David. 1 WITH my whole heart, my God and King,

Thy praise I will proclaim; Before the mighty I will sing,

And bless thy holy Name. 2 I'll worship at thy sacred seat,

And, with thy love inspired, The praises of thy truth repeat,

O’er all thy works admired.
3 Thou graciously inclin’dst thine ear,

When I to thee did cry;
And, when my soul was press'd with fear,

Didst inward strength supply.
4 For God, although enthroned on high,

Does thence the poor respect; The proud, far off

, his scornful eye
Beholds with just neglect.
5 Though I with troubles am oppress'd,

He shall my foes disarm,
Relieve my soul when most distress'd,

And keep me safe from harm.
6 The LORD, whose mercies ever last,

Shall fix my happy state; And, mindful of his favors past,

Shall his own work complete.

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PSALM 113. L. M.

From the cxxxix. Psalm of David, 1 THOU, LORD, by strictest search hast known My rising up and lying down;

V My secret thoughts are known to thee,

Known long before conceived by me. 2 Thine eye my bed and path surveys,

My public haunts and private ways:
Thou know'st what 't is my lips would vent,
My yet unutter'd words' intent,

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