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HYMN 15.

(L. M.) 1 A

LL glorious God, 'what hymns of praise

Shall our transported voices raise !
What ardent love and zeal are due,

While heav'n stands open to our view! 2 Once we were fall'n, and O how low!

Just on the brink of endless wo;
TL When Jesus, from the realms above,
Sitha Borne on the wings of boundless love,
3 Scatter'd the shades of death and night,

And spread around his heavenly light!

By him what wondrous grace is shown

To souls impov'rish'd and undone !
4 He shows, beyond these mortal shores,

A bright inheritance as ours;
Where saints in light our coming wait,
To share their holy, happy state!
HYMN 16.

(c. m.)
19 SA

ALVATION! Oh! the joyful sound;

Glad tidings to our ears;
A sov'reign balm for ev'ry wound,

A cordial for our fears..
2 Salvation! buried once in sin,

At hell's dark door we lay;
But now we rise by grace divine,

And see a heav'nly day.
3 Salvation ! let the echo fly

The spacious earth around;
While all the armies of the sky

Conspire to raise the sound.
4 Salvation ! O thou bleeding Lamb,

To Thee the praise belongs:
Our hearts shall kindle at thy name,
Thy name inspire our songs.

Chorus, for the end of each verse.
Glory, honour, praise, and pow'r,
Be unto the Lamb for ever!
Jesus Christ is our Redeemer!

Hallelujah, praise the Lord!

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HYMN 17,1 1164

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(c. M.) 10 our Redeemer's glorious name

Awake the sacred song!
O may his love (immortal flame!)

Tune ev'ry heart and tongue.
2 His love what mortal thought can reach!
What mortal tongue display!

Imagination's utmost stretch

In wonder dies away.
3 He left his radiant throne on high,
Left the bright realms of bliss,

And came to earth to bleed and die !

Was ever love like this?
4 Dear Lord, while we adoring pay

Our humble thanks to thee,
May ev'ry heart with rapture say,

" The Saviour died for me.”
5 O may the sweet, the blissful theme,
Fill ev'ry heart and tongue;

Till strangers love thy charming name,

And join the sacred song.


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HYMN 18.

(111. 3.)
SAVIOUR, source

of ev'ry blessing,
Tune my heart to grateful lays; LTDi 29
Streams of mercy, never ceasing,
Call for ceaseless songs of praise.

Teach me some melodious measure,

Sung by raptur'd saints above;

soul with sacred pleasure
While I sing redeeming love.
3 Thou didst seek me when a stranger,

Wand'ring from the fold of God;
Thou, to save my soul from danger,

Didst redeem me with thy blood.
4 By thy hand restor'd, defended,

Safe through life thus far I'm come;
Safe, O Lord, when life is ended,

Bring me to my heav'nly home.

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HYMN 19.

(c. m.) Titus iii. 4-7. 1 My grateful soul, for ever praise, MY For ever love his name,

4. O Who turn'd thee from the fatal paths

Of folly, sin and shame. 102 214,2 Vain and presumptuous is the trust in

Le 1 X LSalvation from a higher source

Flows to our fallen race.
3 'Tis from the love of God through Christ,

That all our hopes begin;
His mercy sav'd our souls from death, ,

And wash'd us from our sin.
4 His Spirit, through the Saviour shed,

His sacred fire imparts,
1 - Removes our dross, and love divine

Enkindles in our hearts.
5 Thus rais'd from death, we live anew;

And justifi'd by grace,
We hope in glory to appear,

And see our Father's face.

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OW helpless guilty nature lies,

Unconscious of its load!
The heart unchang'd can never rise

To happiness and God.
2 The will perverse, the passions blind,

In paths of ruin stray:
Reason debas'd can never find

The safe, the narrow way.
3 Can aught beneath a pow'r divine

The stubborn will subdue?
'Tis thine, Almighty Saviour, thine

To form the heart anew :
4 'Tis thine the passions to recall,

And upwards bid them rise;
And make the scales of error fall

From reason's darken'd eyes:

5 To chase the shades of death away,

And bid the sinner live;
A beam of heav'n, a vital ray,

'Tis thine alone to give.
6 0. change these wretched hearts of ours,

And give them life divine !
Then shall our passions and our pow'rs,

Almighty Lord, be thine.

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LL L Sten


HYMN 21.

(c. m.)
1. FATHER, to thee my soul I lift,

On thee my hope depends, o
Convinc'd that every perfect gift

From thee alone descends.
2 Mercy and grace are thinę alone,

And pow'r and wisdom too;
Without the Spirit of thy Son

We nothing good can do.
3 Thou all our works in us hast wrought,

Our good is all divine;
The praise of ev'ry holy thought

And righteous word is thine.
4 From thee, through Jesus, we receive
The pow'r on thee to call,

In whom we are, and move, and live:
Our God is all in all.

HYMN 22.

(u. 1.)

Who, from yon bright throne above,
Ever watchful o'er our race,

Still to man extends his grace.
2 Heav'n and earth by him were made,

All is by his sceptre sway'd;
What are we that he should show

So much love to us below ?
3 God, the merciful and good,

Bought us with the Saviour's blood;
And, to make our safety sure,
Guides us by his Spirit pure.

SING, my soul, his wondrous love, co


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4 Sing, my soul, adore his name;

Let his glory be thy theme:
Praise him till he calls thee home,
Trust his love for all to come.
HYMN 23.

(s. M.) 1 RACE! 'tis a charming sound !

a Harmonious to the ear;

2 Heav'n with the echo shall resound,

And all the earth shall hear.
2 Grace first contriv'd a way

To save rebellious man;
And all the means that grace display, L

Which drew the wondrous plan.
3 Grace guides my wand'ring feet

To tread the heav'nly road,
And new supplies each hour I meet

While pressing on to God.
4 Grace all the work shall crown

Through everlasting days;
It lays in heav'n the topmost stone, L

And well deserves the praise.

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1 IKE Noah's weary dove,

That soar'd the earth around,
But not a resting place above

The cheerless waters found;
2 O cease, my wand'ring soul,

On restless wing to roam,
All the wide world, to either pole,

Has not for thee a home.
3 Behold the Ark of God,

Behold the open door;
Hasten to gain that dear abode,

And rove, my soul, no more.
4 There, safe thou shalt abide,

There, sweet shall be thy rest,
And ev'ry longing satisfi'd,
With full salvation blest.

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