Confronting the Bush Doctrine: Critical Views from the Asia-Pacific

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Psychology Press, 2005 - Всего страниц: 277
There is no doubt that President George W. Bush and his administration have transformed US foreign policy and reshaped global international relations in a very profound way. Many American commentators continue to talk about 9/11 as the day the world changed, but increasingly analysts around the world are concluding that more important than 9/11 have been the ideas that the Bush leadership brought into office in January 2001. Confronting the Bush Doctrine is the first book to take on the vitally important task of analyzing how the Asia Pacific region sees and evaluates what the United States is doing. With contributions from an outstanding group of scholars, many of whom are based in the region, this book will prove to be an invaluable resource to all students and scholars of American and Asian politics.

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American crusades Unilateralism past and present
The Bush Doctrine and the North Korean nuclear crisis
Letting the genie out of the bottle The Bush nuclear doctrine in Asia
Talking American acting Taiwanese Behind Taipeis complete compliance with the Bush Doctrine
Chinese perspectives and responses to the Bush Doctrine
The Bush Doctrine Russia and Korea
With eyes wide shut Japan Heisei militarization and the Bush Doctrine
The dangers of American exceptionalism in a revolutionary age
The Bush Doctrine and Asian regional order The perils and pitfalls of preemption
Australia and the Bush Doctrine Punching above our weight?
The North Korean nuclear crisis Fourplustwoan idea whose time has come
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Peter Van Ness is a Visiting Fellow in the Contemporary China Centre and lectures in the Department of International Relations at the Australian National University.
Melvin Gurtov is Professor of Political Science and International Studies at Portland State University, USA.

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