Department of the Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations for Fiscal Year 1980: Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations, United States Senate, Ninety-sixth Congress, First Session, on H.R. 4930 ....

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Стр. 1237 - Foundation consists of the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment...
Стр. 1239 - Commission does urge the Congress of the United States and the President of the United States...
Стр. 1646 - House, the Department of the Interior, the Office of Management and Budget, and various Senate and House committees.
Стр. 1590 - PL 94-24], which will make recommendations to the Congress as to which laws of the United States not applicable to the Northern Mariana Islands should be made applicable and to what extent and in what manner, and which applicable laws should be made inapplicable and to what extent and in what manner.
Стр. 1250 - ... land- book as herein directed, shall cease to be held in common, but the same may be occupied and held in the exclusive possession of the person selecting it and of his family, so long as he or they may continue to cultivate it. Any person over eighteen years of age, not being the head of a family, may in like manner select and cause to be certified to him, or her, for purposes of cultivation, a quantity of land not exceeding eighty acres in extent and thereupon be entitled to the exclusive possession...
Стр. 1211 - Interior when determining if a rehabilitation project qualifies as "certified rehabilitation" pursuant to the Tax Reform Act of 1976 and the Revenue Act of 1978. These standards are a section of the Secretary's "Standards for Historic Preservation Projects" and appear in Title 36 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 1208 (formerly 36 CFR Part 67) . 1.
Стр. 1666 - We will recess until 1 o'clock. [Whereupon, at 11:30 am, the subcommittee was recessed, to reconvene at 1 pm, the same day.] (AFTERNOON SESSION.
Стр. 1097 - Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Members of the subcommittee, I thank you for this opportunity to testify on this bill.
Стр. 1590 - FY 1979 construction program. $3,000,000 request for Guam $500,000 is requested for the Guam Economic Development Loan Fund, to be lent to borrowers in Guam who are working to develop local resources, such as fishing and agriculture. In addition, $2,500,000 in grants will provide for the construction of a needed water project on Guam. $2,400,000 request for the Virgin Islands This request will provide for planning, design, and architectural work for the construction of new he4th facilities contemplated...
Стр. 1860 - It shall be the policy of the Secretary and the Bureau, in carrying out the functions of the Bureau, to facilitate Indian control of Indian affairs in all matters relating to education.

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